25 Short Bedtime Stories Your Girlfriend Would Love To Hear

If you want to keep your relationship fresh, telling your girlfriend short bedtime stories is a smart move. These 25 stories will excite her.

By Gerald Matiri
25 Short Bedtime Stories Your Girlfriend Would Love To Hear

Short Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

Who said bedtime stories are only for kids? It sounds silly but telling your girlfriend romantic narratives helps a lot in the long-run. It is very exciting when you bring up naughty stories when she is in bed ad you can kill the monotony the usual conversations. Let’s talk about some short bedtime stories your girlfriend will find enjoyable. They are some of the little things that spice up a relationship so it doesn’t come to an end. It would be much better if you tell her in person rather than through text.

Rules For Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

How did your parents use to start bedtime stories when you were a kid? While your girlfriend wants something funny and romantic goodnight story, it is very much similar to those which your parents told you in terms of how they start. Your girlfriend will be more interested in a story that relates to her. Start by describing her but as a different character to capture her attention. In short, the goodnight story should revolve around her life. Your romantic gesture will be more interesting to her.

2) Add flirty twists

There are many ways to make the bedtime stories more entertaining and flirtier. A short, romantic narrative is great, but it would make more sense if you put in some dirty stuff.

3) Make it sweet and short

A short story with suspense will make her yearn for more. She will want to hear another one from you and won’t lose interest even if you take a whole hour narrating different stories.

4) Don’t make your girlfriend feel insecure

Make sure that you are sensitive to her insecurities. Don’t exaggerate female characters in ways that they seem better than her physically or character-wise. If she doesn’t have long hair, don’t focus on the queen’s long beautiful hair; she might feel as if you are looking down on her.

25 Short, Romantic Bedtime Stories

1. Little Mermaid

A mermaid meets a witch and strikes a deal. She promises to give out her fins in exchange for two legs. The outcomes are not so good because someone else loses their life. This story has a sense of suspense and your girlfriend will be eager to learn the finality of the events as you narrate.

2. Snow White

It’s a story by Brothers Grimm. An innocent lady, Snow White, interacts with a malicious queen. The queen is very stubborn and thinks herself as the most beautiful woman and she is envious of pretty Snow White. She orders a huntsman to kill Snow White who flees to the forest where she has an encounter with 7 dwarves. It is one of the classic bedtime stories you cannot forget to tell your girlfriend.

3. The Traveler's Wife

A certain man had the privilege to know the earlier life and important events of his wife even before they met. This short story is so captivating that your girlfriend won’t close her eyes until it ends.

4. Hansel and Gretel

This is yet another tale full of suspense. Hansel and Gretel are left by their parents alone in the forest to die. They find a gingerbread house where candy accents attract them in. A witch inside the house kidnaps and wants to eat them live.

5. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

It involves a number of characters who are in love. It is one narrative that will make your girlfriend feel like she is falling for you all over again. She will never forget it and will love you more every time she remembers the Notebook.

6. Beauty and the Beast

A merchant comes to a thrilling palace as he looks for shelter during a storm. He meets a beast that is so angry to see him get into the palace. To save his life, the merchant makes a promise that he will give the beast his most beautiful daughter, Beauty. Beauty becomes the new queen in the palace and her sisters are full of envy. They try to turn the beast against her so that she is eaten. Magic and heartbreaks unfold.

7. Deep Desires

This story by Charlotte Stein is a plot of two neighbors. The two characters live in their own world and have no idea what goes on beyond this. The exciting thing about the story is that these neighbors have sexual desire for each other. Deep Desires is sure to provoke an erotic rush in your girlfriend.

8. Dead Running

Keep your girlfriend tuned to you by reading ‘Dead Running’ before she slumbers. It’s about a girl who is being pursued by two men and she runs from this confusing situation. The sound sounds simple at the beginning but gets more exciting as the plot unfolds.

9. Fifty Shades of Gray

You have probably watched the film version of the story but it would be more enchanting reading it to your girlfriend. Enjoy the written series first and then watch the movie together. There is no way your girlfriend will resist making love to you after the romantic series.

