Get the Slim Thick body with These Exercises Done at Home

Being slim is not enough, slim thick is in and ways to train

By Fred S.
Get the Slim Thick body with These Exercises Done at Home

With each passing year, fitness trends change thanks to the media. The latest in-vogue body type is the notorious Kim Kardashian slim thick body, defined as the perfect hour glass figure that most women seek.

Apparently, perfectly flat abs with the 11 apparent with a waist that is clinched and a booty that is as peachy as it gets. Varying from the early 2000s trend when the preferred feminine body was supposed to be skinny and as thin as it could get from every aspect, the 21st century slim thick body supports filled thighs, with stuffed hip dips, clearly larger than the mid-section but toned as they could get. The rear follows suit; it needs to be plump and filled in all the right spaces. In contemporary language, a bubble butt is what completes a slim thick body.

This is a deviation from the norm that women who were slim and skinny qualified for Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Hollywood movies and TV shows. The newest demand is that of all the right curves in all the right places on a relatively slim and toned figure. The chest needs to be similarly busty. If you are on Instagram, you have probably already visualized this figure as almost every famous Instagram model and celebrity rocks this very same body.

Hailed as a somewhat healthier body image that embraces women with curves and weight, the slim thick body cannot be attained overnight. Look at Khloe Kardashian; it took her years of gym training and several break ups (optional) to get that juicy slim thick body. If you cannot afford a gym or are already under a lockdown due to the COVID19, worry not, consistent weight training at home can get you the same results over a period of time.

While most of the online slim thick bodies are photoshopped, they aren’t really unattainable. Some changes in your diet and specific work outs that help you build muscle while burning fat will get you the slim thick sexiness just in time for bikini season; once the COVID19 lockdown has been lifted of course. Use this time to train your mind and body!

Celebrities with Slim Thick Body

There’s not much to complain about when you have a body that’s slim, but thick in the right places – as Thanos would say, it’s ‘perfectly balanced, as all things should be’. In this section, we’ve put together a short list of celebrities who represent the peak of the slim thick body type! Not only can they motivate you towards achieving your bod goals, but following their ways could be helpful in determining the right path to walk on.

Some people dance, run, box, cycle, or are into pole fitness. No matter how you choose to approach it, the end goal is to achieve uncompromised wellness and health. From the names we’ve picked, see who you like the best and start following their regiments!

Tracee Ellis Ross


What could be the perfect embodiment of a 10/10 woman? Kind? Beautiful? A bomb figure? Well, Tracee Ellis Ross here checks all those boxes, with an icing of unique humor to go with it. The “Girlfriends” star recently showed her perfect body on Instagram for all her followers, becoming an instant inspiration for many ladies out their looking to get their summer bodies for 2020!

She’s got all the curves you could ever want, and you should go follow her if you want to listen to her talk about her methods and routine. It’s not just about getting the shape you want, but also maintaining it. Check her out!

Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland hasn’t really been away from the eye of fame, but seeing her show off her curves ever so frequently is fairly new for her followers. She’s 39 years old, but doesn’t let her body look a day over 25! She’s not all about herself though; the Destiny Child actor goes out of her way to make videos with the objective of helping other woman work effectively on their figures and fitness. If we could all start working out like Kelly right about now, beaches would look a whole lot better this summer!

Rosa Acosta


Here’s another dream-figure celebrity model, Rosa Acosta! She’s the dream girl of many fanboys out there. To prove that, it’s enough to consider that she’s got a whole song named after her by Jeremih in his “Late Nights” mixtape.

It’s not just genetics; she works super hard to achieve unreal curves and strictly adheres to a defined diet plan to maintain it well. When it comes to health and fitness, Rosa Acosta is someone to look up to. Ladies, take notes!

Kylie Jenner


Here’s the most famous celebrity in this short list of ours – the one and only Kylie Jenner! She’s known to have an unreal butt paired with the slimmest waist and legs, which translates to a phenomenal figure. Something like that can’t be achieved effortlessly though, that should be well understood. Her waist training is extremely intense, so much so that experts actually warn against the workout regime she follows.

