What Do You Need To Know When Dating A Book Lover

Want to date a book lover? Here are 10 dating tips you should know

By Evelyn
What Do You Need To Know When Dating A Book Lover

Traits And Characteristic Of A Book Lover

How passionate are you about books? Are you one of those people that would run into a burning building to save your books? No? You know there are people who would have no problem doing that, people who think of books as romantic affairs. Are you dating a guy who carries his books everywhere, one who's reading all the time? You're dating a book lover.  You really like this guy but sometimes you feel like he's cheating on you because he'd rather spend time with a book than with you.

You need to understand that for a book lover, books and the entire culture around them is part of who he is. Books aren't just pages with words glue together, they are a lifestyle and if you're serious about dating him, you'll need to try to understand him better so that your relationship could have a future.

There are some traits or characteristics that define a book lover. You want to understand him better and share some of his joy with books? Then keep reading about what makes a book lover.

He'll always need more books

A book lover is always fascinated with a bookstore, for him it is like going on a shopping spree. He can't stop buying books, he wants to dive into every book available, he can't help it. No matter how many books he already owns, there's always one more book or books that he needs to have. It's like a challenge that he and all book lovers perpetuate.

He can get lost in a bookstore

He loves to be surrounded by books, that's why he spends so much time in libraries and bookstores. He just loves that time spend scouring bookshelves analyzing novel descriptions and determining if that piece of literature is worth their time. He feels secure in a bookstore, it's his serene place. He needs the essence that a book can provide for his intellectual growth. For a book lover, a library is like a candy store where he can find all the treats he wants under one roof and he'll spend hours sitting down in a corner blissfully ignoring the time passing by and the world outside.

He's very careful about lending his books

Books are like his children, so like any parent, he doesn't trust just anybody to lend his books. It's really a dilemma, he finds it very hard to part with any of his books. So if he lends you a book, considered that a massive compliment, he's trusting you with one of his "precious children". 

Don't damage any of his books or you'll suffer the consequences

Don't you dare damage one of his books, you'll never hear the end of it. Don't ear-dog any page, or bend the cover around the spine or rip the dust cover or (horror!) write in on the pages. Don't even change the bookmark placed in one of his books. All his wrath will descend upon you.

He loves everything about books

Do you know what a book lover does when he gets hold of a book for the first time? He smells it, it doesn't matter if the book is new or old. If you ask him, he'll tell you that "there's nothing better than the smell of a book" (it has something to do with the ink). He also loves the sound of the pages turning, the aesthetics of the cover, how the paper feel... you get the picture. 

He reads several books at a time

Remember Rory, from Gilmore Girls? She had a book in the kitchen, she had a book in the living room, she had several books in her bedroom. She was always reading and she read several books practically at the same time. He's the same, if you pay attention you'll see that he has several books open or with a bookmark. He can't help it if he sees a new book, he has to start reading it.

He gets a little cross if he doesn't get enough time to read

He likes to detach himself from the rest of society and immerse himself into a book. It's nothing personal. He's not just reading, he's having a reading experience, he could be immersed in a battle or in the ocean or at the peak of a mountain or in outer space. Just don't interrupt his reading time, he may seem a little rough, just remember that it's not you, he just craves to go back to that world that the book has created for him.

He stays clear of "non-readers"

It's almost impossible for him to understand someone who doesn't read. so he stays clear of people who don't read. They are like a negative force for him.

He can't choose a "favorite" book

He doesn't get that either, he's a book lover with an infinite choice of books, it's impossible for him to choose one. All of them are going to be the best. Don't ask him to choose his favorite, you're not going to get an answer.

10 Tips And Advices For Successful Dating & Relationship With A Book Lover

Have it occurred to you that book lovers are actually great dates? It's true, they have a loose grasp on reality so they have the best ideas when it comes to dates, they're very inventive. They also have some very sweeping romantic gestures and, if you're looking for book recommendations, you can't do any better.wink

If you want to win over a book lover, sometimes all you'll need is a, what do you?! A book and maybe a cappuccino. Book lovers find it hard to go on dates or have relationships because it's a rare thing when they stumble upon someone that really gets them. Someone who actually reads, someone who appreciates or has read some of the same authors.

If you really like this guy and he really likes you, there are some tips or advice you can follow to successfully date a book lover. Read carefully.

