INTJ Women: Profiling These Rare Characteristics Of A Woman

Possessing the rarest personality in the world is no easy feat, especially for women. Take a peek into the life of an INTJ woman to see why.

By Kat W
INTJ Women: Profiling These Rare Characteristics Of A Woman

How are Personality Types Determined?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Sound familiar? That's because companies often use it to profile the personality of a candidate to see if they will fit into their company culture, and schools may use it to help kids decide what career path suits them. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or personality test, is used to determine which of the 16 personalities suites you. It originated from a theory Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, created called the Theory of Psychological Type. The Myers-Briggs personality test was created to help individuals understand Jung's theory and make it useful for everyday life. The objective is to identify underlying preferences of each of the four areas specified by Jung. Favorite world: Do you enjoy group activities or do you feel most comfortable hanging out alone? This is considered Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I). Information: Do you ever find yourself looking for the hidden meaning of your conversations or do you take information plainly? This is Intuition (N) or Sensing (S). Decisions: Do you find yourself making logical decisions without the influence of your wants or do you follow your heart when it comes to tough choices? This is Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). Structure: Do you feel more comfortable when decisions are made or are you the wing it type of person? This is Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

What does INTJ Mean?

The four letters given by the Myers-Briggs test all have a particular meaning, and together they make up our unique personality type. For an INTJ, the letters stand for introversion, intuition, thicker, and judging. Let's break down the basic profile of an INTJ: Introversion (I) Introverts are usually referred to as shy or reserved to the outside world, but inside their mind, an unseen world seems to be thriving on its own. Ideas are almost as solid as tangible items in the real world for introverts, as they often prefer the idea of something rather than the real thing. They genuinely enjoy activities they can do alone or in a tiny group. Introversion describes INTJ's very well as they tend to lead very private lives.

Albert Einstein was a genius, so he would know. Being a loner has so many great benefits! ❤

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Intuition (N): Those with intuition choose never to look back. They are most excited about new things and possibilities, focusing on the future rather than the past. While some of us learn best through hands-on experience, intuits would instead think through a problem. They often enjoy working with symbols and abstract theories even if they don't have an understanding of their meaning. Since INTJ's are highly intelligent, they truly enjoy solving problems even before an issue has occurred. Thinker (T) These types are the logical decision makers who can often be found scribbling pro/con lists when trying to work through a problem. They try to avoid making decisions based on personal wants and wishes, sometimes not valuing the "people" part of making a decision. INTJ's are always more concerned with the situation at hand than anything else. While they do make logical, unbiased choices, this often leaves people with the impression a thinker is cold-hearted and unsympathetic.

Judging (J) We use decision-making preferences for our outer life and how we choose to live on a daily basis. Judgers prefer an orderly way of life and feel more at ease when decisions are made. They can often be found ticking items off their to-do lists and enjoy having their life as under control as possible. INTJ's use judging to keep their outer life in order as much as possible. Chaos is no friend of an INTJ.

The Rare Characteristics of INTJ Women

So what do those four little letters look like combined? The profile of an INTJ can be challenging to understand. INTJ's are considered the "Mastermind" of personality types due to their intellect, logic, and competence. INTJ's think differently than the rest of us average humans, and INTJ's tend to thrive in career paths such as academia, law, and sciences. However, an INTJ can succeed anywhere a combination of intellect and incisiveness are required. INTJ's are natural born leaders, but they aren't particularly fond of the spotlight. Even so, an INTJ's self-confidence will outshine even the brightest stars. To an outsider, an INTJ's shining self-confidence may come across as arrogance, but fear not, INTJ's will admit when they don't know what they don't know. There is no doubt INTJ's are the perfectionist type. The phrase 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' is not in an INTJ's vocabulary. INTJ's have a strong desire to improve anything that peaks their interest, even if it already works. This perfectionism is amplified by an INTJ's need for constant organization. While the outside world may view the INTJ personality type as weird or different, INTJ women have many layers to them. Each one you peel back gives a better view of who they are as an INTJ, showing the rest of the world they aren't so weird after all.

Understanding an INTJ Woman: The Unicorn of the Human Race

INTJ women are made up of less than 0.5 percent of the world's population, making them the rarest of any gender/personality type combination. While there are INTJ men in the world, life for an INTJ woman is much more complicated. INTJ men can typically fit in with other men without issues, but INTJ women struggle to fit in with other women, or anyone at all. From an early age, INTJ women do not fit societal norms for little girls. Labeled most often as tomboys, INTJ girls have a complete lack of interest in "girly" activities, like playing with dolls or pretending to put on makeup. This trend continues into adulthood, as INTJ women aren't fond of shopping or other usual female activities. INTJ women always have a checklist and prefer to get in and out as fast as possible. INTJ women are usually very private, so you often won't find an INTJ socializing at school or work. INTJ's tend to focus on the task at hand and accomplishing goals. Typically viewed as nurturers and communicators, INTJ women are often labeled as insensitive because an INTJ would instead prefer to get down to brass tacks than use their time for unnecessary communication. Because of this, INTJ women struggle to be understood by their peers and others around them. An INTJ woman is not afraid of disobeying authority if they have a logical reason to believe the authority is wrong. INTJ's are more concerned with what will get the job done right, and less concerned with what people think of them or the reward they may receive. Even with all these rare characteristics, the most significant difference between an INTJ woman and other women is their temperament. INTJ women are highly independent which allows INTJ's to manage their deep emotional needs on their own. INTJ women are rarely the emotional partner in a relationship and aren't "warm" like society expects women to be. Because of this, INTJ's can make calm and unemotional decisions in the workplace, making an INTJ more successful than other women.