10. Dirty Girls

It is written by Rachel Kramer Brussel and it talks about what girls love in bed. What a good story to get into the mood of making love?

11. Girl Jacked

This mystery-thriller can have your girlfriend sleeping soundly beside you. She will be curious to know every part of it. It is like watching a great series on Netflix.

12. The Princess and the Pea

The short story is very straight to the point. It is a fairytale about a princess with back issues.

13. Reckless

It is a book both of you can enjoy and your girlfriend will appreciate it if you make it a goodnight story. It is about adult talks, phenomenal, and erotic. It will increase the romantic connection you have with your girl.

14. The Great Gatsby

Do not be surprised if your girlfriend hasn’t read this novel before; she is not the only one. It will remind her of her young age when she was in high school and those first love feelings she had. You will have a great time in each other’s arms reviewing The Great Gatsby.

15. Sleeping Beauty

Like the name suggests, Sleeping Beauty is a good bedtime fairytale. A lady falls asleep immediately after pricking her finger on the spindle. She is woken up by a kiss of her true love.

16. Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen is like Twilight but more intense. There are some erotic episodes in this story that will entertain you and your girlfriend. Sometimes it’s good to try something offbeat other than romance all the time.

17. Oral Sex Stories

These are hot and dirty stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel. They will make your girlfriend wet and give you more tips on how to engage your tongue when making love to her. The two of you can become pros of oral sex if you follow the tips and tricks given.

18. The Couple Next Door

This is a suitable novel you can read out loud to your girlfriend and you will both enjoy. Read it to your girl especially when she is in a bad mood. It has every detail about intimacy and includes violence. It is built upon a couple living next door. The events are thrilling and capable of lightening up your girlfriend if she a bit low.

19. Harry Potter

This is one of those series that make you feel young again. It doesn’t matter whether you have watched it on TV; it will spice up your romantic relationship.

20. Alice in Wonderland

A distraught little girl falls from a rabbit hole and lands on a bizarre world which is described by the author as ‘literary nonsense’. As you read this story to your girlfriend, make sure that you change your voice where necessary.

21. The Outlander

If your girl loves history, she will enjoy The Outlander. It is captivating, romantic and full of suspense.

22. Delta of Venus

It contains taboos and all sexual adventures. Delta of Venus reveals the peculiar distinctions between males and females. It is one of the most erotic bedtime stories your girlfriend wants to hear.

23. The Shack

If your girl loves action, mystery, and intrigue, this is the right story to tell her at night. It creates fear and you will enjoy when she clings onto you.

24. Couplehood

Couplehood is one funny narrative involving the day-to-day life of a typical couple. There is something about the things they do every day, though not so hilarious.

25. Create new bedtime stories for your girlfriend

While these romantic stories by different writers are great, you shouldn’t limit yourself to them. You too can come up with a fiction. Think about crucial traits of your girlfriend and tie them into a story e.g. her best hobby, her skills, and physical characteristics. Imagine what dangers she could get herself into, the funny things she could do, and how you can intervene. Organize the story into short episodes that will leave her in suspense every night. End the story with a romantic and handsome guy coming to her rescue (you). If you are want to play with her, set a scene and create two characters. Let her pick the adventure she likes and it’s going to be easier for both of you. Inviting her to take part in your play will help you know what she loves. Make your goodnight stories more personalized and up-to-date. When you run out of ideas, get some from your favorite movie or novel and customize the characters. You are free to add or eliminate parts of the movie you don’t like. Normally, a romantic story has a happy ending. If you make your own story, it doesn’t have to end. Make yourself the prince charming your girlfriend fantasizes about. Continue with the funny and romantic adventures in reality.

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As a man, you must not allow your relationship fizzle out. Show your efforts by adding new and fun stuff by, for instance, telling your girlfriend funny and romantic stories before she sleeps. Not only will this activity strengthen your relationship but will also help your girlfriend if she is an insomniac. But you cannot just make up any type of story. There are certain ways to go about it. You want to put creativity, cuteness, charm, and flirtations all in one basket. Now go ahead and produce a romantic goodnight story for your girlfriend. She will love you more and you will be keeping your romance alive with the new spark.