Levi Heaton: Interesting Facts To Know About Charlie Heaton's Sister

The sibling duo, Levi and Charlie Heaton have a made a name for themselves. If you like to know some unknown facts about Levi Heaton, then read on.

By Sanchari
Levi Heaton: Interesting Facts To Know About Charlie Heaton's Sister

Levi Heaton: equally popular sister of Charlie Heaton

Levi Heaton is known more as Charlie Heaton’s sister after he rose to fame with ‘Stranger Things”, the popular Netflix hit series. But, that’s not fair on Levi Heaton’s part. She is equally talented and has some shows to her credit as well. Sometimes when siblings become popular, they automatically cast a shadow over the other. This seems to be the case with Levi Heaton and Charlie Heaton. Levi Heaton started her career way back in 2009, but when Charlie became an overnight sensation with the hit series, everybody started calling her Charlie’s sister. She isn’t complaining, instead, she is pretty proud of her brother’s achievement. Her twitter handle has posts related to her brother. This sibling has a long way to go, but as of now, they have their back.

No sibling rivalry present

The supernatural series ‘Stranger Things’ has given Charlie Heaton all the limelight he could ever think of. Levi Heaton’s father is Crispy Heaton, who is a musician and her mother is Shelly Lowe. Her parents have always encouraged both the siblings. Though very less information is available about Charlie Heaton, we have curated some of all Charlie Heaton’s fans. She is extremely talented and you can almost name her Jack of all trades because she is an experienced Fringe and a professional theater actress, Voice over artists, and has acted in films professionally. Comedy is the hardest thing to do when you are talking about acting, but Charlie Heaton has experienced that too. One of her talked about performance is ‘The Limehouse Golem’. The Limehouse Golem is from the house of Number 9 Films where she plays the role of Sarah Martin.

The unknown facts

Levi Heaton, one of the very few actresses who have covered all the three media of entertainment and that is the TV, feature films, and Theater. Very few know that Charlie Heaton is a skilled singer and has an advanced level training in Alto and Belt. Apart from that, she is also good with drums and guitar. Her parents, mainly her father being a musician ensured that his child has some knowledge of music. When it comes to dancing, she is very good at Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary. Overall, she is a complete package. She can act well, groove to the beat and can sing for herself. The Arden School of Theater will be proud of her because it is from this place that Charlie Heaton learned and brushed up her acting skills. She has done BA (HONS) in Musical Theater. She has inherited the musical talent from her parents and brushed up the acting skill in college. She is very much active on Twitter. The Instagram account is a private one. She seems to enjoy her privacy and doesn’t want to share all the pictures with the world. Charlie Heaton has a decent fan following, so she keeps updating her thoughts on twitter handle and if there is some news then she shares it with her fan through social media. If you want to view her pictures on Instagram, then you will have to follow her on her page.