Amanda Burden Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Charlie Rose's Girlfriend

Philanthropist, best-dressed woman, and a serious #girlboss, what can Amanda Burden not do? Let's dive into the life of Charlie Rose's longtime girlfriend!

By Kat W
Amanda Burden Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Charlie Rose's Girlfriend

Charlie Rose and Girlfriend, Amanda Burden: A Decade of Secret Romance

2013 Jony and Marc's (RED) Auction

Charlie Rose was accompanied by longtime girlfriend, Amanda Burden, to the 2013 (RED) Auction.

For over a decade Charlie Rose kept his romantic relationship quiet and out of the media with current girlfriend, Amanda Burden. When questioned about their relationship, Rose and Burden would refer to each other as longtime friends or companions. It wasn't until 2002 the couple announced they had been together for years, successfully keeping their romance out of the spotlight. Amanda Burden and Charlie Rose, a couple of almost 25 years, may not live together, but they do enjoy spending a great deal of time with each other. Their families have welcomed the other with open arms, as Charlie is even the godfather to two of his girlfriend's grandchildren.

Amanda Burden Before Charlie Rose

Born as Amanda Mortimer, the New York Socialite married Shirley Carter Burden Jr. in 1964. Carter Burden was a multi-millionaire at the time of their marriage and a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt. While the pair was married, Carter Burden worked in publications and as an NYC Councilman, eventually serving as an aide to Sen. Robert "Ted" Kennedy. Burden's work with Ted Kennedy sparked Amanda's interest in social justice and teaching as a profession. The couple had two children, Flobelle Fairbanks Burden and S. Carter Burden III, before her eventual divorce from Shirley Carter Burden Jr. in 1972. That same year it was rumored that Ted Kennedy and Amanda were having an affair, but Ted Kennedy himself later dispelled it. In 1979, Amanda Burden was remarried to Steven Ross before divorcing two years later.

Election Day 1969

Shirley Carter Burden Jr. and Amanda Burden voting on election day in 1969. Burden won a seat in the City Council.

The Princess of New York: Amanda Burden

Looking at her lineage, It is easy to see why Amanda Burden was often credited as a New York socialite in her younger years. She is the daughter of former Vogue fashion editor and style icon, Barbara 'Babe' Paley, and heir to an oil fortune, Stanley Grafton Mortimer Jr. But it wasn't all pearls and cashmere for Amanda. She has admitted to having almost no relationship with her mother, as she was known to neglect Amanda and her brother, Stanley III. Her parents divorced in 1946 and both remarried. Amanda has mentioned having excellent relations with her step-mother, Kathleen Mortimer, daughter of Averell Harriman, the railroad heir and United States ambassador to the Soviet Union. She has also credited her step-father, William Paley, previous CEO of CBS, for being a tremendous influence on her work later on in life. After graduating from the Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut, Amanda attended Wellesley College before leaving in 1964. She then worked in the public school system as a teaching aide in Harlem during the 1960's. Amanda eventually went back to college and graduated from Sarah Lawerence college in 1976, focusing on Environmental Science and Animal Behavior. While Amanda keeps her income and savings a secret, it isn't hard to imagine that a woman of this stature has an impressive net worth. Even without knowing the pertinent information, as of 2005, it was estimated that Amanda Burden's net worth is roughly $45 Million.

Creating Her Own Legacy

Taming The Urban Jungle

Amanda Burden went back to school for her Master's degree so she could learn the ins and outs of city planning. She graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation and wrote an award-winning thesis on recycling urban garbage. After graduating, she began her career by working with one of her mentors, William H. Whyte, at the architecture firm Gruzen & Partners. Amanda Burden took what she learned from Whyte and put it to great use as the Vice President for Planning and Design of Battery Park City Authority from 1983 to 1990. During this time she oversaw the design and transformation of Battery City Park, which was a neighborhood created from the soil and rock excavated during the construction of The World Trade Center. This 92-acre plot of land was used to create open space and parklands for all of New York City to enjoy. From planning one park to becoming a city planner, Amanda Burden will not let anything stand in her way of bettering New York City. In 2002 she became the director of the New York City Department of City Planning and a chairwoman of the city planning commission. During her tenure, she oversaw a redevelopment that incorporated nearly 8,000 blocks within New York City. Her approach was focused on open space and adding shop fronts to specific areas. She also initiated a push to revitalize Lower Manhattan and to improve access to the waterfronts in Brooklyn. Amanda Burden's work as the city's Planning Director made her one of the most influential people in New York City's government, right under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Raising Legacies

As mentioned, Amanda Burden had 2 children during her first marriage to Shirley Carter Burden Jr., Flobelle Fairbanks Burden and S. Carter Burden III. Belle Burden married Henry Patterson Davis in 1999 at the age of 30. Much like her mother, Belle is an accomplished woman. She graduated from Harvard University and later obtained her law degree from New York University. Over the years she has found herself giving her time to a variety of philanthropic organizations.

