Take These 50 Best Never Have I Questions To Go Anywhere

Memorize these questions to be the limelight for the event!

By Sid
Take These 50 Best Never Have I Questions To Go Anywhere

What Are "Never Have I" Questions

If you’re awkward in social gatherings and never know what to say or how to mingle, “never have I ever” can make socializing a lot easier. If you haven’t heard about it before, and if someone has recommended it to help step up your socializing game, then you’ve come to the right place.

The first thing that you need to know is, “what are never have I ever questions”, well we’ve got you covered. Never have I ever is a game you can alter to your taste. However, the classic version requires you to have a group of at least three or more people.  Each of the participants has 10 points. One by one, each participant makes a statement; for example, “never have I ever went sky diving”, the people in the group that have done the said thing get to cut one point off their chart. The first one to get rid of all ten points wins the games and is said to be the coolest in the group.

You can take the game in any direction that you want, want to know about someone’s dating life? Want to know how freaky the next person is? Want to know how bright the next person is? Never have I ever is a great way to find out without them thinking that your prying. It’s a great way to find common ground between people you previously thought were either too uptight or not your type. Trust me I found out a guy I liked but thought that he was out of my league was actually into me. I also found out that the girl I hated in high school had been through the same things I had as a child. So, the game is an eye-opener and is a great way to spend time. The best thing about it is that it is one of the few games you can play over video calls during the lockdown that we currently face.

Most people play it as a drinking game so that the answers get more interesting as the game goes along. Every time you take down a point, you also need to take a shot. However, if you’re under the drinking age, then you can play with the point system and have a prize at the end.

The Best “Never Have I” Questions That I Can Use Anywhere.

Now that you know what the game is all about, here are a few questions that will surely get the tee flowing and the fun going. 

  1. Had a crush on a friend’s parent.
  2. Accidentally gone into the girl’s bathroom.
  3. Smoked in a friend’s home while hiding in the bathroom.
  4. Shown up to a party wasted.
  5. Eaten an insect.
  6. Lied about liking a gift someone gave me.
  7. Re-gifted a gift I didn’t like and got caught.
  8. Peed in my pants a little while laughing.
  9. Shoplifted knowingly and got caught.
  10. Blacked out, and ended up in an unknown location.
  11. Lied about where I was going to my best friend.
  12. blocked someone in this party  from social media
  13. Farted and blamed someone else
  14. Farted on a date and blamed it on the other person.
  15. Cheated on my exams and got caught.
  16. Gone through my friend's phone without their  permission
  17. Had a crush on my colleague at work
  18. Eaten someone's lunch without asking first
  19. Had a crush on my doctor
  20. Been cheated on by a significant other.
  21. Dumped someone over text
  22. Been dumped been dumbed over text.
  23. Had a stalker
  24. Been flashed in public
  25. Seen a real flash mob
  26. Stolen from a friend’s house
  27. Led someone on for my own gain
  28. Cried in public
  29. Been mugged
  30. Punched someone in the face
  31. Puked on someone
  32. Hugged a random person while drunk
  33. Kissed a random person
  34.  Been bitten by a dog
  35. Been electrocuted
  36. Given a lift to a hitchhiker
  37. Been bullied in school
  38.   Broken a bone
  39. Drank so much that I forgot how I got back home
  40. Been to jail
  41. Photo-bombed someone on purpose
  42. Lied to someone to get money from them
  43. Catfished someone
  44. Sneaked food items into the theater and ate it with a stranger
  45. Had a crush on someone my best friend was dating
  46. Been fired from a job
  47. Been in a beauty pageant
  48. Sent someone a screenshot of their text
  49. Sent an inappropriate text in the family group by accident
  50. Said I love you and not mean it

Tips on Remembering These Questions Easily

While making sure that you remember a few of the above-mentioned questions is a great way to get the game started, know that it is not a compulsion. While making a statement, just go to the craziest, cringe-worthy, or stupidest thing that you think others might not have done, and you'll hit the jackpot. Remember, you're supposed to have fun this isn't supposed to be like a test you have to cram for. Let loose and live a little. The questions mentioned above are for guidance, so you know what kind of questions can be made.

Other than that, a tip to never run out of questions is to start from crazy things that happened to you in your childhood and then work through your life. For example, one of my favorite questions is never have I ever been a peeping tom. While most people haven't, I have an amazing funny little story to go with it, which makes it a great conversation starter and helps to bond with other people in the group.

I remember I was a kid like four years old, and didn't know about relationship dynamics. This one couple in our building started fighting in front of our door and ended up making out heavily. I remember covering my eyes and peeping through my fingers, like a peeping tom. It was for the sake of curiosity, guys, don't judge. So, look into your anecdotal library and pull out some

When Not to Keep Repeating These "Never Have I" Questions

Whether you're in a party or at a family gathering, “never have I ever” is a game that you can play. It is known to lighten up the mood and set long-lasting conversations in motion. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that not every crowd is as formidable as you might want it to be. So wait for the right time or a social cue that suggests that someone has to come up with something.

Once you go through the above-mentioned questions at a party, you need to add more questions to your list. You can’t go about the same party repeating the same questions and expect people to have fun now, can you? So, know that ingenuity is necessary to have a good time with such games.

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Now that you've got a crash course on “never have I ever”, go over the list of questions before you go to your next party and I'm sure you'll have a blast. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that before you start playing; it recommended that you ask others if they’re interested in it, you wouldn't want to be the annoying person who forces everyone to do something in a party now, would you?

 So, try to memorize a few questions, but be open to letting loose and let the game go down its course. You might not win, but you'll have an amazing time. Moreover, the game will help you see that there are so many people who have had similar experiences as you, and that can aid your socializing process.  Know that while we might all have our differences, we pretty much similar lives and are guaranteed to have common ground if we look for it. Who knows you might make an amazing friend or find a person you can spend the rest of your life playing the game, stranger things have happened you know.