20 Ways To Catch A Cheating Partner in the Act

A cheating husband or partner often goes undetected when his wife trust him blindly, but you can catch him with the following tips.

By Aadil Raval
20 Ways To Catch A Cheating Partner in the Act

It’s time to nab your cheating husband

Does your heart pound for someone your gut believes is a cheater who has been cheating on you all along? If that's so, do you need to worry? do you need to confront him? Cheating partners have spread worldwide and the access to devices enables them to escape your sight and continue being unfaithful. Basic psychological signs and using a bit of technology can help you catch your husband if he is a cheater and, trust me, it goes from checking his text messages and reading his Facebook messages to spy him in order to come to a conclusion. There are many ways for you to find the truth besides trusting your instinct and sensing some potential suspicious activity that has triggered the detective within you. There are a lot of 'cheating' signs that you might be ignoring or avoiding that would actually make you realize whether your husband is a cheater or not. Trust your instinct and, although confronting him at the very onset can possibly resolve the problem faster, analyze the situation first and then follow these 20 ways to catch your husband red-handed.

Is your partner a cheater?

Before reading any further, ask yourself whether you think your partner is a cheat or not. Confronting and talking to him can help you get rid of the cheating factor in your relationship so you can thrive as a couple. You can also follow any of these ways or try to get a convincing answer from him to satisfy your urge for finding out whether he is a cheat or not, thus prompting him to promise you he will never cheat again. One way is spying on your husband or partner either to search for the signs or to catch him red-handed, so we have compiled this article with a list of 20 ways to catch a cheat. Believe me, agreeing to go on a date with someone else or getting close to any other person are all signs of cheating. Don't let your husband keep you in dark, as you were the one sacrificing many things for him, your last name for instance.

1. The signs of cheating are everywhere


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Did you notice your husband acting weird or suspicious, or any recent change in his behavior? The signs are literally everywhere. You can tell if he has started wearing better clothes, has recently started hitting the gym to work out a lot or has been constantly getting WhatsApp and text messages. These are just the basic signs that could possibly mean that your partner is cheating, however they can also be spontaneous activities that could be misunderstood as signs of cheating. Since this matter is important and serious, avoid making any mistakes and look for signs to confirm he is cheating on you before coming to any conclusion. Finally, resorting to an actual confrontation with your husband will help you put an end to these matter at once.

2. The gadget dilemma


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This one is closely regarded as a sign of a cheating husband, but also as a great method to catch him red-handed. Basically, these signs can be seen when your partner changes his gadget passwords too often while trying to make an excuse to avoid disclosing them to you. Moreover, if he seeks to hide the screen while using the laptop or the PC, then something fishy is up. If your partner is a cheater, he will use any and every tactic to stay as low-key as he can to try to hide his affair, therefore his gadgets are the real way to spot any sign of cheating.

3. Change in the schedule

In our 9 to 5 jobs, we have a fixed routine that we follow every day subconsciously. Your husband has a fixed schedule of going home after work, but if he suddenly stays late at the office to work or seeks out time to celebrate a colleague's birthday or anniversary to which you were not invited, then he might be a cheating husband for sure. Although there are exceptions, people who cheat usually make excuses too often if they aren’t interested in their partners anymore.

4. The change in phone etiquette

Technology has enabled us to stay connected to anyone, anywhere, at any moment, but it has surely led to the creation of bad habits in all of us to a certain degree. If your instinct tells you that your man is a cheater, look for the signs when he takes a phone call or answers an unknown number. Talking to someone over a phone with a smile on the face or walking into another room while doing so are a few signs. If he's receiving text messages from random numbers, then it’s time to catch the cheat and solve the problem as per your wish.

5. Picking up a fight

Often related to adultery, he would try to get out of the house after picking up a fight with you, and chances are that he will sneak out of the house allegedly angry to meet his lover. Many women have revealed that their husbands often pick a fight, so if this happens to you, try a little spy technique where you will be required to follow him to know about his whereabouts under the false pretense of apologizing for the fight if caught.

6. The PC's Recycle Bin

If your man is cheating on you, there are chances that he has saved the picture of his lover on his computer either under a random file name or as a hidden file. Now, if you have access to his computer, look everywhere for a picture or something else, even inside the Recycle Bin where all the deleted files are gathered until it's emptied. This is a great way of using technology to catch the cheat with evidence. To view the PC's hidden files, you can use Google to learn how and do it yourself, as it is something quite easy to understand.

7. Show up unannounced to catch your cheating husband

Do a quick research and you will find a lot of movies where the wives or the husbands dropped by the house or workplace unannounced and found their partners indulging in unfaithful activities. Every once in awhile, if you doubt whether your man is cheating on you or not, try to drop by the house unannounced and watch his reaction. If he sounds excited or happy, there are little chances that he is a cheater, but if he is a cheat, then he will either get angry or surprised or will try to hide something or someone. This often happens quickly so you must be quick when assessing the situation.

8. Try to make love to your cheating husband

Seduce your man when he comes back from work. According to some research, decreased desire for making love with the partner translates into the fact that he is either suffering from any mental or emotional problem, or he is cheating on you. It could also mean that he doesn’t love you anymore, which in this case means that he can potentially be having an affair with someone else.

9. A cheating husband would usually hide his phone

A certain and a strong point when it comes to adultery in a relationship is when your man is trying to hide his phone. It is suspicious that he tries to keep his phone away from you by taking it everywhere he goes without leaving it idle somewhere, so this might mean you're in trouble. Try to peek into his phone and look for his Facebook, WhatsApp and text messages, phone logs and other details to find any suspicious or obvious piece of information and catch him red-handed, confirming that he is a cheating husband after all.