2015 GO Spring Benefit

Belle Burden Davis and Anna Carter at the 2015 Go Spring Benefit.

S. Carter Burden III attended Wesleyan University before founding his company, Logicworks, in 1993, where he served as Chief Executive Officer until April 2010. He has also been a part of several other New York based companies, serving as a prominent figure in each. From April 2007 to recent, Burden III serves as a Director of William A. M. Burden & Co., a private Investment Partnership.

HOPE Luncheon Seminar 2013

Belle Burden Davis and S. Carter Burden III are joined by their step-mother, Susan Burden, at the HOPE Luncheon Seminar, hosted by the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

Life After the Jungle

In 2013, Amanda Burden passed down her crown as the city planner. She now works as a principal at Bloomberg Associates, a company founded by former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. His company is a philanthropic consultancy firm that focuses on city government and improving urban life. There is no doubt Amanda Burden has been wildly successful, even without the title of Charlie Rose's girlfriend. While he may be known nationally, and potentially internationally, Amanda's net worth and contribution to society far outweigh Charlie's.

And the Award Goes To Amanda Burden

The New York City Socialite, Amanda Burden, was placed on the International Best Dressed list at the age of 22, taking Jackie Kenndey's place, as she was graduating into the Best Dressed hall of fame. But don't let Amanda Burden's beauty fool you. Over the years, she has won many prestigious awards for her work in urban development. 2004: The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt's Design Patron Award was presented to Amanda. 2008: She was inducted into the American Institute of Certified Planners College of Fellow's Membership. 2009: $100,000 was awarded to Amanda from ULI's J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development for her urban development efforts in New York City. She then donated the prize money back to ULI so they could create an annual award for those who transform public spaces around the world. 2011: Amanda received the American Architectural Foundation Keystone Award, which recognizes those outside of the architectural discipline for excellent leadership in design that improves and transforms communities.

The Rise and Fall of Charlie Rose

The name 'Charlie Rose' has been filling headlines as of lately. The 75-year-old journalist and late-night tv show host has recently been accused of sexual assault in the form of unwanted advances, inappropriate phone calls, groping, and a variety of other things. Charlie Rose grew up in rural New York in a town of fewer than 100 people. With his dreams of leaving New York, Rose took his first opportunity when he left for college, enrolling at Duke University in North Carolina. He began his studies as pre-med but quickly jumped ship to history after interning with then-Sen. B. Everett. Jordan. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree, Charlie Rose decided to stick around and enrolled in Duke's law school, where he met his first wife, Mary King. The couple eventually moved to New York, where Mary worked with CBS as a researcher. Charlie Rose put his law degree to use as an attorney on Wall Street. He also began freelance television assignments in his free time. In 1974 he became a producer for International Report, a PBS show. Shortly after, Rose began finding himself in front of the camera rather than behind it. This launched his career, and he began moving around the United States for various television gigs. His jet-setting life led to his divorce with Mary King in 1980. Three years later CBS hired Charlie Rose to helm "Nightwatch." Since then he has hosted a variety of other talk shows and news shows, eventually starting his own late-night self-titled program. At least eight women have come forward, as of recent, to share their personal experiences with Charlie Rose. Many of which spoke about being afraid to report the assault, for fear of him retaliating against their careers. CBS has since fired Charlie Rose, and PBS has canceled their distribution of his self-titled program. Charlie Rose is reported to have a net worth of roughly $23 million, but this may soon change.

What Does Charlie's Girlfriend Think?

All eight women who accused Rose of unwanted sexual advances are reported to have worked or wanted to work for Rose over his career, beginning in 1990. They accused him of such actions as groping, unsolicited phone calls, and a variety of unwelcome advances. Speaking out against Rose was viewed as not an option for these women, as they feared it would hinder their career. While Amanda Burden has yet to comment on the accusations, Charlie Rose has had a lot to say. On November 20, 2017, Rose posted the following statement: