Suzy Amis Cameron: 5 Facts To Know About James Cameron's Wife

Suzy Amis Cameron, wife to James Cameron, is known for the popular movie Titanic. Find out more about her, her husband, children and net worth.

By Dagmar Thomson
Suzy Amis Cameron: 5 Facts To Know About James Cameron's Wife

Five Facts to Know About Suzy Amis Cameron

Suzy Amis Cameron was born in the year 1962 in Oklahoma City, US. Suzy is the sister of Charlie, Scott, Page, Rebecca, and Dave. When she was 13 years old, Suzy had an interest in horse riding. However, by the time she turned 15 years of age, her ambition was somewhere else; Suzy developed an interest in being a flying veterinarian while still young and she was ambitious. Suzy’s father was a construction firm owner. Suzy Amis Cameron is the wife of James Cameron who is a movie producer and director. They met while filming the movie "Titanic" back in 1997. Here are five facts about Suzy Amis Cameron.

1. James Cameron's wife is an Environmental Activist

Apart from acting and modeling, Suzy Cameron is a very strong advocate for the environment. Suzy's love and care for the environment developed after she retired from her acting career. In 2005, Suzy and her sister Rebecca founded MUSE Global School in California from where they both serve organic food, which is locally grown. The school is founded on the assumption that we can create an environment that is free from toxins; hence, the school has a zero waste policy. The school is the first in the whole nation that has a pure vegetarian diet in their menu. It may sound ridiculous that a school serves a menu without animal products. However, Suzy has ensured that the school has its own greenhouses and a garden from where the farm produce can be acquired easily. Hence, the school is able to sustain itself fully on a purely vegetarian diet. Suzy, together with her husband James Cameron, has endeavored to ensure that they push the agenda for a better world. It is indeed true that the planet is gradually wasting away. People have polluted the natural environment and therefore if no drastic measures are taken, we are going to leave the planet worse than we found it. In 2009, Suzy founded another global initiative that deals with sustainable fashion especially on the red carpet. Suzy collaborated with various designers to come up with a range of designs, which include eco-design tuxedos and gowns and even vintage pieces. In 2014, Suzy, together with James Cameron and McCaw, founded an organization known as PPTF (Plant Power Task Force). This organization shows the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment and climate change. PPTF has been on the forefront to support various studies about global diets and the various impacts of climate change.

2. Suzy Cameron is a retired actress

Suzy worked as a model for Ford in the 1980s before making her debut to the screens in the film 'Fandango' in 1985. Since then she has played various characters in different films, which include but are not limited to: • Rich in Love • The Usual Suspects • Blown Away • Rocket Gibraltar • Judgment Day In the year 1995, James’ wife (Suzy) won an award for Best Actor. The NBR awards gave her this for her role in ‘The Usual Suspects.’ In the year 1997, Suzy Cameron was featured in the film 'Titanic' where she played the character of Lizzy Calvert (Rose Calvert’s granddaughter). During her spell in the filming of the 'Titanic' movie, Suzy met James Cameron who was the director of the film. Her life changed completely and Suzy never saw it coming. What Suzy thought was a fictional love story in the film turned to be a real-life story of their love life with James Cameron. Suzy admits that the iconic film ‘Titanic’ turned her life around. It is in this film that Suzy met the love of her life, her mentor, confidant, and her best friend. Suzy retired from acting in the year 1999 after her role was finished in the film 'Judgment Day.'

3. Suzy Cameron's husband is her former film director

Suzy met her husband James Cameron in the film 'Titanic.' The 'Avatar' director was in charge of the film 'Titanic,' but still managed to be love-struck by one of his cast members. Prior to her marriage with James, Suzy was married to Sam Robards but they divorced in 1994. Likewise, James had already been in various marriages that did not work. James had four ex-wives before finally settling with Suzy Amis. James Francis Cameron is a 63-year-old Canadian filmmaker. James is also an engineer from California State University. James is a well-known movie director whose work is greatly appreciated in the film industry. James is the brain behind the production of the film 'The Terminator' that was produced first in the year 1984. The 'Terminator' is an action-packed film which has won various awards including Saturn Award for the best writing. Suzy’s husband also won a Special Award from Yoga Awards in 2004 for Worst Trilogy recognizing his work in 'Terminator 2,' 'Rise of machines,' 'Terminator 3,' and 'Judgment Day.' The film 'Avatar' is another exemplary work done by Suzy's husband James Cameron and it was aired in 2010 even though 'Avatar' was an idea he developed in 1994. Suzy’s husband is a master of his own trade; he has won the hearts of many film lovers in the movies he has directed. Suzy Cameron is indeed a proud woman for having such a man as her husband and that is why she accompanies him to every award-giving ceremony. There are various pictures of Suzy and James at different ceremonies where they look very happy by each other’s side.

4. Suzy is a mother of four children

James’ wife Suzy is a mother of four children. Suzy’s marriage with Robards brought about a son by the name Jasper who was born in 1990. After meeting James Cameron and marrying in the year 2000, Suzy Cameron gave birth to two daughters and a son. The first-born daughter was born in April 2001 and goes by the name Claire. Their second daughter, who is the last-born, was born in December 2006. She goes by the name Elizabeth Rose Cameron. It is not clear whether Suzy and her husband settled on the name Elizabeth Rose Cameron due to the fact that Suzy played the character of Lizzy Calvert in the iconic movie 'Titanic' or maybe it is just a mere coincidence. Pictures of the couple with their daughter Elizabeth Rose Cameron were captured as James and his wife Suzy attended a filmmaking celebration in New Zealand. The only son of Suzy and James Cameron was born in September 2003. His name is James Quinn.

5. Suzy’s Net Worth

James’ wife Suzy has an estimated net worth of $5.5 million. Suzy’s income is generated from the time she was a model to the time she decided to retire from acting as a career.


From the above, we can say that Suzy was one of the best actors of her time judging from the several awards that she received. It is also clear that she is an accomplished woman given her successful acting career as well as her family.