Biggest Obstacle for INTJ Women

As mentioned before, INTJ women do not fit the profile of an average female. INTJ women may seem weird to others because they don't fit the "normal" stereotypes society has labeled women. Most INTJ women tend to have a majority of male friends, and very little, if any, female friends. Females and males are often intimidated by an INTJ woman and the presence they emit. This is because of an INTJ's blunt, no-nonsense attitude or the fact that an INTJ will challenge authority if they believe they are wrong. Some people also tend to view INTJ women as emotionally stunted because INTJ's tend to get more fulfillment from their career than relationships. When an INTJ does attempt romantic relationships, they have to work immensely harder than the average female. Flirting makes INTJ women uncomfortable, and they tend to have little patience for small talk. INTJ women can often be misunderstood or misread because of their extremely impassive nature, making it harder to connect on a deeper level.

INJT Women: Influential Females

An INTJ of Power: Samantha Power

As a former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power is one INTJ woman who is paving the way for the future. She fits the INTJ profile, as she is in a male-dominated career, has unwavering opinions and beliefs, and highly intelligent. Specializing in human rights, Power has found herself in many powerful positions, such as serving as the Director for the Carr Center for Human Right at the Harvard Kennedy School. As his Senior Advisor when he held a Senate seat, President Obama took Power to the White House with him to serve as a special advisor during his Presidency. As if holding a plethora of powerful political positions wasn't enough, Power also won a Pulitzer Prize for her book, "A Problem from Hell: America and the age of genocide."

AN INTJ of Wit: Jane Austen

While much is unknown about Jane Austen's private life, in true INTJ fashion, her writing makes it clear that she exemplified INTJ honesty and wit. A majority of her work focuses on a women's role in the British Regency era society. Today, her work is still widely popular among readers.

AN INTJ of Opinion: Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams is undoubtedly a memorable figure of history. She was married to the second president of the United States, John Adams, and mother to the sixth president, John Quincy Adams. Abigail often was an advisor to her husband on many of his political dealings and was a strong advocate of women's rights. He often requested her guidance through letters, where you can see she was an INTJ woman with a strong opinion. When they began creating a new American government, she made it a point to encourage her husband and other Continental Congress members to "..remember the ladies..".

Some sources say she was born on the 11th and some say the 22nd, but no matter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Abigail Adams - you sharp, witty, unbridled mother of the revolution. "I can not say that I think you very generous to the Ladies, for Whilst you are proclaiming peace and good will to men, emancipating all nations, you insist upon retaining an absolute power over wives. But you must remember that arbitrary power is like most other things which are very hard, very liable to be broken — and notwithstanding all your wise laws and maxims, we have it in our power not only to free ourselves but to subdue our masters, and without violence throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet." Letter from Abigail to John Adams, May, 7, 1776 - #goddess #micdrop #womanpower #foundingmothers #revolutionarywomen #coloniallife #abigailadams

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An INTJ of Ambition: Michelle Obama

Besides being the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017, Michelle Obama is an American lawyer and writer who is blazing her path. During her years as the First Lady, this INTJ began numerous initiatives to show support for causes close to her heart. She is an INTJ woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind and go after what she believes in. After leaving the White House, Michelle didn't slow down. She and the 44th President are both busy writing books, enjoying family time, and continuing to help better our world. In true INTJ fashion, Michelle Obama is a jack of all trades.

Strengths of an INTJ Woman

Beauty and Brains

INTJ women never let go of an opportunity to challenge their intellect and improve their mind. INTJ's have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and have no lack of curiosity. INTJ's often put their brains to use by planning what actions can be taken in specific scenarios and determine a plan of action. When thrown into unfamiliar situations, INTJ women view everything with an open-mind while remaining unbiased. This allows an INTJ to form an honest opinion and fact-based knowledge of a particular subject.

Shining Self-Confidence

INTJ women have a gift for making rational and unbiased conclusions, so an INTJ has no doubt they are always right. INTJ's are highly confident in their abilities and the knowledge they possess, allowing them to be honest and direct when correcting someone or something. When criticized or confronted, INTJ women aren't afraid to stand their ground. During conflicts INTJ's tend to stay unemotional and highly rational, allowing them to prove their point with ease.

Miss Independent

Independence is a prominent characteristic of an INTJ woman. It is a primary factor in an INTJ's personality, which can make them even harder to profile. INTJ's don't need to be in a romantic relationship to be happy, and INTJ's are perfecting capable of holding their own in a majority of situations. An INTJ woman also does not need a huge group of friends to feel accepted or well-liked, as INTJ's are perfectly content doing things on her own.

