10 Warning Signs Someone Is Evil and How To Deal With It

Caption: Sometimes, we may not be aware we’re a victim of someone evil.

By Fred S.
10 Warning Signs Someone Is Evil and How To Deal With It

Who Is An Evil Person?

If it weren’t for the bad in this world, we might have never been able to appreciate the good. Opposites don’t only attractive but are also necessary to help establish a contrast. The universe tends to maintain its balance by weighing these opposites that exist within itself and its components. Similarly, the microcosm of the massive universe: mankind, shares similar traits. We have people that billow nothing save positive energy that helps make this world a better place to live in. On their opposite side exist individuals that are an embodiment of vile.

Nothing that they think about or do adds anything positive to our lives and their actions are always directed with the motive of harming us in any way possible. Farther aggravating their despicable nature is that their main source of happiness is always the grief of another. These people are never content themselves and hate it when someone around them is having good things in their life.

An evil person falls in the latter category. These people are present everywhere and they are part of our lives in various capacities. In fact, they may be none other than our own family members. You don’t have to do anything to earn their displeasure, it is just who they are. Their intentions are always infiltrated with jealousy and they wish upon you nothing but the worst.

Sadly, intentions and thoughts never show themselves physically and are enclosed by layers and layers of facades that might take decades to fall off. It may be too late for you to declaw them from your existence. To provide you with timely assistance to discard such evil people from your life, this mini-guide gives you clues to identify malicious people in your circle before it is too late.

10 Warning Signs Someone Is Evil

Here are some noticeable traits that might unveil the fiend in the form of your lover, friend, or any other evil person in your life:

1. They pry a lot

An evil person needs to know each and every detail of your life even if it does not concern them even remotely. This allows them to plan their moves and set any traps possible that ensure that you never fare better than them. They will ask about your whereabouts and other personal information from your mutuals with them, even if you have severed your ties with these vile people. Never will they ever directly come to you with a question. None of these queries are to look after you but to plot maliciously.

2. They laugh at your pain

Either they don’t pay enough attention to your suffering or joke about it in front of others. If you ever, unfortunately, talk about a rough patch of your life with them, they will dismiss your feelings immediately. They might go as far as belittling you for not having enough guts to endure the hardships. To make things worse, they will boast about how they went through the same conditions themselves, even if they have to fabricate a story just to portray your pain as insignificant.

3. They act differently in different settings

Evil people are so ugly in reality that they have to hide with fake personas every time they are with a group of people. They will act unlike themselves in a large gathering or a crowd of a peculiar people to come off as nice and well-behaved, even when the underlying intention is purely vicious. You might notice a change in their gait, tone, and laughter every time they are out with someone else.

4. They hate your liberty

They deny you your right to live your life on your own terms. Nothing angers an evil person more than looking at you being independent and free. Whatever they can do to make sure that they control each and every aspect of your personality, they will put it to use. As a partner, they will restrict your communication and hangouts with your friends without giving a plausible explanation. They won’t be there for you themselves but will ensure that you are isolated from everyone else. Evil people love it when you become reliant on them because it gives them all the space they need to unleash their wretched personality.

5. They copy you in whatever you do

An evil friend or family member will mimic your ways. Whatever you do, they will follow your footsteps and later attribute it to themselves. They will keep all the credit and show it off to others without an ounce of remorse.

6. They talk rudely

True nature cannot be concealed for long. Evil people ultimately end up showing their accurate colors whenever they are placed in uncomfortable situations or whenever they are confronted over their vile actions. They immediately become defensive and lose their cool as they talk. Their arguments become hollow and voice continues to increase in loudness. They fail to make a point and will get as rude and arrogant as possible, even when the opposing party is right. Accepting their mistake and making peace are acts evil people are incapable of.

7. They create mountains out of mole hills

Causing a scene and ruining a happy moment happens to be evil people’s favorite pastime. They will start a fight, wreak havoc and damage whatever they can the moment they sense that people around them are having a pretty good time. Another person’s happiness is a curse for them.

8. They never appreciate you

You can go out of your way to appease them and to add value to their life but never will they see everything you do for them. All of your efforts will go unacknowledged as it is against their nature to see the good in another.

9. They criticize you even when it isn’t their place to do so

Even when they are unrelated to you or have nothing to do with your actions as they do not affect them, an evil person will make sure to poke their nose in your affairs and point out non-existent faults. Even if they have to yell from the other corner of the room, these eavesdropping people always have to criticize and find errors in others.

10. They never clap for you

The success and happiness of other people pinches evil people. They will come to your parties, look at you being bestowed with accolades and yet never have the guts to congratulate you on your achievements as it is for them their failure.

How Do I Take Care Of My Well-Being If I Am With An Evil Person?

  1. Keep doing your own thing. They hate it when they are not being given the attention they crave for.
  2. Do not dwell on their criticism and passive-aggressive comments as it will only destroy your inner peace. An evil person is ugly inside out and the dirt that clogs their brains is an incurable disease that you can do nothing about. The best you can do is to ignore whatever vile comments they have to pass.
  3. Try to maintain a safe distance from such people if you cannot cut them. Keep your private matters to yourself.
  4. Never get irked by their lack of acknowledgment of what you do in your life or what you do for them. Stop making your journey any of their business.

What NOT To Do When Dealing With An Evil Person?

  1. Do not confront an evil person without substantial proof. Their lack of regret and apathy makes them blind to their ugliness.
  2. Do not call them out on their actions in public. They love to create a scene. Do not bless them with this satisfaction.

How Can An Evil Person Be Helped With Their Attitudes Or Behavior?

You can make the evil person in your life better by addressing the issues you have with their problematic personality, privately in a calm tone. Whenever you do this, bear in mind that they may defend themselves and cut all ties with you and that it is OKAY. You do not need such malice in your life anyways.

To make them better, you may suggest to them counselors or talk to them about how you are affected by their behavior and do not want things to proceed in this manner in the future. If they really want you in their life, they will not have a problem getting the professional help they might need.

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We all know an evil person in our lives that we may not be able to leave because either we are related very closely to them or because you have hope that they will get better sometime. Regardless of whatever the reason is, secure yourselves mentally and physically from such people in your circle to avoid getting damaged.