Top 30 Ways To Know For Sure A Guy Secretly Likes You

Confused whether your guy secretly likes you or not? Here are the top 30 ways for you to know for sure if your guy secretly likes you.

By Janani
Top 30 Ways To Know For Sure A Guy Secretly Likes You

Decoding the guy crush

It is always tricky to figure out if a guy secretly likes you. Guys are pretty bad with expressing their true feelings. It is not easy for them to express how they feel when compared to girls. So, it becomes your job to try and decode his feelings for you. It is kind of annoying though, but as we all know "men will be men". You need to understand the fact that not all guys are really good with words. Most of them are worried things could go wrong and that they might even miss the moments they have with you right now. So, the burden falls on to you to clear up the air. There are few signs that a guy leaves unconsciously when he is around you. Along with your natural instincts guiding you, make sure to look for these signs to know if he secretly likes you.

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact plays a major role when it comes to decoding his sign language. If he really likes you, the key to his secret is in his eyes. You might feel that he is constantly checking on you, or you might find yourself in his prolonged gazes. He might never be the first one to break eye contact with you; rather he would wait till you look away. If you notice these habits in your guy, chances are he is into you.

2. Watch your guy's body language

Make sure to notice your guy's body language, the way he carries himself around you. If a guy is all angled towards you, even when you are with a group, it is a good sign. Not only his eyes, you might notice his face, hips, and toes all pointing towards you even when you are at a distance. If you see that happening on a regular basis, you are in luck, he is interested in you.

3. His interaction with other girls

Guys might be hard to decode at times; they might be sending mixed signals especially when they are around other girls. Your guy might act over-friendly with other girls when you are around just to check whether you are jealous or upset. He will constantly be checking on you for your reactions just to make sure if you like him. On the other hand, shy guys might ignore having a conversation with other girls when you are around, they do this to make you understand that you are his priority and nobody else matters.

4. Your guy tries to be funny if he likes you

When a guy likes you, he would be ready to do anything to bring a smile to your face. It means a lot to him to see you happy. Whether you are in a group or spending some alone time, all he would want is to keep you happy. He might try to cheer you up when you are really upset. If you notice this behavior coming from him only with you and not with any other girls, he is probably interested in you.

5. Will respond over text immediately if he likes you

In the midst of his busy schedule, if he still finds the time to reply to you over text, you can definitely count on him. You'll probably feel that you are connected through text a lot more when compared to his other friends. For a shy guy, it easier to get to know your everyday life over text. If a guy secretly likes you he might want all his conversations with out to never end. It will always be long, because even though it might make no sense, he would come up with something talk about which seems to last forever and would be interesting as well.


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6. Interested in Your Personal Life

When a guy likes you, he would be more interested in your personal life as well. He wants to know more about you and to have be transparent with you. He might be keen to know about your personal everyday life, your interests, your likes and dislikes, because only by knowing this can he be creative and impress you.

7. Gets nervous around you

The noticeable tense feeling when he is around you is a sign that he is fond of you. He might get anxious as he might be trying to strike a good impression. His nervousness around you will make it obvious that he likes you. This shaky feeling around you happens especially if you have not known each other for a long time.

8. Stares at you a lot

You might find him turning away from you when you catch him staring at you. He might be checking you out if he likes you. If you find him glancing at you regularly, probably he is fascinated by you. Even for a shy guy, there would be a large number of quick glances at you.

9. Wanting to be around you, if he likes you

It is human nature to be want to be around the people we are interested in. No matter if he is a shy guy or a regular guy, he will want to spend time with you and will jump at the slightest possibility to do so. If these situations happen on a regular basis then chances are he is interested in you. But if this happens occasionally then probably he is just looking at you as a good friend and nothing more. So, be sure to observe if it happens frequently or just happens once in a while, as this will help you to understand him better.

10. Interested to know your relationship status

Your guy will want to know your relationship status. So, he might ask questions about your boyfriend or he might be keen to know if you are crushing on any other guy. If these sounds like your recent conversations with him, then chances are he likes you as more than a friend.

11. Not confident enough to talk in person

You might be under the impression that he is very friendly over text when compared to in person. Being companionable over text might make him feel confident but when he faces you he might feel doubtful.

12. Stalking you on social media if he likes you

He would be in connection with all your social media accounts, just to know you better. It is out of interest that he has to know your everyday routine, your friends, etc. There is no better way to get to know someone more than social media. Check on him. If he initiates conversation with you in social media when you get online this is a sign. Guys don't go around starting conversations with girls they don't like. So, this is a clue that he might be into you.

13. Even minor changes never go unseen

He is never short of compliments for you. He is full of positive feedback when he is around you. Even a slight difference in your look never escapes his sight. This is a hard to miss sign as even a shy guy would be ready to charm you with his admiration.

14. Your guy tries to ignore you

Guys love to play the hard to get game because it makes them look appealing. At least, that's what they believe it does to them. So, they hope by trying to ignore you when you are around them they could gain your attention. By trying to ignore you he is secretly conveying the reality that he is into you. If your guy is a shy guy he would try to show disinterest towards you, because it would be an easier way of expression for him. However, if a guy constantly ignores you, chances are he absolutely hates you. But when ignoring you happens along with the other signs it is to be noted as a good sign.