1. No talking while his reading

As you already know, his reading time is sacred, so unless your life's in danger or there's an emergency don't interrupt his reading session. It's not that he doesn't want to talk to you, it's that he can help but read the next chapter. You have to be patient with a book lover and be comfortable having some quiet times while you're spending time together so he can finish his chapter. 

If you have questions about the book (or about anything else) wait till he comes back to reality.

2. Show interest in what he's reading

Once his eyes and mind are not immersed in the book, do ask about what he's reading. For him, it's a much more intimate and interesting question or topic than How do you like the weather? or Tell me about you. Since he has a very intimate relationship with the book he's reading,  Inquiring about after it is like inviting him to share a little bit of his soul. That's a good start.

But, don't stop there, do some follow up questions like, How are you liking the book? or Do you think this is the author's best work? You'll have a very animated conversation.

3. Don't mock his fictional crushes

Since while he's reading, he lives in the world the book has created, he's bound to have crushes on any of the fictional characters involved in the story. If he talks about it, he may get all flustered. Just listen to him and don't mock his fictional crushes or get jealous about them, he still likes you.

4. Never reveal that you like the movie better

For him, it'll be like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. For a book lover, the book is always better than the movie. So saying something like "No, I haven't read the book but I saw the movie so I'm OK" on your first date, in a definite NO. You can have those kinds of conversations later on when you and he know each other better. Still, broach the subject carefully and maybe go, with The Godfather.

5. When you think gift, think book. You can't go wrong there.

Don't be discouraged if he says he doesn't have any more room for books. What that means is that he needs a new bookshelf, the books are always welcome, the more the merrier. Show him you really pay attention when he speaks by not giving him a book he already read. He'll be thoroughly pleased that you know him and his reading habits so well.

6. If you haven't read the book, don't pretend

Resist the temptation to pretend as you read this book or that you are familiar with that author. Just don't do it, because your book lover date will see right through you and then you'll lose some major points. Also, don't try to impress him by quoting... Shakespeare, if the quoting is not apt it's not going to impress him and you'll only embarrass yourself. 

7. If he lends you a book, always return it on time

If he lends you a book, it means that he really, really trust you. Don't break that trust by taking an eternity to return it to him. Just read the book and return it immediately so he doesn't work himself into a frenzy.

8. Ask for recommendations and read them

He's going to be eager to share some of his favorite books (though sometimes it's impossible for him to choose), so ask for a book recommendation and then read it. He's going to want to discuss it later on. If it wasn't to your taste, you should say it, maybe he'll make another recommendation you'll actually like. 

9. Occasionally take him out of the story

Don't make the dates all about books. You may not believe it but he actually likes other things like bowling or cycling. He has family and friends, you can talk about them or about current events. He has some stories he'd like to tell you that is not in books.

10. Read!

Do you know how book lovers tend to stay clear of non-readers? If you want to find your way to your book lover's heart, you need to read. You don't have to read as much as he, but if you can hold a literary conversation with him once in a while, he's going to fall for you.

5 Popular Websites And Apps That Book Lovers Frequently Go

A good portion of the books read by book lovers in 2018 was e-books. Some would cringe over this because for the majority of book lovers there's nothing better than the smell and feel of a book. But, like it or not, e-books are here to stay. That being said, there are some apps and websites book lovers frequent, either to buy e-books or to get recommendations or deals on books.

Here are 5 popular ones.

1. Goodreads


Book lovers can rate books, get personalized recommendations and set reading goals. You can download it for free on IOS, Android or Desktop.

2. Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle App

Some book lovers read their ebooks on the Kindle app. On Amazon, they get great prices on books and ebooks. And you can use it on all platforms too.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

A very complete non-profit library online for book lovers where they can find more than 59,000 ebooks to read online for free. Good for all platforms.

4. Libby by OverDrive

Libby, by OverDrive

Book lovers download this app in any platform and they can borrow ebooks from their local library for free.

5. Book Riot

Book Riot

Book lovers get the latest news and can read reviews of all types of genres. They offer great deals for buying books too.

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Book lovers are a very special bunch, if you really get them, you'll have the best time dating one. Read carefully on all the traits book lovers share and then follow the tips we just gave you. We're sure you'll have a great time next time you're on a date with your personal book lover.