20 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

Love is forever but there is a possibility of falling out of love especially for men. There are many signs that show that your husband doesn't love you anymore which could be heart-breaking.

By Aadil Raval
20 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

Love was supposed to be forever..

Love is an eternal feeling that couples try to keep it as it is without disturbing the lovely relationship. As a woman's point of view, it is since childhood that the fairy tales of Snow White and Cinderella inspired every girl and you to find someone who will be your better half and you soul mate. Finding someone isn't too simple whilst love is something which just happens to anyone. You finally got married to the man of your dream and your marriage was rocking until one day, you discovered something weird about your husband or your marriage. It could be your intuition but there are signs that depict if your husband doesn't love you anymore. Want to know the truth? Watch for these 20 Signs that your Husband doesn't Love You Anymore.

1. When it’s Always Your Fault.

Turns out, finding faults in one another is one of the biggest signs of lost interest according to studies. When your husband falls out of love, he might indulge in arguments even when you did nothing. Your husband will try to get out of the relationship by complaining about you and it will be your fault whatever happens as said.

2. Studies suggest Lack of Communication as one of the Signs.

Communication is an imperative aspect of any relationship. But it starts lacking if your husband isn’t interested in you anymore. It could be a sudden or gradual decline in communication. As you love your husband, you will get hurt and talk to him but sometimes it’s too late.

3. No Gifts on Occasions is one of the signs.

If you think your husband doesn’t remember your birthdays or the wedding anniversaries anymore like he used to before marriage, it’s an alarming situation for you. Gifting is an expression of love of portrayal of emotional feelings towards the recipient but since your husband doesn’t remember your birthday now, forget about getting gifts and this is what actually happens when he has fallen out of love for you.

4. You are the one to make sacrifices, always!

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A couple needs to work on their relationship during ups and downs and that is what determines how strong your bond is. You asked your husband to avoid calls while at home but he isn’t listening, it could be one of the potential signs of lost interest and love. You always sacrifice your time and efforts to keep your husband happy but in return get nothing which is hurtful for a woman.

5. You love him, but he criticizes you.

A lot of relationships and marriages end because of incompatibility. “No one is perfect” is something we always hear but living with one’s flaws is what’s called love. If your husband starts criticizing you about your etiquettes, working habits, personality, looks, or any other aspects can translate that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Love can help you take his criticism but you should bear it for long.

6. The changing behavior is one of the signs.

You baked an apple pie or did something he liked and instead of being happy, he becomes angry. The next hour he starts apologizing and embracing you. Does that mean he is feeling guilty? The chances are he is trying to wade you away from him. Look for other signs as well so that you can know if your husband is in love with you or not.

7. Your Husband gets bored.

Living together after marriage puts a lot of pressure on both the partners and keeping each other excited and happy isn’t possible always. You observed that your husband is acting weird and boring when spending time with you. Talk it out before it’s late and your husband starts falling out of love.

8. He doesn’t miss you!

After marriage, the conversation usually includes phrases such as “I miss you” between couples but as time goes, your husband will gradually stop saying it and maybe even feel your absence. It has been associated with lack of interest and you could be a victim of your husband in such a scenario. Look for similar signs and you will be bewildered with the response.

9. Making love has gone out for a toss.

A common myth suggests that men are a social animal and like making love to his wife all the time but it isn’t true at all. People gradually fall apart from having it due to a number of reasons such as hectic schedule, work, and much more. But if you aren’t getting it from your husband at all, it may put you in concern whether he loves you or not. Many studies have shown that it is one of the signs towards lack of interest.

10. Your Husband makes excuses to stay out of home.

While this could be due to hectic work, but many a times, husbands are obligated to stay out of the home for a long time if they had lost their love for their wives. Making work or friend related excuses is a sign that your husband is trying to get away from you.

11. Conversation and calls become limited.

As stated above, it happens many a time that couples stay in constant connection with each other while dating and after marriage which is natural for the lovebirds. Did you observe that your husband didn’t call you much often or make excuses for not calling back? It could be because he is ignoring you as he doesn’t love you anymore.

12. He has high expectations with you.

Take an example of weight and body structure. Your husband loved the way you looked when you first met. He asked you to get in an unrealistic shape after several years of marriage. This can be translated into the fact that he is trying to change you which is often not the case when you are in love with someone. If your husband shows these signs, it is time to leave or confront.

13. If he takes you for granted, he doesn’t love you.

A lot of women have complained about this issue on a various platform of being taken for granted. You married the love of your life and he treats you for granted even after constant complaints and confrontations, there is no other way than to leave him as he doesn’t respect your boundaries. It can get worse by day and must be treated well before it’s too extreme or intense.

