Karina Elias's Wife Wiki: 4 Facts To Know About Kevin Owens's Wife

Kevin Owens' wife, Karina Steen, is his rock. In her marriage to the WWE superstar, she was bullied but they overcame it together.

By Mary Pless
Karina Elias's Wife Wiki: 4 Facts To Know About Kevin Owens's Wife

Who is Kevin Owens's wife, Karina Steen?

Picture perfect

My Beautiful Family

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She truly makes me the luckiest guy on earth. I wouldn't be who I am or where I am now without her love and support. She's amazing!

Kevin Owens on his loving wife, Karina Steen.

In this picture above you have Kevin Owens, his wife Karina Steen, and their 2 beautiful children named Owen and Elodie. Karina Steen was born on May 31, 1989. There is only a 4 year age difference between her and Kevin Owens, who is 32 years old. Owens and Steen grew up together, and she stood by him when Owens tried out for amateur matches when he was 16 years old. Karina Steen and Kevin Owen's combined net worth is $10 million. They don't post much about their personal life but by looking at the pictures on her Instagram they seem to be very happy and very much in love. Steen posts a lot about missing Owens when he is on the road. Even though Owens has a tough exterior at his jobs, at home he is a ball of jelly in his kids' hands. When Owens is home and not on the road, they do a lot of fun summer family activities all the time. Not only does Kevin Owens immensely love his wife, Karina Steen, those kids are his world. Everything he does, he does for his family. Owen is already starting to be a huge fan of what his father does. Elodie is a big fan as well.

Kevins Owens' Theme Song On WWE

Kevin Owens wants to make a statement when he walks into a room.

Take a listen to Kevin Owens' theme song, which in the beginning he did not like. But now that it's been his song for a few years, he prefers it over all the ones he has had in the past. When Owens walks in, you know something is about to go down. His presence is made known to the entire arena. This song and Kevin together create an atmosphere of suspense. You never know what he is thinking and what he has up his sleeve. With a song like this, intimidation is key. When this song comes on you know there is about to be a show you won't forget. You have to have a song that is just going to let the audience know they are in for a show you won't forget. And Kevin Owens is a man you can't and won't forget. The Kevin Owens show got big after he debuted on RAW. He may seem cocky on The Kevin Owens Show, but that's all just for show. He is the opposite of cocky off camera. All of his songs so far have been "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool, "Unsettling Differences" by Blue Smock Nancy, and, now his most recent song that he has had since December 11, 2014, is "Fight" by CFO$. With nicknames like K.O., The Prizefighter, The Headlock Master, and The New Face of America, these are the type of songs expected from such a great wrestler.

Karina Steen Was Bullied On Instagram

Kevin Owens and Karina Steen's son, Owen, was so excited until someone had to be mean.

Kid Made This For My Son

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A lot of people online were bad mouthing the whole family and Karina Steen was getting reprimanded for Kevin Owens' actions on RAW. His son Owen was so happy to see his father on T. the year he debuted on RAW. What kid wouldn't be happy to see their dad on TV? That's awesome! But, when Kevin Owens started with his new persona, things got a bit dicey for the family. When ESPN's radio's admin Elhassan commented on the video it started a small chain reaction. He stated that everything Kevin Owens did was scripted, killing his son's excitement. A week later he apologized and Owens just simply said "I win." Many Kevin Owens fans think he should have gotten a whole lot more than that. But, Kevin being a man of impacting words, he just simply said what he said. The radio host got off easy, in my opinion. Later on, Karina had had enough, so she took down her Instagram. When you are married to a big star, it is easy to get the repercussions of fame. It's not fair, but it does happen.

Karina Steen and Kevin Owens: Age Is Just A Number When It Comes To Love

4 year difference between Steen and Owens

I ❤ this guy! #kevinowens #ko #wwe #oldmarriedcouple #soulmates

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This WWE star may seem hard on camera, but all that meanness just melts away when he is around his beautiful wife Karina Steen. Steen and Owens have a very small distance in age between them. It's clear that they're madly in love. Kevin Owens and Karina Steen have matching tattoos. His says Beast, and hers says Beauty. They got married in 2007 and Steen still stands by Owens through all the backlash at work. When there is a love as strong as theirs, that you can see on camera, it's hard to break it. Steen does miss him a lot, but like a lot of spouses, she loves watching him on TV. with her kids. Karina Steen and the kids get so excited when they see Owens on TV. The way Steen talks about her hubby is just full of love. She falls in love with him more and more every day by the way he's so caring for the kids. Being a father and a husband and a WWE star is hard to balance, but Owens seems to be doing very well at balancing all three roles in his life.

Karina Steen and Kevin Owens' Net Worth Does Not Define Their Worth

The Steen and Owens kids will never want for anything.

Kevin Owens may seem like a hard guy on camera but he is a very good dad. Karina Steen is a good mom too. There are many pictures on Instagram of Steen and the kids together while Kevin Owens is on the road. They go to theme parks, and whatever else they can find in Montreal, Canada. In real life, Steen and Owens are both humble and seem to not let the money get to their head. On RAW Owens seems like fame gets to his head, but that is all an act. At home he is a loving dad and husband. On Instagram, Karina Steen shows how much she enjoys being a mother and wife. The pictures of Kevin Owens and Karina Steen show how happy they are. They are worth $10 million dollars, but their attitudes do not show a spoiled, fame-obsessed family. Kevin Owens and Karina Steen's family is a family of love, laughter, and humility.