15 Flirty Conversation Starters That Will Get Her Attention

Flirting can be a good conversation starter. And if you can do it correctly, then you will be able to win over girls' attention quite easily.

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15 Flirty Conversation Starters That Will Get Her Attention

Impressing girls with great conversation starters

Flirting refers to the act of showing attraction towards someone in a rather playful way. This comes naturally to some, whereas some people still need to hone their skills. If you belong to the second category, then don’t worry. There are many things you can do to improve. Flirting is an art, so you need to put on your creative hat and find ways to impress a girl. If you really like her but are not sure how to start a conversation, then flirting can be a good option. It makes the other person realize your feelings without making it too obvious. So, you can say that it is a bit of a guessing game for your girl.

Dropping hints without saying it directly

When you flirt with someone, it is like you're dropping hints about how you feel about her without saying it directly. It is not only about complimenting your girl, but it is also about striking up a conversation. You can ask her flirty questions and see how she reacts to it. If she is also interested in you, then she will laugh along with you, else she will just give you a cold look. Flirting can be a good conversation starter for guys who want to grab the attention of a girl they like.

Finding the right conversation starter with girls

There are times when you see a girl and find yourself at a complete loss of words. You just can’t figure out how to start a conversation. What can you do when you find yourself in this situation? Maybe you can begin by finding her online. There are so many social media platforms these days. If you are interested in a girl, then you can try finding her on social media. Go ahead and view her profile. If it is not made public, then look for some common friends. There are high chances that you will come across one or two common friends through whom you can approach her. If they're willing to help you out, your friends can help in introducing you to this girl that you like. However, starting a conversation will still be up to you. You will have to look for topics that can act as a conversation starter between you two. Read on to know more about finding the right conversation starter.

Showing your sense of humor around girls

Girls love to spend their time with people who can make them laugh. So, if you have a great sense of humor, then put it to good use! If you can make the girl you like laugh, then half the battle is won. She will definitely stick around if you are in a party. You will have all her attention. When you are gifted with witty nature, you will be able to inject humor in almost every situation. If a potential girlfriend feels bored or stressed, then you can lighten up her mood through your funny side. You will automatically be a hot favorite among the girls if you are able to do that.

Top 5 flirty conversation starters with girls

So, now you know you will have to funny, but that doesn’t mean you will start behaving like a clown. If you want her to be your girlfriend, then do the right moves. Maintain eye contact with the girl you like. And then when you think it is right for you to make the move, go ahead and speak to her. Here are the top 5 flirty questions that will act as conversation starters.

1. Do you like it when a guy makes the first move or do you like taking the lead?

This flirty question can actually help you know her nature. Depending on her answer, you can either approach her directly or you can continue flirting.

2. Is there a pet name that you would like your future boyfriend to call you?

If your potential girlfriend answers this question in affirmative, then it is a signal for you. You just call her by that name and see how she responds. If she is all smiles, then you will know that your girl is taking interest in you.

3. What is your idea of a perfect date?

You want her to be your girlfriend, so listen closely and pay attention. You will get an idea about how to get ready for the perfect date. If you miss out on a single detail, then someone else will take her out on her dream date. Make sure that you take note of all her likes and dislikes that she is sharing with you.

4. Is there anyone in the party whom you think has the potential to be your future boyfriend?

You are actually asking her whether she considers you to be her future boyfriend, but you cannot ask her directly. So, you can just ask the question in a different manner. This can act as the best conversation starter because she will now be looking at everybody in the party. You can give her options just for fun. This way, she will realize that you have what it takes to be a potential boyfriend. If she's also into you, then maybe she'll start giving you more attention.

5. How do manage to be well-dressed all the time?

Most girls always take their time to look their best for any event. You will definitely notice that if you are interested in a particular girl. Girls find it sweet whenever guys appreciate their looks and gives them compliments. If you tell her that her dress is simply amazing, then she appreciate that you took notice of her look. You will get her attention if you always let her know that you're captivated with the way she looks.

Conversation starters for college goers

As a college student, also you might face the problem of not being able to grab the attention of the girl you like. If she attends the same school or class, then you can probably get her number from her friends. If you are feeling confident, then go ahead and text her. Your texts can be flirty, too. If you are talking to your girl friend online or through text, then flirting can be the best conversation starter.

Flirty text messages

Try sending flirty messages through text. You can say something like: "I just had a dream that I was texting you, so I woke up to turn my dreams into reality." It might sound cheesy, but who knows? It might work well. She will surely be curious and reply to your text. If she doesn't, then you can send her another text stating like: "I saw you smile while reading my text, but why aren’t you replying?" Just have patience. Sooner or later, she will reply to your texts.

Top 5 flirty questions to ask girls online

So, you've found a way to connect with her online. But are you worrying about if flirting can work online or not? Don't fret about it. Flirting online, when done in good taste, can always work. Aside from being one of the best conversation starters, it is also a good way to get to know girls better. Flirting can help you understand a girl's perspective on relationships. You can also get a better idea of how she feels about you. If you see that she likes flirting with you online, then you can be sure that she enjoys your company. It is also highly possible that she's developing a romantic interest towards you. Otherwise, she would have just stopped texting or chatting with you the very moment you started flirting with her. Girls have very strong intuition; they can sense your intention very well. Make sure that the messages you send her online reflect your good intentions. Here are the top 5 flirty questions than you can ask a girl online.