15. Your guy is a good listener if he likes you

When your guy gives you his undivided attention, giving you his time is a major giveaway that he secretly likes you. Being a good listener means he is trying to understand your perspective of life to get to know you better. Guys are generally very bad listeners, but if he is an anxious listener, you are in luck. He would focus completely on you, he would not check on his phone even while listening to you. His first concern will only be to listen to what you have to say. That's a wonderful indication that he is interested in you.

16. He is full of smiles if he likes you

When a guy who secretly likes you is around you, he wouldn't be able to resist smiling. He would be more obvious that he secretly likes you when he laughs even at the terrible jokes you make. This is a very common sign even if your guy is a shy guy.

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17. Your guy gets jealous

When you are around another guy it makes your guy feel resentful. You might get a feeling that he acts a little weird when you speak about another guy or spend some time with the other guy. Even having a guy friend over text doesn't make him feel any good. Not to worry this is perfectly normal, as it means he is jealous. This is a great sign because it secretly lets you know that he is excited about you.

18. Never disagrees with you

While trying to impress you and get your attention, you will find that he will readily accept your ideas and views. He will be the only guy to support your ideas even if you feel it they are the dumbest thoughts ever. He would be the most supportive person for you and would never disagree with you. It is a hidden sign to reveal that he has eyes for you.

19. Makes friends with your friends and family

Getting to know your family and friends means he gets a step closer to you. If he adores you, he is ready to try and win over the hearts of your friends and family as well. So when you feel your guy gets closer to your friends and family it is a way of him telling you he is secretly crushing on you.

20. Teases you

He will tease you, but will never hurt you. He might be teasing you for fun and to build attraction. He might try to create a playful rapport with you by teasing you to gain your affection. You might find him funny over text as well if he is a shy guy. He will tease you to grab your attention. He might want to seem interesting by having a little fun with you by teasing. Teasing will keep you both engaged even if it doesn't make any sense.

21. Loves spending alone time with you

He might be spending a lot of time with you alone. For example, you might be having fun either doing chores together or going shopping together. He will be finding excuses to spend time with you alone. If this happens on an everyday basis, he is perhaps bewitched by you.

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22. Watch his friends closely

If he introduces you to his friends or if he invites you over to his friends' parties, he is already crushing on you. Observe his friends. They might give you clues, or they might be teasing him with you when you are around. Watch his friends' behavior towards him when you are around as they might be smirking at him and probably messing with him as they know that he likes you.

23. Never Hurts you

When a guy likes you, he would be very gentle with you. He will handle your concerns with proper care and in a very delicate manner. He would never let even the simple words hurt you. You are in for happiness, because he definitely likes you.

24. Tries to touch you

You may find him quite frequently trying to invade your personal space to touch you and make it look accidental. He might get anxious, clumsy, and shy when this accidental touch happens, so look out for these signals to know that he is interested.

25. Never forgets your important dates

Your important dates like your birthday, or your milestone in your job are his important dates too. He would remember those dates and make it a memorable one for you as well. If a guy could keep in mind your important dates without letting it slip from his memory, he definitely admires you.

26. Will be flirtatious

If he tries to flirt with you, that is a pretty obvious clue that he secretly likes you. He might try to flirt when you are spending some alone time to get closer to you. This is proof that he is curious about you.

27. Inquire about you to your friends

He might get in touch with your friends to know more about you. He might be interested in knowing everything there is to know about you from your friends. He will be keen and you will always find him talking about you to your friends.

28. Tries to gain your attention

He might try to draw your attention even when you are at a distance. He might make heroic gestures when you are around to try to make you pay attention to him. Talking loudly is also a sign that he is trying to get your attention.

29. Cares a lot about you

Whenever you are in trouble or when you ask him for help, he will readily offer to help you. This is great proof that he cares for you. He will also be more generous with you. Check for these hints, he might be secretly telling you that he likes you. It's good to notice if he cares more about you than any of his other friends. He might be a caring person by nature. But, if he showers you specifically with more care, then it is a clear-cut sign that he likes you.

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30. That One last look

This signal screams out loud that he likes you. Whenever he leaves the room or leaves the bus he takes one last look at you before leaving. It doesn't matter if he is busy or not. He is just hoping that you would watch him leave, so he can hold one last eye lock with you before leaving. Last looks are a clearly obvious sign that he likes you.

Now you know! If you don't find yourself falling for him it is better to talk to him about it so he could move on. You could also just ignore his feelings which might as well send him a message that you are not interested. It would be so much easier if the guy would just coms up and tells you that he likes you. But then where is the excitement in that? The little simple things that he does for you without telling you that he likes you, are so much more joyful because you are liked by someone without any expectations. Guys are always too much work, but if the guy is worth it then what is the harm in revealing his little secret?

If you also feel the same way about the guy, then go talk to him about it. Make sure you talk to him after he gives you many of these notable hints on a regular basis. Don't take occasional accidents to be real incidents. There is nothing wrong in telling someone that you like them. Better to do that rather than to let the moment go and regret it for the rest of your life. Don't let the silly things get in the way. For who knows, you might be turning away a wonderful man and getting stuck with him as only a friend. Be brave and face your fear.