7 Easy Steps To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Getting out of the friend zone might not be hard as you think. It gets a lot easier when you follow these 7 steps to get you out of friend zone.

By Janani
7 Easy Steps To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Getting Out Of Friend Zone

Being stuck in a friend zone means when one develops romantic interests over the other while being friends. This is really an unfortunate situation for the individual with intense romantic feelings where the other enjoy all the leisure of having a good friend. The saddest part is the other would never really know about these romantic feelings and finds them contempt with their current relationship status of just being friends. If you have ended up being friend with the wrong gal, then it is high time that you move out of your friend zone and fall in love with her. There is no need to worry about being stuck in the friend zone. You can easily get yourself out of being in the friend zone. If you are trying to get out of the friend zone, so stop doing whatever you were doing, guess it has already ended up in the wrong spot. Never lose the girl or be happy with what you have with her in the current relationship, because that is not what you want from her. For who knows you could actually befriending the one you should probably end up being in love with. So, never take any chances of losing the one who could be the love of your life. So, here are a few easy steps that can get you out of being friend zone and become her boyfriend fast.


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1. Never be too Much Available

When in love with your girl it is quite normal to make yourself available for them at all times. But, the fact is, never do that, make her miss you. Let her realize how her life would be without you in it. I know it will be hard for you, but it is important to make her miss you to get out of the friend zone. Be there for her, help her when she needs you but never be clingy or needy, she might never really value you then. If you are ready to have a relationship with your girl, then you need to be more confident. Give her some space, give her the time to think about you. Hanging out with her at all times, sending her a lot of text messages, doing favors for her, and making her happy in every single thing that you do might make you a good friend. But she will never be able to look upon you as a boyfriend material unless she longs for you. So, make sure that she yearns for your attention. To get out of the friend zone fast, you need to make her understand your worth.

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2. Respect and Prioritize Her

When trying to get out of the friend zone, it was very important, to make your girl feel respected. A woman needs her man to respect her for who she is. Always make her your priority and give her the importance she deserves. Make her feel heard and make her feel special. Call her, text her or visit her when she really needs you. Make sure that she understands that she is more than a friend to you. Value her needs, never overdo them though. Overdoing any of these things might make you look clingy, and you might be viewed as a weirdo. Make her your priority, the most important thing to do is make her understand that your girl is your priority. Your dear girl must know that she is the first person that comes to your mind. When you respect and prioritize her, she might understand the true intentions of your behavior. Give it some time; she will definitely get there. Because woman grasp really fast as they have great instincts. So, if you are trying to get into a relationship with your girl make sure to respect and prioritize her.

3. For Getting Out of Friend Zone Make Her Feel Jealous

Most often, a woman never really know their true feelings for someone unless they lose it. So make her feel that she has lost you, not completely though. Let the jealous monster creep into her. Make her wish that you get back to her. By making her feel jealous, you are actually making her realize her true feelings for you if she had any. Start seeing other women, spend more with your other female friends. Make her feel the need to be with you. Jealousy can make wonders happen. If you make her jealous by being with your other female friends, you will be looked upon as someone more valuable and undesirable. This feeling starts to build an attraction towards you. This is simply playing mind games with her, like playing the hardball. Making her curious and letting her know that you were never meant to be friends but to have a relationship. By making her jealous, you can get out of friend zone fast.

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4. Flirt a Little With Her

When trying to get out of friend zone, it is important to make her understand by flirting with her. This way you hint her that you have feelings for her. By flirting with your girl, you are trying to let your girl know that you are taking your relationship to the next level. This is a clear and easy way to get out of the friend zone. By flirting continuously, you might let her know about your romantic interest towards her. Just by flirting with her, you are giving her a chance to flirt back. This way you can make her feel free to confront her feelings for you if she has any. If you are trying to end up as her boyfriend, then you need to tease her and make her feel loved. Send her flirty text messages every now and then and notice the way she responds back. This way you can get out of the friend zone fast.

5. Touch Her More Often

Make physical contact with her, don't go to any extremes and make her feel bad. Try to make it look like a casual touch, but make her understand that you have feelings for her. You need not be very obvious just give her one tiny clue; your girl will truly understand what you mean. So, make sure you make physical contact with her through touch. Pat her back when she is little upset, hug her when she is broke. This way she will slowly learn your true feelings for her. This is the easiest way to tell your lover girl that you look at her as more than a friend. There is always a difference between being a friend to being a boyfriend. You tend to break that friendship barrier by your sweet touch. This is one way to get you out of friend zone. Try this out; slowly she will understand your intentions.

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6. Compliment Her A Lot

Compliment your girl for her looks, her smile, the way she carries herself. Make sure that she knows that you notice her. Telling a girl that you notice her by complimenting for her hair, her makeup will make her understand that you have intense feelings for her. By complimenting your dream girl, you will tell her that you find her attractive. Everybody loves to be complimented so does your girl. So, make sure you compliment her. By complimenting her, you secretly send her a message that you see her best attributes. Compliment her on how awesome she is; you can even text through the message and let her know that she is appreciated. Not all friends compliment each other and make it a point to appreciate one another. So, it becomes quite obvious to her when you keep complimenting and appreciating her. It is one of the easiest ways to get out of friend zone fast.

7. Tell Her How You Feel About Her

If you find your girl truly amazing that you want her to know how you feel about her, it is best to tell her about your feelings. Talk your feelings out and make her understand how much your girl means to you. Don't worry about jeopardizing what you have with her now, because that is not what you want. Be confident and let her know how you feel about her. Make sure that you talk about your feelings to her in person never do it over text. Ask her out on a date, try to work things out. It might be a lot easier for you as you guys know each other already as friends, so what could go wrong. Make sure that you make plans and go on romantic dates as per her interest. Try to make her feel that moving you out of the friend zone was the best thing she ever did. This is the easiest and a fast way to move out of friend zone.

Now that you know the ways to move out of a friend zone, it is better to act fast and get out of friend zone. As it is the worst place that anyone could be. There are only two possible ways that your proposal could turn into. Either she accepts it or rejects it. Always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst as well. If you find that your dream girl has accepted your proposal, then it is time to enjoy the comfort of dating a friend. It gets a lot easier to date a friend and starts a relationship with your dear one as you have known each other for long and your relationship gets easier. So, enjoy and have fun. It is also important that you need to be ready to handle rejection as well. If your love is not being reciprocated, then take your time to take in the rejection gradually. It is always good to know the truth than to be stuck in friend zone waiting for her to miraculously accept your love. Always remember that no pain is permanent. Have a fun-filled love life. All the Best!



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