6. You look really hot in this picture. Is this your recent picture?

You can tell her something like this: "I was browsing through the friend list when I stumbled upon your profile. You look really hot. Is this your recent picture?" Let her know that she is a show stopper and a head-turner. Tell her that her picture caught your attention so you just had to talk to her.

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7. Am I the reason behind that smile on your face?

This is a nice and flirty question to ask if she hasn't replied to your messages yet. Playfully ask tell her: "You are still lingering in my thoughts. Am I still there in your mind? Am I the reason behind that smile on your face?" It will let her know that you're thinking about her. But at the same time, it will encourage her to flirt back. Who knows? She might just confess that she's interested in you too.

8. How long have you been waiting for my message?

Ask her: "Tell me honestly about how long have you been hanging around with the phone for my message to pop up?" If he really has been waiting for your message to pop up, then she might feel embarrassed that that caught her red-handed. But don’t be afraid of that. She might be mad at first but deep inside she is laughing at getting caught. This message can also be a way to let her know that you want her to be comfortable at sharing her feelings with you.

9. I am not a very good conversation starter, so do you want to take the the lead?

Letting her take charge of the conversation can also be a good move. If she is interested in you, then she will take the initiative of starting the conversation.

10. I'm always the one who texts first, so does it mean you are simply not interested in me?

This might be a tricky question to ask. Is she just not that into you or is she playing hard to get? If you want to be straightforward, then you can send her this message. She won't say it to your face if she is indeed playing hard to get. She might not even answer your question at all. However, you can take it as a sign that she wants you to go the extra mile to get her attention. Otherwise, she will tell you directly that she is not actually interested in you.

Just play along

Conversation starters are not that hard, but if you want to make the girls know what you feel without making it obvious, then it can be a bit difficult. If you are trying too hard to impress girls, then you will come across as someone who has no personality. On the other hand, if you are acting hard to get, then the girls might ignore you completely. So, either way, you will lose out on the opportunity to get closer to the girl you have a crush on. Flirting is the middle path, it is the best conversation starter and it also lets you bare your feelings for without making it obvious.

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5 more conversation starters for you

Yes, you can make friends and chat with her online. But if you really want her to be your girlfriend, then you have to step up your game. Starting a conversation in person is very different than talking online. If you are meeting a girl in person for the first time, then read on. Here are 5 more flirty conversation starters that will help you impress your future girlfriend.

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11. I think we have met before.

This might be an overused line, but with a slightly different approach, it can work this time. If you've seen her at a party before but have never talked to her, then go ahead and use this line. Mention the party that you've both attended and take it from there. This way, it won't look like you're a complete stranger. You'll have something in common to talk about. If you have common friends, mention them too. Use this time to get to know each other more, and don't forget to keep in touch after.

12. I misplaced my phone, can you give me a ring?

Do you want to get her number but don't know how? This will work only if you don't have other friends around. Otherwise, your helpful friends will give you a ring and you won’t be able to get her number. If you are trying this trick as the conversation starter, then make sure that none of your friends are around. You need to be a good actor to pull this off without getting caught. Act as if you have lost your phone and then head straight towards her and ask her to help you out by calling the number. You can ask her to come outside, just in case you dropped your phone outside. If you are a good actor, then she will definitely fall for this trick and will help you in finding your phone.

13. Oh sorry, I thought you were someone I know!

Want to introduce yourself to her at a party but don't know how? Just walk up to her, give her a tap on the shoulder and start saying something. Finally, when she turns to you, look embarrassed and startled. Before she could say anything you can tell her that it is obviously a case of mistaken identity. Don’t forget to be polite and apologize to her. You don't want to look like a creepy stranger. Once you have cleared the air, seize the moment and start a conversation. Don’t lose eye contact, and don’t forget to wear that flirty smile of yours. It will have her hooked onto you for the rest of the party.

14. Hello!

No matter how boring the word “hello” seems, nothing can beat it when it comes to conversation starters. While walking past a girl you like, simply smile and confidently say hello. She might be surprised at your sudden gesture, but your confidence will leave a lasting impression. You will seem friendly and confident, and this will encourage her to strike up a conversation with you. Maintain eye contact when she's around, and see if she gazes at you too. Give her a smile and take it slowly from there.

15. What do you think of this?

Asking her about her opinion is a great way of keeping the conversation going. It will show her that you have a genuine interest in her. Make sure that you listen well and show that you value her opinions. For example, you can ask about a place or a country that she has recently visited. You can say that you read about a popular spot in that country, and you want to verify if it's really worth visiting. You can also ask her for recommendations if you're also planning to travel to that particular country.

Great conversation starters should feel natural

At this point, you've already learned a lot of useful tips in flirting and starting a conversation. You already know how to make the first move. You're now ready to strike up a conversation with a girl you like. However, don't feel too pressured. Give yourself some time to be comfortable with flirting. It will feel forced and awkward if you try too hard. Be creative and make sure to always be yourself in approaching a girl.

Just be yourself when approaching girls

There is no such thing as a perfect time. You will have to create perfect opportunity for yourself and the girl you like. Always remember to be confident and let your true personality shine. Make a move instead of just waiting things to happen. Take initiative. Show that flirty smile, say hello, give her a compliment. The next thing you know, she already can't get you out of her mind.