14. If your husband is inattentive, it’s from the category of bad signs.

Observe if he is being inattentive and cold like a stranger, if that’s what you observe then it’s probably the sign or signal he is sending subconsciously that he isn’t interested in your anymore and has fallen out of love with you.

15. Showing Affection, No More!

I left my Mom there, wish I would've done it different. She was right when she told me that I don't ever listen. I told her I would change a million times and never did it. Apologies don't mean a thing if you don't ever fix it. Sometimes the closest people to you make you feel protected, But those are the same people that hurt you most and leave you guessing. Some people say nobody's perfect but expect perfection. How you supposed to find the answer if you don't ask the question? I never felt love and I always felt disrespected. My family thought I was a joke, I was always defensive. They just wanted what was best for me, I just couldn't accept it. And hurting me was not a part of my plan or my intentions, But I was immature, I guess I had to learn some lessons. We grew apart and our lives went in different directions. And there's a lot of responsibilities that I neglected. I had a lot that was bottled inside, couldn't express it. And this pain won't leave, I can feel the depression. It's taking over my body, feels like I'm always stressing. Doctor told me I should sleep, but I'm always restless. I lay awake at night and think, my thoughts are relentless. I need a moment to breathe, I need a moment to vent this. #sad #anime #manga #love #yourstruly

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Have a glance at the sidewalk or at parks, you will see that couples usually hold hands which are a sign of affection and love together one another. If you are searching for the “20 Signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore”, the simplest sign is his disinterest in showing affection neither in public or in private. It hurts when the person you loved isn’t passionate and affectionate about you but that’s how most relationships end.

16. Your Husband gets irritated often.

Whenever you confront or seek advice about the relationship and your marriage, he gets annoyed and irritated. This is a great indicator that he isn’t making efforts to keep your marriage and love alive and that he is not interested in you. Whilst if he did love you and never want you to get hurt, he will try his best to comfort you at all time and that is where these signs will show if he is into you or not.

17. When your husband praises electronics over you.

When it’s a true love, you never miss a single chance to get connected and talk to your partner and blush. But if you see the change in a pattern like if your husband is spending a lot of time on gadgets and devices while at home than being with you, it indicates a low survival rate of your marriage and it will hurt you once you find the truth. It is a coping mechanism, and you must address it before it becomes irreversible.

18. No more outings.

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You made a plan, and your husband cancelled it citing work schedule. Being an understanding wife, you make other plans on another date but he cancels it again. If it happens too often then, you will worry about the causes and the consequences that might occur if the love has vanished. It could be your husband’s tight schedule or a consciously made decision to stay away from your which has ended a lot of relationships in the past.

19. Look for signs to assess the feeling and not the façade.

Men are socially active and are taught to hide their emotions and portray the emotion of power that makes a man ‘a man’. That is what allows your husband to make up a facet of emotion where he might seem happy from the outside but sad from itself. Believe in your guts and intuition that will enable you to understand if he is in love with you or not.

20. He never gets happy.

Just because you love your husband, you bought an attractive dress or cooked your husband’s favorite dessert or cuisine or took up yoga classes as he said but he is never happy. The list is never-ending and so does the expectations of your husband where he demands more than what you can provide or say ‘sacrifice’. Even after doing it all with love, if he isn't really interested then it would never make him happy.

What Should You Do After You Observed These Signs?

First of all, the feeling of not being loved by your husband is discouraging and painful but statistically and figuratively speaking, the situation can be improved with certain tips and techniques and help from experts. Even if you have observed all the 20 signs in your husband, most of the woman are loyal and thus, leaving their partners is out of the question. If you want to stay with him and not leave him, here are few tips that can help enhance the situation for good.

1. Love your Husband? Then talk to your husband first.

In most cases, establishing communication and giving space and room for independent ideas and ideologies have helped many couples get together again. Disclose all the signs you noticed after him so that he knows his shortcomings and work towards a better relationship. Love is a healer and a powerful medicine that heals and comforts people in ups and downs like there are many rough patches in a marriage but with love, you can prosper and without love, it would be nothing but a miserable feeling.

2. Talk it out about the Signs with the Therapist.

Consult a marriage or relationship therapist where you and your husband can talk over the differences, issues, and problems and the therapist will help you on the same page as a couple. You needn’t have to worry about leaving your husband anymore. If you love him, scrap the thought that you want to leave him before going to a therapist.

3. Stay or leave him.

You bear all the criticism and signs that depicts that he doesn’t love you anymore but all goes in vain. There will be a situation when you will have to discuss it and decide if you want to leave him or stay with him. They say true love never dies but if one is in love and another isn’t, the relationship won’t last for long. Whilst if your husband realizes your love for him, you can decide to stay with him as your will and wish.