The Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies and It Means to You

Your connection to dragonflies and its spiritual meaning

By Madiha A.
The Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies and It Means to You

Are you Attracted to Dragonflies or Keep Seeing Them?

Seeing a dragonfly isn’t something unusual or out of the ordinary. You mostly see dragonflies while walking in the park or strolling beside a lake. Those hovering little insects that swiftly change direction look really amazing and mesmerizing. Dragonflies, according to some myths were once dragons and have remained part of several legends and stories. They have been around for almost 300 million years and are thought to be one of the first winged insects that inhabited the Earth. This colorful and delicate insect cannot go unnoticed and if you are seeing it more than often; you surely need to read on. 

Getting attracted to dragonflies, finding them fascinating, and seeing them frequently is a rare phenomenon. Many may find dragonflies beautiful but only a few can establish and recognize a connection with these amazing insects. People have experienced a connection to the spirit world after sighting the dragonflies. There can be several reasons for dragonflies to show up in someone’s life. Seeing dragonflies may mean a few things:

Break the monotony of your life

 If you are strict and sturdy in your routines and life, a dragonfly may show up to break the monotony of your life. Dragonflies look different from different angles and seeing dragonflies more often may mean that you should be more flexible and try to adjust in new situations. It may also mean that change is good and should be adopted and accepted.

Look for new paths in life

The unique flying pattern of the dragonflies symbolize that the person who is getting attracted to them should not live a monotonous life. Its trees that are trapped in one place, not humans, and they should not stay trapped in one place for a long period of time. Just like dragonflies that change their direction, humans need to look for new paths in life and get on a newer one if the road ahead is closed.

Reminders of blessings and joys

Being a beautiful aspect of nature, dragonflies come in a person’s life to remind him about blessings and joys that life has to offer. It gives hope and helps focus on the positive aspects of life. It also gives a lesson that we can find happiness in the littlest of things.

Let your emotions flow like water

Dragonflies mostly are seen flying over water and water is a symbol of emotions. If a person has started developing attraction towards dragonflies, it may mean that he should focus on his emotions and let his emotions flow like water. Holding up emotions does no good to anyone. One should share the feelings and emotions to live a peaceful life.


Dragonflies symbolize transformation and the person who feels attracted to them should be willing to transform. Growth is inevitable but one should be able to transform even if it means coming out of the cocoon and growing wings; just like dragonflies. Transformation happens out of the comfort zone and dragonfly gives a message through its own life cycle.

Is it Good Luck to see a Dragonfly?

Every region, culture, and society believes in certain myths and folklores. Where in some regions, the sighting of dragonflies means rain is on the way, in some others, it is believed that these tiny creatures bring good luck and prosperity. Fishermen from around the world believe that where there are more dragonflies there are more fish in the water. So dragonflies are considered lucky by the fishermen. People in some regions also believe that if a dragonfly sits on a person, it brings them the good news.

The good news can be about the person himself or someone he loves. If you’ve been trying hard and unable to tie a knot, catching a dragonfly may be an answer to your prayers. If a person catches a dragonfly, he will get married within a year; lucky right?

So whether you believe it or not, seeing a dragonfly means good luck is on the way. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dragonflies?

“Dragonflies are reminders that we are light/and we can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.” – Robyn Nola    

This fluttering little insect is of unique spiritual significance. Dragonflies hold different meanings in different cultures, societies, and regions. Besides being a beautiful creature and aspect of nature, dragonflies are insects that spiritually connect humans to light and transformation. Dragonflies are a sign that the person should look for these qualities in him. Their short life signifies the importance of reaching your full potential in life. Here are some spiritual meanings of seeing dragonflies:


Dragonflies are associated with a change in the spiritual world. Seeing dragonflies highlights the importance of transformation and the wisdom associated with it. It is a symbol of growth and self-realization. It urges us to change our perspective and have a look at the world from a different angle.


A person can welcome change only if he can adjust in new situations. Dragonfly symbolizes adaptability. Dragonfly changes its course several times during its flight but still looks stable. The spiritual meaning of dragonflies signifies that one should be able to change the approach towards life and adjust as the world around us is always changing and only those who can adapt will be able to survive.


The spirit of dragonflies signifies the importance of staying positive in any life situation. No matter what the circumstances, it urges us to look at the bright side and embrace the difficulties in a cheerful way. It warns us of the illusions and deceptions that life throws our way and enables us to make conscious decisions instead of blindly believing the subconscious.


In Japanese and Native American cultures, the dragonfly symbolizes a scale that helps us to create a balance between our spirit and the divine world. It is used as a symbol in meditational practices to help visualize positives and focus on the good aspects of life.  

Spirit Guide

Dragonflies come into our lives as spirit guides. They bring joy and happiness in our dull lives. Their energy enables us to accept our emotions and embrace life with flexibility and a changed perspective. The transformative power of the dragonflies helps us give a new meaning to life.  

Harness the Power of Dragonflies  

Seeing dragonflies or feeling attracted to them can have several meanings. Dragonfly is a sign of change and transformation. It is a symbol of the realm of emotions, joy, and connection with spirits of nature. Dragonfly showing up in your life is a sign that it’s time for you to evolve and transform into a better version. If your life is a stagnant mess and you haven’t moved in a long time; dragonfly will visit to remind you to make changes in your life. The powers of dragonflies can be harnessed by using them in rituals and procedures. It can also be done by simply believing in the powers. If you believe in the dragonflies possessing powers, it becomes easier to harness those powers.    

Here is how you can harness the powers of dragonflies:

The Power of Healing

In Hopi and Pueblo tribes, dragonflies are considered medicinal insects which hold the power of healing. According to their traditions killing a dragonfly is strictly prohibited. They use dragonflies in various shamanistic rituals and healing procedures. It is considered a protective force of Spirit. To harness the power of healing, dragonflies are used in meditation.

Dragonfly adorned rattles

The powers of dragonflies are harnessed by adorning the rattles with dragonfly images. These rattles are used in healing practices. For an abundance of rain in certain North American tribes, these rattles are used during prayers. Since dragonflies mostly fly over water, their connection to water is used for cleansing and purifying rituals. The dragonfly adorned rattles are also used to seek guidance from the spirits.


Dragonflies have been around for longer than we can imagine. Ancient Egyptians used dragonflies in magic. Their powers were harnessed by using them in magical amulets. These amulets were also used to ward off evil and as omens to predict future events.      

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Dragonflies have remained an object of interest to many of us. Its colors, flight pattern, and life have inspired many cultures and societies. Viewing it occasionally is ok but if you are crossing paths frequently; you need to look deeper into this matter. Dragonflies come into a person’s life with a purpose. They bring you hope and happiness. Their life has a lesson for those who have stopped growing. It may show into your life as a spirit animal to guide you and encourage you to show your true colors and embrace those colors.