Jessica Caban: 10 Facts About Bruno Mar's Beau

Why Bruno Mar is so smitten with this long-time girl of his

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Jessica Caban: 10 Facts About Bruno Mar's Beau

Who is Jessica Caban?


Jessica Caban is a gorgeous American Latina model and actress who has been in a long - and boy do we mean long – term relationship with the famous singer, Grammy-winning songwriter, and all-round heartthrob, Bruno Mars. Born to Puerto Rican parents in New York City, Caban started her career in 2002 and has just been winning ever since, way more than but also Bruno Mar’s heart.

10 Facts About Jessica Caban


So, what is there to know about this beautiful Latina who Bruno Mars would catch a Grenade for? Despite most of his music is about falling into and out of love, Bruno Mars has been very private about his love life – which might be the secret to how successful their relationship has been! Here are 10 facts about this amazing partner Bruno Mars has been with for almost a decade – yes! You read that right; this couple has fought stormy weather and not just survived but thrived for almost 9 years. Relationship goals right there!

1. Jennifer Lopez started her career

This Puerto Rican beauty entered the fashion industry back in 2002 when Jennifer Lopez was leading a nationwide hunt to find a fresh face for her brand-new clothing line. Caban was picked up and was runner up in the contest. She openly acknowledges and thanks J.Lo. for starting her modeling career.

2. Why have I seen her before? Yes, in Jane the Virgin

The widely adored television series, Jane the Virgin, is a romantic drama and a satirical telenovela starring Gina Rodriquez as the lead. The show has had a very successful run of 5 seasons and Jessica Caban made appearances in several episodes in seasons 3 and 4 of this super popular series earning her actress status in addition to her modeling career.

3. She has won best actress awards in film festivals

In 2010, well into her modeling career, Jessica Caban acted in an independent film titled, “Are You for Great Sex?” This film landed her not just nominations but best actress awards in both the Boston International Film Festival and the Hoboken International Film Festival establishing her as a talented actress.

4. She has her swimwear brand


Her list of talents is not just limited to acting and modeling. Jessica Caban is also a successful businesswoman running her swimwear line called J. Marie Swimwear.

5. She grew up in Spanish Harlem in NYC

Born to Puerto Rican parents, Jessica is a Latin American who grew up in Spanish Harlem in NYC and is the younger of two siblings.

6. She won a modelling reality show called Model Latina

After Jennifer Lopez’s talent hunt discovered Caban, she landed commercials and magazine shoots that ultimately landed her in a modeling reality show called Model Latina in 2008. And guess what? Sis won! This victory landed her a modeling contract and set things off for the Puerto Rican beauty.

7. Her and Bruno Mars have been together for almost a decade

Talk about relationship goals! Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban started dating in 2011 when they met in New York and Bruno approached her in an NYC restaurant where she was dining with friends. How do they do it! But boy do they make it look easy.

8. When I Was Your Man was written about Caban


Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have both not been very verbal about their relationship and have chosen to keep drama out by not sharing details of their downtime with each other. However, in a rare letting his guard down moment, Bruno Mars mentioned how When I Was Your Man was written about Caban when he feared he was about to lose her to another man. He sealed his lips after this confession, but it is quite clear that the couple is still very much in love and committed to being together.

9. She’s almost 40

Jessica Caban was born in 1982 which makes her 38 years old, but boy does she not look a day over 23 am I right? The model knows how to keep it cool and good looking and we are here for it!

10. She’s a Gemini… Yikes?

A spicy fact about the gorgeous Latina model is that she was born on the 13th of June in the year 1982, which makes her a Gemini, one of the least liked signs of the zodiac. But hey the thing about Gemini’s is you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them! Is the secret to their compatibility in the stars (and the planets)? We can’t say for sure but they have hit the jackpot when it comes to finding a soulmate.

Jessica Caban and Bruno Mar: Their Secret To Long-Lasting Love

Jessica Caban and Bruno Mars are Hollywood couple goals. With how fickle and short-lived relationships can be in showbiz, they’ve managed to keep it real, long-term and that’s nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Bruno Mars is said to have seen her dining in an NYC restaurant and approached her on the spot. It was love at first sight and they’re been going strong ever since. This origin story is great in understanding how they share this candid energy of just going with the flow and not questioning things. That makes for an excellent dynamic and we’re sure it’s kept the flame alive all these years.

The inner working of their relationship is quite private so not much can be said about that, but, perhaps that’s the answer we’re all looking for! The fact that both Caban and Mars are private and lead relatively “normal” lives despite their stardom is a major contributor in allowing them the space to have a healthy, normal relationship without the corrupting influence of fame.

Mars has had a sketchy dating history in the past, before Caban, when he was found to be double-timing his old girlfriend but ever since he got together with Caban, things have been rock solid with no infidelity. I guess when you find the one, things just fall into their rightful place.

The couple is also always celebrating each other in wholesome ways with Bruno Mars thanking his girl in his Grammy speeches and with all the adorable Instagram posts Jessica Caban puts up. We’re living for the wholesome PDA!

Jessica Caban also moved from NY to Los Angeles so the two can spend more time together and they soon became live it, partners! Cute! Calling off that long-distance was great for the relationship.

What Is Jessica Caban Up to

Jessica is doing great for herself in her modeling career which she is weaning off now as she moves more into acting in different movies and television shows, all the while basking in the warm glow of a loving long-term relationship. She is also modeling for her swimwear line. The girl is thriving and we’re happy to see it!

Jessica Caban Net Worth


It is roughly estimated that Jessica Caban has a net worth of about $5000,000 ($5 million) but a lot of her assets are under review so it’s likely that the number is bigger than that. She earns mainly from her professional work in acting and modeling, as well as, her entrepreneurial adventure with opening her swimwear line. Caban is living the good life and sharing it with her Grammy award-winning boyfriend who writes love songs inspired by their relationship – if that isn’t winning at life, what is!

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So why is Bruno Mars so smitten with Jessica Caban? Because they love and support each other and lead normal lives instead of constantly being in the spotlight. Also, what’s not to love in a gorgeous, talented, and driven woman like Jessica Caban. Although no plans of marriage, an engagement, or kids are in sight, the two genuinely seem to love and care for each other a lot. In an interview, Bruno Mars called Caban his best friend and his rock. This is a mutually amazing, secure, and intimate relationship. Of course, there may be turbulence that is invisible to us outsiders, but no relationship comes without it. Successful ones like Caban and Mars’ exist because people hold onto the good and keep it real! We wish them the best!