Top 40 Most Important Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met

Just what questions do you ask a girl you just met? You may have found yourself contemplating this subject. If so, you may find the answers you seek here!

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Top 40 Most Important Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met

Just Met A New Girl?

It’s a great thing meeting new people every day. For you, as a guy, it even becomes interesting if the person you are meeting for the first time is a girl. Yes, you may have always wished to meet your dream girl. But how do you know if this girl in front of you is the girl for you? Of course, it’s your conversation with her that would tell you and help you determine your chance of a further discussion in the future. Unfortunately, for some guys, they find it uneasy to ask the right questions. If you really like the girl and you wish to speak with her some other time, below are some important questions you need to ask her: questions that will help her develop an interest in you.

Getting to Know a Girl You Just Met: Ask these Questions

1. What's your name?

Since you are just meeting her for the first time, this perhaps would be the first and best way to start up a conversation with her. Any girl should be willing to make known her name to a decent person, be it male or female. Ask her with a nice gesture and compliment her immediately after she tells you. Compliments like, "What a nice and adorable name you've got!" will surely make her smile.

2. What has been the best part of this week for you?

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You don't actually know what she is into, and you only have limited time to get her full attention. Therefore asking her this question will save you a lot of time. You won't need to ask unnecessary questions that might get her bored easily. Her response to this question will give you an insight on what to ask next. She might end up telling you about her whole week. If she tells you about an interesting time at her job, that's good because she is working; no one likes to date a freeloader. If her response focuses more on her time with her parents, she is possibly single and still living with them. Watch out for her answer and ask her another question depending on that.

3. What do you like about where you work?

If you are lucky enough, she may love to tell you about what she likes in her workplace. Most ladies are proud of what they do. and they will love to share with someone who also cares to ask. You will get to know what she is passionate about even though you only asked what she likes about her work, and she may end up telling you about her deeper passions or professional hobbies and interests. She has thus created room for you to keep a dialogue going and ask more questions.

4. Can you describe how to cook your favorite food?

This can be an embarrassing question to a girl that does not know how to cook. If you realize that she doesn't know how to cook, don't make her feel awkward. But, if the girl you just met can cook, just be prepared for a long and interesting conversation. She will be proud to tell you about her cooking skills and she might even give you every detail of her favorite foods.

5. What do you love about where you grew up?

This question will, of course, require her to tell you where she grew up in addition to the things she considers fascinating about the place. With this question, you are technically trying to know about her childhood. Now, it is possible she has some issues with the place she grew up but, for the sake of your discussion, she'll hopefully want to let you know the bright side of it.

6. What do you enjoy doing most at your leisure time?

Even though you have just met her, it is a positive question that any decent person would be willing to answer. Listen carefully as she speaks and pay attention to the details! It's also important to not overthink any one thing she says. Be interested, and more good questions will come to mind; you might even make her laugh with a well-placed joke.

7. What qualities do you expect in a guy you date?

This question can get more personal and depending on her initial feelings for you, a romantic relationship may be right around the corner. If she speaks of qualities you do not have, don't take it personally; if she's not the one for you, it's better to know from the get go.

8. When is your birthday?

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Some girls especially love receiving gifts and well-wishes on their birthday. If she tells you her birthday, make it a priority to remember this detail. If the two of you keep seeing each other, remembering her birthday will score you major points! You might even want to record it in your phone.

9. What's your impression of me?

This is a direct question. Her answer would serve as either a red or green signal to you. You will know whether she is interested in talking with you or not.

10. What do you love most about this city?

If you are not from the city you both met in, it’s a means of getting to know the place better, and if she's from elsewhere, this is an opportunity for you to tell her about the city. She's likely going to have great interest in you if she gets to know how gifted in speech you are.

