15 Different Types Of Hugs And Meanings From Both Genders

The rundown on the type of hugs you give or have received?

By Michele
15 Different Types Of Hugs And Meanings From Both Genders

A hug is basically a type of expression used to convey different feelings. Sometimes the words are not enough to describe our emotions. And during such instances, a hug really comes useful.

It is interesting to note that there are different types of hugs and each has its own specific meaning. Not every hug carries the same essence. You will hug your sister or mother in a different manner than your girlfriend.

To be precise a hug is a symbol of love, trust, compassion, appreciation, joy, and sorrow too.       

Type Of Hugs That Guys Give To Friends

Guys are quite carefree when it comes to giving hugs to their friends. But they hug their male and female friends in a different manner. Let’s have a look at different types of hugs that guys normally give out to their friends.

1. The Handshake with a Pat Hug

Guys normally do not get much touchy unless they are related. You can say that it is the most common type of hug that guys practice. They shake their rights hands and with the left hand, kind of embrace and pat each other on the back. During this instance, only their chests come close.

2. The Cuddle Huddle Hug

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Guys who are in a relationship with another guy, hug each other from the front or back and move in a to and fro motion. It’s like a little dance. They stay extremely close and touchy. This is a different type of hug. You can call it a loving hug. 

3. The Polite Grab Hug

Close friends, after doing a handshake, grab their friends from the shoulder with their arms spread straight. In this type of hug, only the shoulders come in contact with each other. Such hugs are meant to cheer, motivate or console a dear friend. It can be a girl or a guy friend.

4. The Surprise Hug

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This type of hug is given by friends, who haven’t seen each other for a long while. They hold their friend from behind and gently squeeze arms around the chest area. It is for a short duration only. You need to watch out, just in case, it gets uncomfortable.

Type of Hugs Guys Like From Loved Ones

Who says that guys don’t like getting hugged? They like it when someone expresses affection by wrapping their arms around them. Let’s see what type of hugs guys usually like receiving.

5. The Supportive Hug

Guys feel low sometimes too. And that is the moment they need someone to cheer them up. On such occasions, words don’t mean a lot. Instead of a hug really does the job. It is like getting hugged sideways while sitting or standing. The other hand is used to pat the arm occasionally.

6. The Light Squeeze Hug

Guys love it when girls wrap their arms around them, below the shoulders and give a gentle squeeze. Such types of hugs are very common between male and female friends. Some guys like hands wrapped around the upper back instead of being squeezed gently.

7. The Waist Hug

It is a very simple type of hug in which a friend hugs a guy from behind with arms wrapped around the stomach area. Or it can be below the rib area too. It is a perfect type of hug for guys who are tall.

8. The Tall Hug

It is an interesting type of hug for which, you have to stand on your toes face the guy raise your arms up around the head of a guy and give him a light hug. Keep it brief before you make it awkward as you will be standing in a difficult position. Tall guys love receiving such type of hugs.

Type Of Hugs That Girls Give

As said, each hug carries a meaning that you must know. Especially when it comes to the types of hugs that girls give. Like a guy’s hug, a girl’s way of hugging carries some sort of message. Let’s have a look at different types of hugs that girls give. 

9. The Cheerful Hug

Girls hold their friend or family member with arms wrapped around their shoulders and might even give a kiss on the cheek or the forehead. This type of hug is mostly given by girls to celebrate their success. So don’t get confused if you see your girl running to you for a cheerful hug.

10. The Back Stroke Hug

Mostly girls give this type of hug to their male friends. They handshake quickly and then gently stroke the back with their hand. These types of hugs are given while parting. It is a quick yet energetic genre of the hug. It is meant to show that you are liked and will be a part of thought always.

11. The Deadlock

It is a special type of hug that girls normally give to their sisters or mothers or lovers. In such types of hugs, arms are wrapped tightly around the other person. Deadlock hugs are mostly used to boost courage, show love or console. You must have seen such type of strong and close hugs, during climax or emotional scenes, between characters of movies or series.

12. The London Bridge Hug

Girls give this hug to those people, whom they don’t want to get too touchy with. In this type of hug, girls embrace the upper body of the other person with their arms while maintaining a good distance. Normally they do it with coworkers or distant relatives. It is to tell that there needs to be a safe distance during any face-to-face encounter.

Type Of Hugs Girls Like From People She Likes

Girls are very much selective when it comes to being hugged. Well, they want to feel special. And they also like it very much when someone expresses warmth by hugging them. Let’s have a look at different types of hugs that girls appreciate from the people they admire.  

13. The Eye-to-Eye Hug

Girls love receiving this type of hug from their boyfriend. A girl likes to stand in front of his guy put both hands on his chest and stare directly in the eyes. The guy usually wraps his hands around the waistline area. It is one of the deepest and most meaningful hugs that a girl would desire.

14. The Protector Hug

The sense of security is quite essential for a girl. A guy hugs a girl from behind while placing his arms on the waistline proposing stability and faithfulness. It is one of the most favorite types of hugs that every girl would desire from his partner. It also shows commitment and dedication to remain with each other through all thick and thin.

15. The Slow Dance Hug

This type of hug is all about romance. One partner places his arms around the waist of another partner while the other one wraps the neck area gently. You must have seen this type of hug in several lovey-dovey dance videos. Quite popular among the high schoolers and even girl couples!

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There is only one thing that I would like to say at the end and that is; you must embrace any type of hug that you get. You cannot shrug away the affection and love that others have for you. Sometimes it gets very difficult to comfort your loved but, but a single hug can do wonders.

So, it can be said that hugs act as therapy. All you need to do is take care of how you hug each other. When it comes to your partner, you can hug him/her in a number of different ways. There is no barrier when it comes to coming in contact with each other.

Whenever you hug each other give the most of your positive energy. Hug like there is no tomorrow. Share and spread the love!