20 Tips For The Perfect First Kiss

The first kiss comes with a lot of emotions. Are you wondering how it will go? Here are tips that will ensure success with your first kiss.

By Gerald Matiri
20 Tips For The Perfect First Kiss

Why the first kiss is important

It is common to get anxious during the first kiss. This is because this is what can make or break your relationship. It is not funny having your relationship end before it even begins because of a bad first kiss. A kiss is usually a step in the right direction towards intimacy. This is something that you will not want to mess. You want the kiss to be filled with sparks and fiery passion. When you get your first kiss right, you can be assured that this will open doors for many more kisses. On the other hand, if you get this horribly wrong, it can be the end of what would otherwise have been a budding romance. In case you have ever kissed a person, you definitely understand that this is an event that comes filled with passion. First, your heart will begin to race and you may even start feeling dizzy and confused. You will also be wondering whether your partner will respond well to the kiss. When the two of you are already in a relationship and are excited about the first kiss, there are high chances of the kiss going well as compared to when you are trying to force yourself onto someone. One thing you will need to realize is that the first kiss can be a good indicator of the emotional attachment that the two of you have for one another. Despite the anxiety involved, there is no way that you can have a good kiss without having to plunge into it. But instead of worrying too much about the things that may go wrong, you can try warming up your guy for the kiss. To ensure that everything goes well, here are 20 tips that you need to consider to get your first kiss right.

1. First kiss tips - plan in advance

You cannot just plunge into a kiss without a plan and expect it to go well. Even where this may happen unplanned, the kind of setting that you will create is what will provide you with an opportunity to kiss your guy. A good time for kissing your date or friend is after spending some time together during a date or even after watching a movie. The reason for this is that this will give both of you some good reasons for warming up towards one another. You will also need to ensure that you are just the two of you and there is nobody else around.

2. Create sexual tension

You will want to know whether your guy will be ready to reciprocate the kiss. Start by sitting close to them. This will help in passing the sexual vibes to them especially if you are already in a relationship with the guy. You should then speak in low and soft voice. This will help to naturally turn your date on. Tell them that you feel wonderful when you spend time with them. You can also tell your date that you found the day enjoyable.

3. Remove all kinds of distractions

Kissing in an area with a lot of distractions will spoil your first kiss. The moment your cellphone rings when you are just to receive your first kiss, you can be assured that you will definitely miss it. Passing such a golden opportunity because of a distraction is not funny.

4. First time kiss tips - location

Location definitely plays an important place when it comes to the first kiss. By playing your cards well, the first kiss can lead to more. You don’t want to kiss a girl at the parking lot and keep craning your neck to see if there are some prying eyes. If you are not bothered by people, you may go ahead and kiss her in an open place. The most important thing is to ensure that you keep the location in mind before making that first kiss. But when you are at the right place, you can be assured that the first kiss will go well.

5. Right touch

The kind of touch you give to someone when cozying them up can make the difference in the first kiss. You can constantly touch them on the arm or legs. The most important thing is to ensure that your date is feeling comfortable with the touch and like it too. The moment you begin to feel bold for the first kiss, you can whisper to their ears or just play with their hair. This will help to the send the signal that you want to kiss them.

6. Pop a mint

Probably you are thinking that you are ready for the first kiss. However, if you have bad breath, then you should forget any other kiss in future. You will need to ensure that you have a breath that is clean and fresh.

7. First time kiss tips - Pucker up

Make sure that your lips and soft and kissable. The best way of doing his is scrubbing them lightly using a soft piece of cloth. Some coarse sugar will also do if you use it the night before the date.

8. Be sure you are on the same page

You will not want a situation where you will be leaning to kiss your partner but she is busy eating or talking on his phone. Definitely, this is not funny. You need to be sure that both of you are ready for the kiss. You will definitely understand the right moment when it comes to the first kiss.

9. Don’t be in a rush

This is a moment that you will need to savor. After all, it is the first time and you will need to use it well. Avoid rushing. Give it enough time so that you will be in the moment.

10. Show your expression

Once you get caught in the moment, you can send some mixed signals. This is where you may need to touch your partner in a specific way or move your lips in a certain way to let her know what you need. After going through the above steps, you will want your date to know that you want to kiss her. Get close to your partner’s face. You will also need to wait for them to get closer. In case she doesn’t move towards you, you will need to look for a way to leave them feeling excited. Ensure that you get close to them and place your palm on her cheek. Once she closes her eyes to allow for the sensation, this will be a clear indication that your date is ready for your kiss. However, if they need time, you should continue being touchy to the point where your partner will start feeling weak in her knees.

11. First time kiss tips - take it easy

Once your lips get into contact with hers, you will need to take everything easy and avoid getting carried by the moment. This is not the right time for getting aggressive. Instead, make sure that you are feeling her lips touch yours in a soft way. Take time to know who will go for the upper lip and who will settle for the lower lip.

12. Use the tongue

Avoid using the tongue immediately you begin to kiss the person for the first time. At the same time, do not keep your tongue hidden. Ensure that your tongue gets into her mouth just a little until it touches her lips. When you find your partner reciprocating, it means that there is something you are doing well. After the first 30 seconds, you should feel free to explore further but in a soft way.

13. Understand where to place your hands

The moment your lips touch, you will need to know where to place your hands. As a beginner, the right place to keep your hands is at the back of your mate or the sides. For more intense passion, try running one of your hands through the hair of your date in case you are the bolder type.

14. How long should the first kiss last?

You don’t measure the period of time that you engage in the first kiss. Instead, you should measure the amount of passion in it. The first kiss doesn’t have to be one. Once you do it well, it should result in a series of kisses.

15. Make sure that the kisses vary

You can start with a soft kiss which should be followed with another one. But the moment began to get more frequent, it is time to vary your pace as well as the pressure of your kiss. Kiss her passionately and then do it softly.

16. Avoid stopping at the lips

You can begin the kiss on your date’s lips. After kissing intensely for a period of time, you should avoid making the game stagnant by only kissing the lips. Experiment with other areas where you can kiss your date like the chin, neck or cheek. This will provide you with access to other places and ensure that you have a more sizzling experience.

17. Tilt the head slowly

You can choose to tilt your head to the right or left. Whatever side you choose, make sure that your partner is tilting her head to the opposite side. The goal is to ensure that your noses don’t collide before the lips can meet. If you are unaware of the side that your partner will be tilting their head, you can choose the right side.

18. Apply little pressure

When your partner applies some little pressure, you can reciprocate by doing the same. However, you will need to ensure that your lips will linger for some seconds as compared to when you are kissing your family member.

19. Avoid going too far

A common mistake that people make is that they try to get to too many places fast. After your first date has gone well, you will understand that there will be more dates and more kisses. Unless your parent leads you, you need to avoid reaching out to too many places. Ensure that the first kiss remains perfect and that the experience becomes memorable. Avoid the temptation to make your hand get into the pants of your partner.

20. Watch out for signs

Understand the right time for backing off. In case you find your date stiffening up, it is time to pull away. Similarly, if you find them getting distracted, pull your head back for some few inches. Avoid asking about the cause of the distraction as this will only serve to kill the mood. Instead, you should remain close to their face as you focus on the ears and neck. In case, your date would like to say something, they will just say it.


If you are looking for a way to make your first kiss successful, you will need to try out these first kiss tips. Once you remember them, you will realize how easy it should be to kiss for the first time. Otherwise, you will appear weird and funny smearing your partner with saliva.