12 Recommended Books To Read About Love And Relationships

Brush up with these top recommended books to read about love

By Hana O.
12 Recommended Books To Read About Love And Relationships

The demand for online streaming of movies and TV shows is increasing day by day. There are free ones and subscription-based like Netflix and Hulu. Thankfully, for some, books are still a treasured part of daily life, and back then, people would make frequent visits to the library patiently and eagerly waiting for a new release to become available.


Whatever your taste is, nothing beats an excellent swoon-worthy novel if all you need is a little love in your life.

Recommended Books To Read About Love Of All Time

1. The Notebook

The Notebook - Kindle edition by Nicholas Sparks

In 1932, two teenagers from opposite sides of the track fell in love, and despite their significant differences and tough times, the strong bond and undying love remain down the road. Sadness, anger, jealousy, and happiness all constantly experienced throughout the story, but fate has truly brought them together in the name of love.


Nicholas Sparks', "The Notebook," is incredibly memorable, inseparable, unconditional and powerful. After reading this book, it makes you wonder, does that kind of love really exist?

2. The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars -John Green

A story of romance, pain, excitement, sadness, friendship and courage, John Green builds a plot and takes the tragedy of cancer and awaken us in the lives of characters that could very well be real. It focuses on a teenage girl who has cancer and spends her days carting around an oxygen tank to help her breathe.


"The Fault in Our Stars" book teaches you about the imperfections of life, and yes, life isn't a wish-granting factory, but at least we get the things that we are destined for.

3. Me Before You

Me Before You-Jojo Moyes

This book gives you an impression of a bland and fluffy read by just looking at the cover. The cover does not do this amazing and heartbreaking story any justice. The characters are likable, yet maddeningly realistic in all their egocentricities and self-absorptions.


Louisa Clark falls in love with her wheelchair bound-grump boss, Will Traynor. Lou sets out to improve Will's life and give him a reason to live and look forward to each day.


The relationship between them is told in such a beautiful way and develops through several stages, each filled with hilarity.

Free Books you can Read Online About Love and Life

Nowadays, more and more content is going digital, and you don't have to go to a bookstore to preview the book you have been wanting to get before buying it. The internet has pretty much everything we are looking for. It's powerful enough to find all the products we need like a good book. Also, hey, it's free! Who wouldn't want that?

4. Love by Leo Buscaglia

Love - Leo Buscaglia

This book is about love. What it is and what it isn't. It's about you and everybody who has ever reached out to touch the heart of another. Among many other lessons of the heart, Leo Buscaglia reminds us: Love is about open arms. If you close your arms about love, you will find that you are left holding by yourself.

5. Lies, Love and Life! Taking Back What the Devil Thought He Stole from Me

Lies, Love and Life! Taking Back What the Devil Thought He Stole from Me

The title of this book is very on point. It's about taking control, loving yourself, and empowerment. This book teaches us that whatever life might throw at us, we must keep dancing and that life is lovely and happiness is a choice.

6. On Becoming Fearless

On Becoming Fearless

What are you afraid of? Whatever your fear is, women everywhere confront the same fears every day. Conquering fear is crucial to living a full life and making a difference in the world. 

"On Becoming Fearless" teaches you how to become bold from the inside out, to feel comfortable in your own skin and to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Recommended Books about Unrequited Love

The possibility that something as amazing and wonderful as love to become a one-way street seems so unfair and tragic and one can say that he or she is no stranger to the menace of unrequited love.


For those who are healing the wounds from unrequited love, this list will perhaps and hopefully give you a little bit of comfort and better perspective in such a bizarre concept. Either way, the recommended books below should make for a terrific read.

7. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind: Margaret Mitchell

In this Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel and one of the bestselling books of all time, it is difficult to find one character who isn't suffering from one form of unrequited love. There's Scarlett who is in love with Ashley. Ashley, who is in love with Melanie, his cousin, and another character named Rhett, who has loved Scarlett the moment they met. If this wasn't brutal and twisted enough, then what is?

8. Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Falling in love with someone and yet ended up with somebody else whom you don't truly love isn't a new storyline anymore. That's precisely what happened to Florentino and Fermina. They fell in love, but Fermina decided to leave the very much heartbroken Florentino for a wealthy doctor.

This plot might be a little too subliminal for some, but it hits your heart big time because of love, obsession, and everything in between.

9. Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart- Nicole Jacquelyn

This is the story of one woman who's secretly in love with her best friend's husband.

Shane's in the military and away for long periods. When Rachel, Shane's wife, passed away, Kate upends her entire life to share parenting duties. They then take comfort in each other in a night that they both soon regret. What do you do when the love of your life marries your best friend?

Popular Books to Read about Cheating in a Love Relationship

Why do we love adultery novels so much? What is it about infidelity that captures readers even to entertain such a crazy idea? The answer is straightforward. They're juicy, exciting and most of all, relatable. Sex outside marriage is no longer the taboo it once was, but the adultery novel is still with us.

10. Arsen: A Broken Love Story

Arsen. A broken love story- Mia Asher

It's about three people. First, Cathy. She has a perfect life. She has a loving husband, Ben, who thinks the world of her. Ben is always there for her. He treats Cathy like a queen. Three miscarriages after, Cathy begins to fall apart. Enter Arsen. Young and full of confidence. He makes Cathy feel something. Then, crazy things start to happen.


"Love can destroy you. Love can erase you. Love can heal you. Love can reinvent you, and if you are lucky enough, love can make you whole again." 


This book will rip out your heart. You will be angry, roll your eyes, and want to throttle people. You'll most likely cry, but one thing for sure this book hits home with some people.

11. The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife- A. S. A. Harrison

Jodi and Todd are the two main characters of this book who have hit a snag in their marriage just like other couples. Infidelity has a comfortable place in their relationship, and as different as two people can be they have snapped, and the effects of losing their minds prove to be more dangerous and scarier than they have ever imagined.

12. Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up-Daniel Handler

The story follows Min, a teenage girl who is a fanatic of Old-Hollywood movies, as she reminisces the memories and one of a kind items she has received from her ex, Ed.


Why We Broke Up is a great novel that includes just the right amount of humor to make you smile and help you get your mind off your relationship woes within its pages.

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One of the reasons why we read books is to gain knowledge. Books are a source of information. Information that we can use to be more creative and imaginative. Whenever you read a book, you learn another story that otherwise you would not have known, feelings and emotions you would not have felt or experienced.


As for books about love, they teach you how to understand others and see a different perspective, whether that's from an author or you as the reader. Whatever your taste is, keep an open mind and let these books guide you into doing what is best for you to fall in love more or to heal and move on.