10 Different Types Of Men: Which One Is Your Date?

If you want your date to be a hit then you have got to ascertain the basic characteristics different types of men fall into. Find out from below.

By Amanda Palmer
10 Different Types Of Men: Which One Is Your Date?

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Did your last date manage to swipe you off your feet or did you manage to run away from your date? Did you dream of meeting perfect Mr. Right with the right balance of humor, wit, charm, appeal, and looks or did you end up meeting a geeky, Mr. Bore who smelled funny? Well, all is possible in the dating world! We, as women, endure high hopes and dreams of meeting our Mr. Right when we agree to a date, someone. Someone who sounds good and looks charming might not turn out to be a tiny bit of what he seemed to like, and sometimes, a blind date knocks you off your feet, and you meet your soulmate instantly. It is very important for us to analyze our own personalities first and to have a basic repertoire of the kind of men we would want to date. Doing so would help us attract the right kind of men in our lives. A bad date can leave us feeling unsatisfied, unworthy and sometimes angry with our own choices. Sometimes, we need to ascertain as to what we want from our date, whether we want it to last, whether we want to date someone just for the heck of it and whether we just want to date someone for a short period of time. There are many kinds of guys out there, and each one would surely teach us something. Read on further to know what kind of man are you dating.

1. Humorous guys

Now, this does not mean that men have to dress up like a clown and make you laugh compulsorily with silly jokes. Humorous guys are those who put everyone at ease around them. They make sure that you have an evening full of fun and light humor. They amaze you with little antics or silly tales of their past. They see the light side of things and being with them makes you feel light, calm and good. Everyone today likes humorous men. They are a joy to be with, and they make attractive romantic partners. Humor is also a quality that people are blessed with since birth. While silly humor puts you off, witty humor brings in a spark and excitement in life. You can tell for sure if someone is just trying to be funny or someone is naturally funny. If you prefer your beau to be fun and humorous to be with then perhaps you could get a little detail about such guys and see if you both hit it off on your date.

2. Types of men who are socially conscious

Well, this kind really depends on your personal preference. If you too are the kind who loves to be prim and proper in society and in public, then perhaps, this kind is just for you. These type of men will prefer their women to be dressed perfectly and in the latest fashion. They would often watch out for your social mannerisms and table mannerisms. Being with them would perhaps make you feel as if you are attending some personality or etticate grooming class. Such men would essentially frown if you dress too loud, drink too much, laugh too loud or take life easy. On the contrary, if you prefer your guys to be socially conscious just as you are, then perhaps, you could hunt for such men only.

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3. The good at heart types of men

Such men are universal attractors. They have compassion, motivation and selfless attitude towards everyone around them. You can find such men going out of their way to help people, are essentially sweet and caring for children and also to those who are lower to them. Such men make great human beings and even better husbands. They will always take care of your needs and moods and keep you happy all the time. Their warm personality can melt anyone's heart, and one always needs at least one such man in their lives.

3. Smart and intellectual type of guys

Men like these have a quick wit, knowledge about all that is happening around and very smart. They can engage anyone in conversations and have an impressive personality and intellect. Now its entirely up to you whether you would want to spend the rest of your life with a husband who is so learned and clever or whether you prefer someone is much more fun to be with.

4. Talented types of men

Such men can be great artists, musicians, sportsmen or any other talent that requires a high level of expertise. If you are also enthusiastic about a particular hobby, then perhaps, you could attract men with similar passion and drive for that hobby. You find it easier to connect with such people as you have similar interests and things to talk about.

5. Generous men

Now, this set of men can either appeal to you or not appeal to you at all. There is a particular brood of women who love to be financially independent and would hate it if their date had to pay for them and on the other hand, there is whole other sect of women who would love to be with men who can provide for them financially. Generous guys usually feel that men should pay for their women. They are always fussy about paying for your tickets, shopping bills, food, and concerts. So, choose your types. This types generally depends on your personal preference and personality in general.

6. Sympathy craver types

It won't be easy for you to judge such kind of men during the first date. They may crib and cry over their sorry life, bad luck, past affair, their poor financial status, about a job they just lost or about their unhappy family life. Initially, you would feel sympathetic about such men, but later on, you realize that they bore you to death with their sob stories. Guys who open up about all the negative things in their life right in the first date might not be too appealing to anyone.

7. Best Friend types of guys

Hooking up with your best friend will not only make you lose your best friend for life, but it will leave you feeling awkward for a long time. Best friends are best to be left at being best of friends. They are the kind of men you would want in your life to share the gossips and news about all your affairs. It is not a good idea to date your best friend.

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8. The matured types

Such men are older than you. They have seen the world and had more experience in things. You may feel like constantly being fathered by such men, or you may like being dependant on them for everything. It's really a matter subjective to personal preference in this case. It might also occur to you that why would a mature man get attracted to someone so young as you.

9. The shy types of men

These types of men may take forever to open up. They are undoubtedly cute and innocent. They need some time to open up to you completely. But such kind will prove to be very good husbands. They are too shy to hold a conversation with you, but if you have set your heart out on a cute and shy guy, then you can help him out of his turmoil.

10. The self-centered types

Stay away from such men. Even if you walk out on them in the middle of your date, it's okay. Such men are cold, distant, unemotional and often mocking you for no reason. They may even be controlling and male chauvinists. It might take two to three dates for you to get to know them completely.

It is difficult to know someone very well on just a few dates. Be strong and do not give your heart out to your date at the very first meet. There are also a million more reasons which are not possible to chalk out in the types of dating men list. Some men are otherwise perfect but emotionally unavailable. Someone else might be too good but also too clingy. There are some who might turn out to be too possessive. Never lower your standards to meet your guy's expectations. Always stay true to yourself right from the first date. Men should be willing to accept you the way you are. There are some men who would want to meet you only when they have nothing else to do. Stay away from such self-centered guys who take you for granted. Your husband or your boyfriend should always have you as their priority. If you have been dating Mr. Perfect for quite some time now, but you feel that he has a commitment phobia, then he is not Mr. Perfect. You definitely do not want to waste some precious years of your life only to hear a no from your guy after a few years of dating him. There are some men who get too rude and are almost like bullies. They feel they own you. Stay away from such men. There are others who are too eager to bed you. All that they can think about is sex. Of course, such perverts should not be entertained. Every guy is different, and every woman's angle of looking at someone is different. Dating is a gamble. You meet someone, you like someone, and yet it does not work out, and sometimes you click with someone instantly. But if you chalk out your personal preferences roughly, then at least you can save yourself from an unnecessary trouble of dating the wrong types of men. Some men have an impressive personality. They might be too stylish and too rich, but only when you get to know them, you find out how empty they are from within. Always keep your eyes and ears clear when you date someone. Don't go in for looks or money.