10. Changes in his grooming habits

Unless your husband is a fashionista or a style icon, you must be worried if he suddenly ditches his lame grooming habits and picks up something trendy in terms of wearing new clothes and a decent perfume, hitting the gym, exercising, and much more. A gradual change isn’t always associated with a cheating husband, however sudden changes can reveal a lot about whether your man is cheating on you or not. Take a note and a closer look to those changes that could trigger suspicion.

11. “I need some space”, said a cheating husband

Unless you are clingy, a potential sign is the issue of space. Couples must respect each other's boundaries and provide private space, however if he isn’t giving you that hug or cuddle that he used to give a few days back or if he tries to be away from you to protect his space, then you must get ready for something big and disappointing.

12. Catch a cheating husband by using software

Using technology and devices to detect any signs and provide evidence about whether your husband is cheating on you or not is a great way to expose him. Deleting WhatsApp and text messages is way too easy but what you can do is take a backup of his WhatsApp messages. There are software readily available that can decrypt the backup file. Try Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer for instance.

13. Catch him thanks to the autocomplete feature

While on the phone, open Facebook, WhatsApp or the text messages, type in a name or certain phrases and see what results come up. Although your husband can delete these searches, chances are that you will possibly find something worth knowing from the available data and use it to catch him.

14. Catch him with a fake profile

Creating a fake profile on Facebook, or even on WhatsApp, takes just a few minutes and there you go. Now you can spy on your husband to know whether he is a cheat or not by chatting with him. You will have to make him feel special and talk friendly to him in order to discover the hidden secrets that he otherwise won’t share with you. Flirting with your partner through a fake profile enables you to observe his response, however be ready to be shocked if he asks for a meetup. Creating a fake profile or having a fake number on Whatsapp is equally effective in analyzing whether your husband is a cheat or not.

15. The change in sleeping pattern

Human beings' bodies work according to their biological clock. If you have been married to your husband for a brief period of time, say a year, there is no doubt that you might already know their sleeping patterns: when they sleep, when they wake up, etc. If your partner is cheating on you, he will sneak out of the bed at night or even waking up early in the morning especially for a phone break then you must watch out for the sign indicating that he is a cheater.

16. No more surprise gifts

This happens many times when your husband is cheating on you. Since he cannot share his love equally between you and his alleged partner, things can go out of hand pretty quickly. If you used to get surprise gifts from him back in the hay days, but aren't receiving them anymore, this could be the consequences of him falling for someone else.

17. Use hidden cameras on the cheater

If your instinct tells you that your partner is a cheater, there is no better way than hiding a spy cam in his belongings or at home. You can even listen to the conversation made on the phone if you have a microphone installed. This would be enough to have an insight on the secrets that he has or on what he does when you are not around. Hiding a spy pen is another option, as this enables you to get more information of his workplace in order to discover any office romance, which have spread across the globe, thus destroying a lot of relationships over the years.

18. Track his location and catch him in real time

Do you suspect your man is cheating on you? GPS chips and devices will help you track his location in real time. There are many tiny GPS transmitters and devices that you can stick to his car or phone. This way you will be able to track his movements on a map and find out the location where he is actually spending a lot of his time outside the office, which is a perfect opportunity for you to catch the cheater and ask for explanations.

19. You can catch him via check-ins and reviews

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Facebook and other social networking websites have made communication and sharing memories and photos a lot easier. You can use Facebook to review websites, which might help you proving whether your husband is a cheat or not, as it allows its users to check in their location and add reviews on the latest movies, restaurants and virtually anything that you can track. We tend to check in and post everything in this world dominated by social media, but this is something that your husband might avoid if he is a cheat. However, he could upload a pic of the restaurant he visited several times with someone you don’t know or go to the movies without you, therefore sparking a fight between the two of you. You can ask questions to clear the air and that is when you'll have the answer of whether he is a cheat or not.

20. Use Contact Spy to reveal a cheating husband

It is easy to fake a call by saving the contact under another name, such as 'Paul' instead of 'Amanda', which means that he can play around without even getting caught unless you talk to every call he gets before he does. That is where Contact Spy comes in. It lets you spy on your supposedly cheating husband's contacts and phone logs with both incoming and outgoing phone calls, and much more. Using it is really simple. Just download the app on your phone and feed in the contact number of the targeted phone, which is your cheating husband's number, and you are ready to spy. You will be able to know about every phone call that he makes or receives, although installing a call recorder on your husband’s phone and hiding it is more advantageous, as you will be able to listen to the calls made or received by your cheating partner (in his absence, obviously).

Bonus advice

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It is very crucial for both partners in a relationship to make an effort in order to keep it healthy and going. A motorcycle can be used as a metaphor for any relationship: the two wheels are the two partners and they must work in harmony and in a synchronized way to tackle the obstacles and the ups and downs so the motorcycle has a smooth ride.


Many relationships end due to the fact that one partner, or even the both of them, becomes a cheater and starts having and affair with someone else. The increased dependence on technology and exposure to social media and chatting apps has made the word ‘cheat’ a funny one, but it isn’t funny at all. The cheating rate is ever-growing, with almost 22% and 14% of men and women, respectively, stating that they had cheated on their partners at least once in their lifetime. So girls, if you think your husband or partner is playing you, take appropriate steps to make things better for both of you. If you think your husband, your partner or your boyfriend is a cheater, try to confront him and get a straight answer on why he would cheat on you even after you loved him dearly.