11. Where is the nicest place you've ever traveled to?

Discussion on subjects like this will make you realize if she loves traveling or not. If she mentions any place she considers nice traveling to, try to make her talk more on it. This is something she will like to share. You will also learn some new things. But remember, not all girls love traveling. This new girl may not have any nice place as such, then you can make use of that opportunity to know if she'll be willing or planning to travel to a place in the future.

12. Did you have any favorite subjects in school?

Academic interests are great topics of conversation. If you both like the same subjects, then you'll have various things to talk about right away!

13. Are you close to your family?

This question will elicit more information than its surface intention. You will get more information about her family than what you requested for. You can deduce from her response the personality of her parents.

14. Who do you admire most in life?

This might be a question she'll give a direct answer to, but it will surely give you the opportunity to ask more questions.

15. Why do you admire this person so much?

Everyone has some attributes which can attract other people. Her response will be directed to those qualities she likes about the person. But indirectly, those questions tell much about who the girl really is.

Remember to maintain interest. She's a person just like you!

16. Are you a troublemaker?

This is somewhat direct but also funny. It is rare for a girl to affirm she is one. Girls can pretend to be perfect, but most women like bad boys. If she is a troublemaker, or if she is quiet and shy, it's important to be relaxed, happy and energetic. She will feed off this positive energy.

17. When did you cry last in front of someone?

Don't be afraid to ask deeper questions too. You can turn deep emotions into smiles and laughter. This will show her you have control over your emotions.

18. Can we take a picture together?

Most girls love to take pictures; it's fun and it's an interactive thing to do with her that takes very little energy. Taking pictures together with all kinds of faces and poses is a quick, easy way to start building memories and rapport.

19. Did you ever play with an imaginary friend as a child?

This can tell you a lot about her imagination. Subjects like imagination are great for seeing inside another persons mind.

20. Do guys ever use cheesy pick-up lines on you?

This is likely to get her cracked up a bit. You are stylishly asking if she's been approached by guys before and if so, how they've all been going about it. Candidly speaking, she may not want to rehearse those words into your ears but at least you can be sure of her smiles.

21. Have you ever cried in a movie?

Again, what you want to determine here is whether she's the emotional type or not. She's surely emotional if she answers yes to this question. Interestingly enough, she may not even be the movie-type. But then, only her response can tell.

22. Were you even cuter as a kid?

A cool compliment can go a long way!

23. Have you ever lied about your age?

There's almost always a good story behind this kind of lie.

24. What were you like in high school?

Some people love talking, especially when they're the subject of a conversation. They especially love talking about how silly they might have been as teenagers. It may be she was an honor student and talks about her favorite subjects, but we've already covered academic interests.

25. Are you into any sports?

It is not common to see girls getting involved in sports activity. If the girl you just met plays a specific sport, she will be full of energy to tell you about it. Enjoying athletic activities together can help keep a relationship fresh and healthy.

Here are more questions you might consider asking a new love interest!

26. Who is your role model? 27. What is the meaning of your name? 28. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? 29. Are you ever on your phone too much? 30. Ever have a long-distance relationship, like over the phone or email? 31. How many languages do you speak? 32. How long can you hold your breath? 33. What's the worst date you've been on? 34. What is the nicest gift you have been given on your birthday? 35. What is your description of a perfect weekend? 36. Is it wrong for girls to first make the move in a relationship? 37. What is the craziest thing you have ever done? 38. Would you like us to talk some other time? 39. Do you think some guys talk too much? 40. What do think about social media?

Five Things to Remember

1. Be careful about asking a girl her age. 2. Do not dig too much into her past or family affair. These can be such touchy subjects. 3. Avoid sounding needy or pretentious. It's a big turn off. 4. Listen carefully as she speaks and maintain friendly eye contact. 5. Appreciate her greatly for taking her time to speak with you.

Bottom Line

First impressions last a long time. This is the reason you as a guy must present yourself well both in appearance and speech before a girl you are meeting for the first time. Getting her phone number and continuing the relationship is ideal, so remember to listen, keep good eye contact, and ask good questions! Good luck out there in the sea!