Efficient is their Middle Name

INTJ women are the no-nonsense type of people in every sense. INTJ's don't like bogging their time down with unnecessary delays in their everyday life and work life. Bosses love INTJ's because they are usually dedicated to their work and getting it done right the first time.

Weaknesses of an INTJ Woman


INTJ women tend to have a complete lack of authority and have no problem challenging those in high positions. INTJ's will often solve a problem or act with total disregard to instructions if they believe they know better. This can cause tension and conflicts in the office and life, as INTJ's also apply this to laws and other social conventions.

Romance is Not in the Air

Romantic relationships can be complicated for an INTJ woman. Because they choose to live private lives, INTJ women find it hard to let others in and connect emotionally. INTJ's often approach romantic relationships as they would a professional one, as they are highly uncomfortable with flirting. Also, INTJ's lack an understanding of the day to day things that make relationships work, such as small talk.

Miss Always Right

While an INTJ woman can be open-minded with the unknown, they tend to form strong opinions over what they do know. INTJ's aren't afraid to tell you your wrong if your ideas differ from theirs, especially if they view you as intellectually inferior. This can make INTJ's seem insensitive and uncaring of others feelings.

Not all INTJ Women are Alike

It is very likely that an INTJ, or anyone for that matter, differ from the personality assigned to them. The Myers-Briggs personality test is based on a percentage of how much a person identifies with one preference. So while INTJ women share a variety of rare characteristics, they do have their differences like any other person. A majority of INTJ women tend to lean towards atheism, because of their deep roots in logical thinking, but some INTJ's do have firm religious beliefs. Similarly, some INTJ's will be warriors while others prefer to be pacifists. Like a majority of people, an INTJ woman may have a varying interest compared to another INTJ woman. Some INTJ's might even be able to thrive in "people jobs" like sales, depending on if they have developed those skills. Regardless of their very rare personality, INTJ women are just like any other woman who enjoys a variety of activities. She may even have a close-knit group of friends she enjoys hanging around. INTJ women don't just fit into one box and can't always be characterized by four words.

How to Be Happy as an INTJ Woman

Like any other person, INTJ women are looking for a place to fit in and a group of friends to call their own. For an INTJ woman, this can be difficult without having to compromise your personality and ideals. It's important to decide what is most valuable to you in friendships, relationships, and life, and try to make that happen. Find other ambitious women to add to your circle. These women more than likely have big goals just like an INTJ. Join professional associations, go to women's leadership events, and participate in continuing education classes. Although many INTJ women prefer doing things alone, they also enjoy hanging out with small groups. Joining the "all boys" club at work could be one way for an INTJ female to feel included. Many INTJ women are in professions dominated by men, so it's important to show them you're to be respected as well. You may even make a few friendships this way if you tend to get along with males easier. Don't quit or downsize your career just to make those around you feel comfortable. Some INTJ's have attempted to conform to societal views by becoming stay-at-home moms. If becoming a stay-at-home mom is what you want, more power to you! If not, you go girl! Keep working and striving towards your ambitions, and eventually, you will find yourself with other career-driven women who share the same outlook as you. Be true to yourself. Don't downplay who you are or compromise your beliefs to fit in with others. Be a proud INTJ. You will find people who accept you as you are.

How to be Attractive to an INTJ Woman

While profiling a rare woman, such as an INTJ, can be difficult, once you understand their weird quirks getting along with an INTJ is easy. INTJ women have high standards for competence and performance not only for themselves but those around them as well. INTJ women don't expect you to have the IQ of a genius, but they like discussing important matters and exchanging ideas. While INTJ women do tend to judge a book by it's cover, you won't get far if your conversation is lacking. Along with brains, INTJ women like driven, ambitious, and responsible men. INTJ women want someone who cares about their future and who want to succeed in life. It's a major turn off to INTJ women if a man is too laid-back and wasting away their future. INTJ women are no-nonsense, get to the point type people, and they expect you to be as well. INTJ women don't have time for mind-games or guys who try too hard to do what they think is right. Be upfront and honest, even if it may offend her. Because INTJ women aren't the best at socializing she definitely won't be the one to make the first move. The ideal guy for an INTJ woman will take the initiative to reach out first, plan the dates, and doesn't mind being the first to offer compliments. INTJ women are more likely to help stimulate a conversation once it's been started by someone they like. Being highly independent is one characteristic any man will have to get over if they are in a relationship with an INTJ woman. An INTJ is more than likely to leave you in the dust if they think you are distracting them from their goals by your need for constant attention. Like any female, INTJ women have weird moods, but they are more likely to act on them if you being to annoy them. So in short, don't be clingy, INTJ's hate that. INTJ's are notorious for hiding their emotions. A man that can see right through the facade an INTJ puts up to find out what they are feeling is ideal. INTJ women want a passionate and intense love like any other woman, but just on their terms. INTJ women are just like any other female. They too have a desire to belong and feel accepted. INTJ women need a man who isn't afraid to put in the work to make a relationship last. Things won't be easy; they may get a little weird, but with a little patience and perseverance an INTJ woman could be right for you.


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