Nick Carter Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Instagram & Facts To Know

Nick Carter raced towards his musical dream at the age of 13years and gained popularity with BSB and scored a decent net worth of $35million

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Nick Carter Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Instagram & Facts To Know

Nick Carter: Bombshell, Crazy Entertainer & the Most Popular Member from All-boy band Backstreet Boys


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Nick Carter is a well-renowned face and the popular musician from the popular all-boys band “Backstreet Boys.” The band was formed in 1993 in Orlando, Florida and has been creating eclectic and enthralling music ever since. Along with his band members, Howie D, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter is among the most popular vocalist, songwriter, actor, dancer and entertainer with a net worth of more than $35 million as of 2017. Born on January 28, 1980, Nick Carter is presently at the age of 37 Years and 1.83 m tall in height.

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Nick Carter was born in Jamestown, New York to his parents Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth. Nick Carter got married to Lauren Kitt in 2014, his long-term girlfriend, who was a fitness trainer. Nick Carter also allegedly had an affair with Paris Hilton. Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nick Carter is also known as Kaos, Frack, Nicky, Messy Marvin, and Nicholas G. Carter. Several celebrity net worth websites estimated the approximate net worth of Nick Carter at around $35 million while his brother Aaron Carter has a net worth of $2 million.

All His Albums and Songs That You Must Hear

Nick Carter has been associated with the Backstreet Boys for over 24 years starting his all-boys band back in 1992. Nick Carter is a vocalist, musician, and entertainer that appeared in all the albums and songs released by the group. The debut music album released by Nick Carter and his band-mates under the title “Backstreet Boys” was ‘Backstreet Boys’ which released in 1996. Soon after in 1997, the band released the second international album titled ‘Backstreet’s Back’ which had songs titled ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ ‘That’s the way I Like It,’ and ‘Everybody.’

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In 1999, it was Millennium and then Black & Blue in 2000. The band released their next album in 2005 titled ‘Never Gone’ and then ‘Unbreakable’ in 2007 followed by ‘This Is Us’ in 2009. According to some estimates, the Nick Carter all-boys band “Backstreet Boys” has over 130 million records sold worldwide.

Nick Carter & Backstreet Boys Tours

Carter was associated with Aaron Carter, Avril Lavigne, Nick & Knight, Leslie Carter and others apart from “Backstreet Boys." Nick Carter has accomplished a number of tours with the group such as the ‘We Wanna Be With You Tour’ in 1995 - 1996. Later, Nick Carter, along with his group mates, was seen in the ‘Backstreet Boys: Live In Concert Tour’ which was kickstarted in 1996 and continued to 1997.

After that, there were many international tours, namely ‘Backstreet’s Back Tour’ (1997-1998), Black & Blue Tour (2001), Never Gone Tour (2005-2006), and so on. Most recently, they ended their ‘In a World Like This Tour’ which wrapped up in 2015.

Awards and Accolades

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Come on, the list is colossal and so are the titles received over a span of 24 years. The group won MTV Europe Award for the Best Group in 1999 and 2000 and MTV Video Music Award for Best Group in 1998 for the song ‘Everybody.’ Most recently, the group won the MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment in 2014 for ‘This is the End.’ These are only a few awards that the group won outside of the never-ending list of nominations from various giant record labels and accolades.

What is the singer’s net worth?

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After going through the statistics, it can be confirmed that Nick Carter has a net worth of $35 million at the age of 37 years, of which 22 years were dedicated to the Backstreet Boys. Based on the net worth calculated for the entire period, the reports on Fame10 claim that Nick Carter is presently the lowest net worth earner of the band while A.J. McLean is at the first spot with a net worth of a whopping $45 million thanks to his acting debut in the movie ‘Truth or Dare’ in 1986 and his JNN Foundation.

Facts And Much More About Nick Carter

Nick Carter has a singer brother Aaron Carter who filed for bankruptcy and rose in popularity again. Leslie Carter, Nick Carter’s sister died in 2012 of drug overdose. He was the youngest member of the group “Backstreet Boys” when they founded, at the age of 13. He is the oldest brother of Aaron Carter, who started his career as a musician when he was 16 years old. After the group separated from their management firm, Nick Carter stayed with it to release his solo career. On Instagram, Nick Carter has over 821k Instagram followers squashing the followers count of all the members of the group. The total Instagram followers for the group is 1.1 million.

Nick Carter appeared as a child playing the game slip and slide in the movie “Edward Scissorhands (1990)” starring Johnny Depp. Nick Carter has appeared in various commercials and roles in movies and TV shows such as “90210,” and “Sleepy Hollow" (2004). Both Lauren Kitt and Nick Carter appeared in the reality TV show on VH1 titled ‘I Heart Nick Carter’ where they both showcased their relationship and wedding plans. Nick Carter appeared on the reality TV Show “House of Carters” back in 2006 which featured Nick Carter, Leslie Carter, Aaron Carter, Angel Carter, and others.

While Nick’s brother Aaron Carter was involved in substance abuse, Nick too had his share of substance abuse and medical conditions when he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. The singer credited Kevin Richardson, his bandmate, for helping him to turn his life around which helped him overcome his substance abuse.

The Epilogue

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Well, no doubt Nick Carter is a much loved human being. He has taken part in various events and is the member of The Backstreet Boys, the most popular all-boys band. Forbes listed Nick Carter at a net worth of $35 million which means he is pretty huge in the music industry even now, 24 years after the band started.