Women 101: How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy And Feel Loved

In a successful relationship, it is necessary to keep the Girlfriend happy and make her feel loved. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

By Tanaya Nath
Women 101: How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy And Feel Loved

Women 101: How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy And Feel Loved

Making a woman feel special is no rocket science. A woman usually admires little things. You don’t need to move mountains or bring down the sky for her. It is these little things that make her feel you appreciate her truly. When a couple has been together for a long time, they start taking each other for granted. They grow apart and expressing love becomes rare. By just including little acts in the life, a man can make his girlfriend feel special. One step towards making your girlfriend feel special will start a chain reaction with no end. You make her feel special, your girlfriend feels loved and is overwhelmed by the gratitude of your thoughtfulness. She will return your love manifolds. It will not only keep the chemistry between you two alive but will also keep your relationship full of happiness. The fire will keep burning in your relationship with these little things. The relationship isn’t an easy thing. It needs work. If both you and your girlfriend believes in giving rather than receiving, your relationship will be the epitome of an ideal relationship. So, start showing your love to her now with the listed below ideas.

Give Your Girlfriend What She Wants Most, Your Time

The easiest way to make your girlfriend feel loved and special is to make time for her. All she wants is to be your priority so give her that, and she will be happy. Men often make a lot of time for their girlfriend when they are dating. But once they get into the relationship, it is an easily forgotten thing. It might have made her angry, and she might not even tell you. You often find time for everything in your life, your work, the guys time out, your favorite movie and sports. Similarly, find some time for your girlfriend as well. Make some time that is exclusively for both of you like go for an adventure sport, have game nights at home, take her out on a date again, spend quality time in bed and things like that. Making some time for your girlfriend will make her feel important. It will make her know that you love her and care for her. In turn, she will try to express her love for you and make you feel special as well.

Appreciate What She Does, Appreciate Your Girlfriend

Women, most of them, go out of their way to love, care and nurture the people she loves most. But their sacrifices, their work, and their giving are often ignored and taken for granted. It makes her angry from the inside, but she never shows. A simple appreciation or acknowledgment of her efforts can make a whole lot difference to her. Just let her know you notice everything your girlfriend does for you. Tell her how blessed you feel to have her in your life and that how much you appreciate everything she does. It will fill her with new energy and a lot more of love and dedication for you. And not only for you, but she will also put extra care for all those who mean something to you. A little appreciation will make your girlfriend happy and your relationship happier.

Accept Her As She Is, Who She Is To Make Her Feel Loved

Reminding anyone of their flaws is easy, especially if you are in a relationship with that person. Because you spend so much time together, you know more of their flaws and shortcomings. Same goes for your girlfriend. The easiest way to show your love to your girlfriend is to let her be. Accept her for who she is and appreciate her. If you are painting out her flaws, don’t forget that you have many as well. Just because she is living happily with them doesn’t mean she doesn’t notice them. Love her for her perfections and imperfections. It will be easy for you to make your relationship better. Don’t measure her up to the norms of the society. It will only make her angry at you. Don’t see her in the light of the rules the society has made for her. Love her independence, her concerns, even her dependence on you. She will love you back fiercely.

Shower Her With Compassion To Make Her Smile

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Accepting your girlfriend as she also needs you to show her a little compassion. Understand what she is going through. Understand her upbringing, her challenges, and her difficulties that she faces in everyday life. Be empathetic to her, be there for her and forgive her for her mistakes and the times your girlfriend loses her mind or gets angry. Tell her you to understand if she can’t be right all the time and she can do what she wants and how she wants to do them. Let her know you understand and that you are trying to see things see from her perspective. Give your girlfriend a little space, hold her and comfort her, make her smile. She will feel special and will know how much you love her. It will make her happy and your relationship stronger.

Just Listen To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

Women love to talk be it face to face or on the phone. It is their way of expressing themselves. It is their way of sharing a part of themselves and even showing that they love someone and trust them. So, when your girlfriend is trying to talk to you, just lend her your ears. Don’t keep looking at your phone when she is talking; it will make her angry and upset. Just listen to what she has to say. However, don’t always offer your advice or try to troubleshoot them or fix them. Your girlfriend can take care of herself, remember that. So, instead of always playing the knight in the shining armor for her just pay attention to her. Your girlfriend will let you know when she needs your help. This little gesture will tell her that you have faith in her and that you are willing to give her your attention and her space. She will be happy that you are not trying to help her without her consent. And you lending your ears to her, listening to her with empathy and attention will make her feel loved and important. And she will show it in many ways, in bed as well.

Be Open And Honest To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Feel Secured

Women love honesty, so when you are talking to your girlfriend make sure you are open and honest to her. Like most women, your girlfriend will appreciate this quality more than anything. An honest conversation, sharing intimate and deep thoughts and having an open conversation will make your girlfriend feel safe. She will be sure that you will not hide anything from her or cheat her or lie to her. It will make your girlfriend trust you even more. Honesty brings transparency to the relationship. She will understand that it is tough for you to be so open and honest to her. So, your open and honest conversation will make her feel special, happy, needed and loved. And in turn she will be honest and open to you.

Leave Your Girlfriend Love Notes To Make Her Smile

Women loves surprises and so does your girlfriend. And finding a love note that is heart-felt and that too unexpectedly is a wonderful way to make her feel happy and loved. The note doesn’t have to be long and full of fancy words. You can also send her a love filled message on her phone. You can just write how much you love her and stick it where she can see it all day long. Or you can just write a few loving words and sneak it inside her bag where she could see it eventually during the day or hide it near the pillow on her bed. It will please your girlfriend a lot and she will be bragging about how lucky she is to have you to her friends.

