10 Reasons Why Dating A Hippie Girl Is A Wise Choice

Why a carefree hippie girl may be the best partner to some

By Fred S.
10 Reasons Why Dating A Hippie Girl Is A Wise Choice

It can be a scary thought to be with someone who is totally carefree, not worrying about any of the norms of their surroundings. But it’s not just scary, it’s exciting too. It’s freeing. It’s opening yourself up to opportunities of a psychological evolution that might make you perceive life just the way they do. The era we’re living in brings the best opportunity for this. Because the free-spirited hippie girls of today aren’t as intense as the 60s hippie Rockstar Janis Joplin – who tragically died of drug abuse, exemplifying the dangerous side of extremism. Today’s hippie girls may be just as unconventional, but they come with civilized reasonableness in their views. This article is going to tell you all you need to know about them, and it’ll help you see why dating such a girl could potentially be life-changing for you. Keep reading!       

How to Identify A Hippie Girl?

To know a hippie girl when you see one, you’re going to have to deeply understand what they’re like and what they stand for in our time. She thinks amazingly deep, and it’s all about having fun for her. She might be the most open-minded person you’ve ever come across because open-mindedness is the whole point of being a hippie girl. Her free-spirited personality is always going to leave an unforgettable mark in peoples’ lives, no matter how short a time span they spend with them. She’ll get you thinking about her, that’s for certain.  

Now that we’ve discussed what they’re like on the inside, let’s talk about a few things that most hippie girls have in common on the outside. These can work as visual cues for you to know the girl you’re looking at is, indeed a hippie chick.  

1. She’s got long, long hair

Hippie girls have a strong naturalist hunch, and cutting their hair goes against letting the hair grow freely. A hippie girl won’t groom her hair in the way ‘everyone else is doing it’, but she’ll make herself presentable on her own terms. Her long hair is going to stand out, and it’s an indicator for you to identify a hippie girl.  

2. Pay attention to what she wears

If you’re looking to make sure whether or not the girl you’re interested in, is indeed a hippie, then looking at her clothes and accessories can help you out a lot. This is because hippie girls usually wear stuff that communicates their free-minded nature, and it’s meant to be different from the people around them.  

Some common indicators would be headbands, bandannas, loose Baja hoodies, colorful bracelets, or the famous peace sign on their clothes, etc. Some girls even go barefoot to bring that naturalistic love outside, while others usually wear sandals.      

3. She genuinely respects and loves the Earth

Her naturalistic inclinations will always translate into pure love for the environment. She’ll be super supportive of recycling awareness campaigns, standing up for animal rights, and sometimes even protesting against wearing fur clothing. Many hippie girls choose to go vegan too, out of their love and respect for all living things.  

10 Reasons Why Dating A Hippie Girl Is A Wise Choice

1. She’s the loving type, not the fighting type

By dating a hippie girl, you’re going to have a pretty good chance of staying away from the toxicity that many regular relationships breed these days. She’s all about making peace and strives to drive away all the hate that she may have in herself.  

2. She’ll teach you to look at the brighter side

You’ll see hippie girls smiling much more than other people do, and that’s because she’s genuinely positive inside out. Negativity repels her, and if she chooses to be with you as a partner, she definitely feels something special around you – you're probably a positive and a ‘good vibes’ guy.  

3. She’ll inspire you to travel more

A hippie girl doesn’t settle to stay in a town all her life. She’s absolutely in love with the feeling traveling brings to her. With a true hippie girl, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. If you’re dating one, she’ll make you see the beauty in all her adventures as well.  

4. She’s going to be a good listener

She’ll expect her guy to pay attention to her, and she reciprocates the same! She’ll always be a good listener to you, remembering everything that’s important to you.  

5. She’s incredibly humble

A hippie girl believes that every creature on Earth inherently deserves love, respect, and peace. She can’t look down on people, nor will she choose to be mean to them just for laughs. While she might steer away from negative people as soon as possible, it doesn’t mean she’ll hate them. She’ll inspire you to feel and radiate ‘love’ instead of hate, and that’s a beautiful quality to get from a girlfriend.  

6. She isn’t materialistic at all

The simplest things in life could make her the happiest, and she just doesn’t get why people constantly chase money. Memories are her treasures, and memorable moments are her fuel. Even a flower from the guy she loves can make her whole day! If you ever date a hippie girl, you’ll know that she isn’t with you for that car you have or the thick wallet in your pocket. It’s just the thought that matters in her case, and how much she enjoys spending time with someone. 

7. She’s the farthest thing from violence

Violence is absolutely unnecessary to them, and that’s the mindset you can expect her to portray in a relationship with you. She’s vocal about how she wants all the wars in the world to end, and how violence doesn’t have a place in the world. This brings a special appeal in their existence, and you’ll love to be around her to keep yourself positive, passionate, and inspired. 

8. She’ll adore the little things you’ve got

She might love the way you speak, or how cute your hair looks in the morning. The scent of the guy who loves her, his voice, it all drives her crazy. She’ll tell these things to you freely and make you feel appreciated because she truly sees that in you! 

9. She’s forgiving

You won’t believe how genuinely solution-based her approach would be to the relationship's problems. If you’ve messed up, and you’re truly sorry for it, you’ll see her trying to work through it to make the relationship stand. She’s not someone who holds grudges, and she’ll argue productively before she shouts – and there’s something beautiful about that.  

10. She’s loyal

If she’s your girlfriend, then she’s all yours, because she respects you enough to guard herself in your absence. Purity and loyalty in a woman are two of the most appealing qualities a man could ask for in her girl, and she brings them effortlessly with her.  

Is A Hippie Girl Suitable to Your Character?

A hippie girl expects you to reciprocate the respect that she naturally has for you. She’ll love you unconditionally, and she’ll want the same back from you. She isn’t going to be someone you can change according to your requirements. This means if you’re not the open-minded accommodating type, you might not suit her. However, a relationship is about clicking with each other, and who knows, she might inspire you to become someone you never thought you could be? She might introduce you to your hippie instincts, bringing a life-changing perspective into your life. It’s best to try things out before you rule them out sometimes, who knows, maybe a hippie girl is all you ever looked for!  

Quotes on Hippie Girls

"Sometimes it felt like I had a little hippie girl living inside me. Free love and all that. She just wanted to share herself with everyone, at least everyone she thought was hot."   — Amy Sumida (Of Gods and Wolves (The Godhunter, #2)) 

“You become a “hippie” when you realize how to be happy. - Unknown

“Oh darling, your only too wild, to those whom are to tame, don't let opinions change you.” ― Nikki Rowe

Knock the door to my soul and you will find an ageless hippie with a rock and roll heart and a never-ending hope for peace. - Unknown

My business is to enjoy and have fun. And why not, if in the end everything iwll end, right? - Janis Joplin

The less you care, the ‘hippier’ you are. - Unknown

“She's an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.” ― Nicole Lyons

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The concept of hippie girls, or hippies in general, stems from the children that grew up in the 1960s. It was based on an idea of not conforming to the presumptions, expectations, and judgments of the society in any way. Hippies revolutionized the thought process of many people who got inspired to live the free-spirited life that was projected by this notion. They were encouraged to wear whatever they wanted to, doing whatever made them the happiest – no questions asked. There’s something incredibly appealing about a girl with those values, and if you think the same way, this article was meant for you. We’ve discussed their qualities in detail, and have hopefully given you a perception of what good dating them could bring you. In the end, it’s all about who you find that connection with. Good luck!   


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