Who is Abigale Mandler? About Her, Relationship and Family

Everything about this ex-kindergarten teacher turned vlogger

By Michele
Who is Abigale Mandler? About Her, Relationship and Family

Social media has evolved tremendously in the past few years; it is now a platform for every person to share his or her talents and experiences. Over the social media apps, you will see bakers, gamers, vloggers, bloggers, and many others sharing their skills for the interest of others. There are thousands of people who publish different types of content over their social media accounts. That helps them earn, evolve and harbor new followers.

Here, we are going to discuss Abigale Mandler, who is a prominent YouTube and Instagram star.


In this article, I will include everything that you want to know about her. Currently, Abigale Mandler is trending and quite popular on YouTube and Instagram. As of last checked, she has 159K subscribers over YouTube and 198k followers over Instagram and 256K followers over her Twitter handle– she has garnered fame within a short period. She loves playing video games and has posted several gaming videos online – also one of her major reasons for becoming popular.

Let us take it further, who is Abigale Mandler? About Her, Relationship and Family.

Abigale Mandler: Her Past and Journey to Fame

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Okay, let's start from the beginning. Abigale Mandler is an American, born in Utah on the 22nd of July, 1995. That makes her nearly 24 years old. Mandler has three brothers and one sister and that makes a total of five siblings – including her. All of them were brought up by middle-class parents in Utah County.



It has been found that she completed her education before stepping into the world of social media. Little is known about her family, as she has kept a low profile of her private life. It is believed that she is of Irish ethnic descent and currently holds an American nationality.

Social Media Contribution

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Abigale Mandler, became popular for her gameplay videos that she posted regularly over her YouTube channel. And there is a huge fan following, always waiting for her videos to be posted that are of particular interest to them. This certainly makes her a YouTube star. Apart from that, she is also a social media idol and an avid gamer.

She stepped into the world of social media in 2015 and since then gained much popularity over her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram handle.  On her YouTube channel, you will find gaming videos related to Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Tomb Raider, Super Smash Bros and also E3 and Cosplay videos. 


It can be said that Mandler’s collaborative videos with stars like Zoie Burgher have also helped her earn fame. Her collaborative videos have increased her followers and likes over different social media accounts. Zoie Burgher has more than 1 million followers over her YouTube channel and she is also popular for her online gaming videos, twerking and seminude clips and photographs.

Her Instagram account is fast becoming popular. And why not? She is a redhead, has attractive freckles all over and is beautiful. Check her Instagram to see for yourself what I am on about. You will be stunned by her bold photoshoots.  She has got Patreon, Reddit and Facebook account too.

Her Love Relationship and Husband

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Mandler has a stunning figure; she is 5ft and 6 inches tall and maintains her weight between 57kg to 60kg. Her Insta posts reveal that she works hard to keep herself in shape. And that’s probably the reason that she has thousands of fans – her exceptional beauty and gorgeous looks do the magic.

So about her love relationship, it is said that she married her boyfriend back in the summer of 2017. Mandler remained in a happy relationship with him for a long time before tying the knot. Her private life is of particular interest to her followers, but she is extremely discrete about it. She is probably living a happy wedded life with her husband.

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Though, there is no confirmed report of her marriage from her side. This speculation is made based on a few photos that were circulating online in which, Mandler is standing with some tall guy all dressed up and she is wearing a white wedding dress and with a bouquet in her hand. Explore the internet and that is all that, you will find about this mystery man.

Her Family

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According to all the information gathered, it can be said that Mandler belongs to an average middle income family and she has a total of 4 siblings. That makes it a family of 7 members in total. For some reason, she has kept her family and relationship extremely guarded.

Maybe she is not comfortable in bringing her family members in the limelight. It is just a wild guess. She loves pets. We have found that she takes care of several domestic cats and calls herself a cat mom too.

What She Is Up To Currently and Net Worth


Abigale Mandler is quite active over her Instagram account, as she keeps on posting hot pictures of her. In most of her posts, she is revealing a good amount of skin. Recently she has made another account for fans, who are interested in knowing her instead of just seeing her seductive figure. Currently, she is more active on Twitter and Instagram than any other social media account of hers. Her Twitter account is full of promising and luring tweets.

Net Worth


According to a rough estimate, Abigale Mandler has earned a good amount of fortune that stands around USD 1 million. Her huge earning is linked with her YouTube channel and other internet-based ventures. She is earning nearly $20 to $400 per month from her official YouTube channel.These figures attract the newbies to make a social media account and just grab the attention of online users.

Youtube Fame

Some people like Mandler become successful, as they know how to maintain their presence. With time it difficult to keep users engaged, as the audience is always looking for something innovative and exciting. You can have a look at her YouTube by clicking here. Her latest videos are about securing your webcam through Soomz.io – a brand that she is probably promoting, unboxing Adam and Eve gifts, nose piercing gone wrong, a sexy baking video, role-play of a nurse and teacher role play. She knows how to keep her viewers engaged.

Her Patreon account has over 150 benefactors and that helps her earn anything between $35 to $200 per individual. The prices are based on the categories that users can choose from, which are: silver category, gold category, precious stone category, and Big daddy category.

Online Presence

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It is also been found that she shares her seminude and full nude pictures over a particular social media account. Of course, they are not for free; you will have to pay for them to see. These donations are then used by her. We can guess she has a lot of hardcore fans out there, who are willing to transfer hundreds of bucks to see her naked.

All this glamor and exposure has changed her lifestyle now. Mandler has become quite chic now and her posts will tell you about this fact. She is seen wearing expensive outfits and jewelry, pictured at the favorite destination spots, having good food and living her life to the fullest. It is just like her dreams are coming true.


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Without any doubt, I can say that Mandler knows how to keep her fans excited. She has taken her inspiration from different YouTube stars, but at the same time enabled herself to maintain her persona uniquely. She has her charm and fan base. 

I have seen her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and have deduced that she is confident and does not fake at all – whatever she is doing or sharing. Maybe her authenticity and boldness have helped her come this long in such a short period. Well, do check her over her social media accounts and see what's cooking. You would not be disappointed at all. 

I hope that you now know who is Abigale Mandler? About Her, Relationship and Family. I have tried to include everything in this article that, I have found through my research. My focus was to discover the identity of her husband and know something about her family, but she has a strong grip over that. There is nothing noticeable related to her family over various blogs. But still, I hope that it was an interesting article for you and it has helped you know about Abigale Mandler – the rising social media sensation!