Clean After Yourself To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Cared For

When you are in a relationship, your caveman mentality will not work for you, and it can make her angry. Your girlfriend isn’t your maid. So, if you live alone or with a roommate, keep your place clean. Your girlfriend will like it if she visits you. If you are visiting her place, make sure you don’t leave around any mess for her to clean after you. And if you are living together, it is as much your responsibility as hers to keep the place clean. Put your clothes in their place and keep the bed clean. Your girlfriend will like it if you do your share in keeping the place clean. It is a simple thing to do. Pick up after yourself in any situation, and she will appreciate your effort. It will make your girlfriend happy, make her smile and she will feel loved.

Don’t Put Her Under Pressure For Anything

Never put your girlfriend under any kind of pressure for doing something she doesn’t want to. It will never turn out well for both of you and your relationship. Your girlfriend might just give in and so what you want but she will never be happy about it. Every time she does something for you that she doesn’t want to, she will resent you a little bit. This could couple up in time and spoil your relationship. So, before you are making any plans, just talk to her. Let her know what you want and then leave it up to her to decide. Let your girlfriend agree to it because she likes the idea or loves you and not because you have forced her to. So, to make her happy and loved, don’t guilt her into doing anything, bow to her will.

Give Her A Massage To Make Her Happy

If she had a long and hard day, or not, give her a relaxing massage with no strings attached. Light up the room with aroma candles put satin sheets on the bed and give her a massage. You don’t even have to light the candles or make the bed. Just give her a shoulder rub or a neck massage. It is a great way to relax her and make her smile, feel loved as well as relaxed. Touch doesn’t always have to be sexual. Nonsexual touches make your relationship stronger, and your girlfriend appreciated. It makes her feel that you don’t want her just for your desires. You also like touching her. It will let her know that you try your best to make her feel comfortable and loved.

Pay Attention To Her When You Are Together

Try to make your girlfriend feel like she is the centre of your world. Do that especially when she is with you. If she has come to a party with you where she hardly knows anyone, you should always be by his side. Even when both of you are mingling around separately, always keep a part of your attention on her. Never ignore her just because you are having a good conversation with another attractive girl or you are surrounded by your friends or you are busy over your phone. When she is with you, let nothing else matter as much as her. Nothing should distract you from focusing your attention on your girlfriend. It will make her feel loved and happy. And it will also bring smile on her face.

Value Her Opinion And Make Her Happy

Respect plays a great role in how we feel about ourselves. When someone important disrespects us, we feel miserable. It is the same in relationships as well. Never disrespects or dismiss the opinion or the ideas given by your girlfriend anytime, especially without listening to them. Also, never take her opinion and ideas lightly on the grounds of her being a girl. A relationship works only when both are given equal consideration and weightage. So, always listen to her opinions and respect them. It will make her secure, proud and happy.

Hug Her And Cuddle Her

Hugs and cuddles are very romantic gestures in a relationship. It makes any woman happy. So, make sure you hug your girlfriend tight for a while every day. Cuddle up with her at home while watching a romantic movie or any movie for that matter. Take a chance to cuddle with your girlfriend while enjoying looking at the starlit sky. In fact, you don’t need a reason to cuddle or hug her. Or you can also get creative in finding the reasons for your cuddles. You can also cuddle while sharing a blanket in the winter or while you are talking about your day. Hug her whenever you get a chance, even in public. Show your girlfriend a little affection and make her happy. Hugs and cuddles from you will make her feel secure and loved. Shower her with affectionate kisses on her cheeks, forehead, head, neck, shoulders, etc. For your girlfriend, a few hugs and a few kisses will feel just as special as a round of passionate sex.

Remember, Little Things Are Important

Chivalry is important, trust me it is. But the little things that you often keep forgetting are as potent as chivalry of any kind. Often, women appreciate small things, for them they count the most. Same goes for your girlfriend as well. These little things show that you are willing to put some efforts for her. And that too because you want to not because there is some event or occasion. Never let these little things fade. Little acts like opening the door of the car for your girlfriend, or pulling the chair for her. Or put her phone on the charge when it needs some. Hold her hand, make her walk on the secure side of the road, hold her shopping bags, these are the little things that matters most to her. It will make her feel loved and extremely happy.

Little Details Matters To Her

Try remembering little details about her. Things like remembering the date you first met, her favorite movie and the song that always makes her cry, her favorite actor and her favorite fragrance, try to remember them. Also, do something about them to surprise her. It will show your girlfriend how much you notice her. Remembering little details about her means no matter how busy your life is or how much work you have, you always have time for her. It will make her feel special and loved. This means your girlfriend holds special place in your heart and mind.

Compliment Her, make Her Feel Beautiful Everyday

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Women love being complimented. So, shower your girlfriend with compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is. Compliment her on her cooking skills, or the way she always caters to your need or her choices. But then, any guy could do that, tell her that she is beautiful. She will only feel special if you mean it from your heart. When in the crowd let her know through sending a message on her phone. Your girlfriend tries hard to look good for you, tell her that she is beautiful for you always, no matter if she has just woken up and her hair is disheveled, or she is down with flu and feeling dull. It will mean a lot to her. It will make her realize that you will always love her and that you are not just always concentrated on her looks.

There are many things you can do to make your girlfriend feel happy and loved. Surprise her, look at her with your eyes full of love or take her out on romantic date even if you have been in the relationship for a long time. Shower her with gifts out of the occasion. Call her unexpectedly and make sweet conversations with her or just tell your girlfriend that you are missing her. Encourage her and support her in whatever she wants to do. Tell your girlfriend in words how much you love her. Let her know how grateful you are to have her in your life. Include her in your decisions. Get as creative as you can. Don’t give up the romance in your life just because you have been in the relationship for a long time now. Do everything you can to make your girlfriend feel loved all the time, or at least every now and then. It will keep your relationship growing stronger and will make you the envious couple.