However, some useful tips she gave while talking to ‘Babe’ included;

  • Doing donkey kicks, and increasing the reps as you move forward in your workout sets.
  • Focusing more on the pilates machine.
  • Incorporating more exercises that work your bottom half and core, making it possible to achieve a slimmer waist but a thicker butt!

A little diet tip from her to keep in mind: eat clean, drink more water, and strictly limit carb intake.

Slim thick body exercise to do at home

A whole lot of people have made this quarantine a big old excuse to procrastinate from working out. Yes, you might not be able to go the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. In fact, home workouts are highly recommended for beginners as it’s a fool proof way of ensuring that you never hurt yourself. Body weight exercises can never go wrong, even if you have no workout partner to ‘spot’ you in a failed-rep situation as there’s just no added resistance involved.

With the right home workout routine at hand, you could start as soon as right now! No excuses. You could just grab your phone and pull up a reputable fitness channel featuring a slim thick body home workout regime! We’ve even pulled one up for you, see how far you can go in following this one.

In this regime, you’re supposed to complete her entire circuit thrice. If you’re a total beginner or somewhat new to the scene, it’s totally fine if you feel the need to pause the video at times to catch your breath and sip some water. Pushing yourself to play the video back on is all that matters! Here’s how it’ll go;

Warm up with 2-3 sets of the following, with 30 seconds of rest between sets;

  • 30 seconds of high knees
  • 30 seconds of butt kicks

Begin the workout with the super set! It consists of 10 jump squats and lunges (both legs). To clarify, one jump squat and two lunges in total would count as one rep.

The next super set involves planks; 1 minute for a regular plank and side planks for 30 seconds on each side.

Take 1 minute of rest before this next set. It consists of 15 hip lifts and 15 bicycle crunches, with 30 seconds of rest between the two exercises.

Here comes the last and final set! You’ve got to finish it strong with 10 reps of burpees + pikes (1 burpee + 1 pike = 1 rep).

Anything to watch on diet?

Like any other body-figure goal, you can’t only achieve it through pushing yourself hard on workouts. Half the work is done in the kitchen when it comes to building the slim thick body of your dreams. Luckily, you’ve got all the knowledge of the world at your disposal, within the palm of your hands! Hidden in that little YouTube application of yours, is a plethora of helpful videos by reliable and professional fitness trainers that help their viewers every day! Here are some of the videos you can start with.

1. WHAT I EAT: SLIM THICC EDITION (my cals, protein, carbs & fats)

Check out Jazmin Gonzalez, a YouTuber with almost 700k subscribers, telling you all you need to know about the slim thick diet she follows. She goes into deep details and suggestions with the aim to help out her immense viewership achieve a body like her, or an even better one!

2. WHAT I EAT TO GET SLIM THICK | Nastassia Ponomarenko

Seriously, with videos like these available for free 24/7, who even has an excuse left? In this video, fitness YouTuber Natassia Ponomarenko gives you deep insight into what she eats to maintain her dreamy slim thick body. Her six-meals-a-day diet plan might shock you, but being a YouTuber with 688k subscribers, you gotta take her word for it when she says it works.

3. Slim Thick Meal Plan

If you didn’t quite connect to the ideas and diet plans in the videos above, give this video from ‘The Find Guru’ channel a chance. They’ve got 661k subscribers, and it’s safe to say that they know what they’re talking about. In this particular video, she gives you a recap of her meal choices from all of last week.

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Just like every new body shape trend that finds its way into the goals of average women, the slim thick body has also grown popular through celebrities flaunting their hourglass-figure assets. What women aim to achieve with their bodies, and what men look for in a girl, now seems to be a sweet spot between slim and thick. Or, to be more precise; thick! In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best slim thick bodies to look up to, and some super-effective workout and diet plan to start you off. May you achieve all your fitness goals!  



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