Top 30 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is 'Wife Material'

If you don’t know what qualities to look for in a lady you want to spend the rest of your life with, take a look at these 30 signs of wife material.

By Gerald Matiri
Top 30 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is 'Wife Material'

Definition of wife material

You have heard about this wife material thing and in most cases, it is used to refer to a lady who is excellent at taking babysitting, cleaning, and cooking. Those who advocate feminism would say it is the perfect definition of a house help? Well, never mind. There is more to it, than you ever thought! Just know about it more and move ahead with confidence. Basically, it is a social term that infers the preferred qualities of women men seek when they want to settle down. They are the things which a woman can do to make a man write her off. But it doesn’t mean your woman is a wife material when you take her to your parents’ and ask her to help your mum with the garden, and all she does is take selfies and dash to Instagram to post hashtags e.g. #beautiful garden- you are dealing with a joker. Do you think your mom will be pleased with this behavior? Besides, your girlfriend is wearing some tight clothes, yet you had warned her about the casual attire earlier on. Obviously, she expected to help your folks with some house chores that would require bending yet she had the audacity to put on short clothes. Yes, your girlfriend is sexy and fun to be with, but can she fulfill wifely duties? This is something only you can answer. Check out the sign you need to look for before you ask for her hand in marriage.

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1. A wife material takes care of your stomach

She knows that the way to your heart is through your stomach. Or don’t you love good food? This should be a deal breaker if you are considering getting hitched. If she is a dab hand in culinary matters and can make the tastiest meal for you, it is a huge sign she will make a good wife. Otherwise, if she cannot differentiate between an eggplant and cucumber, and considers pasta to be the healthiest meal, you are going to have a little problem with this wife-to-be.

2. Intellectual curiosity

You are looking for a woman who will not only complete you but challenge you as well. The last thing you need is a sycophant. An ideal wife material should understand your upsides and downsides to make you a better man but not to take advantage of them. Of course, you cannot have the perfect girlfriend but you need someone who reasons before acting.

3. God-fearing

Your girlfriend doesn’t have to be churchy but she should at least be a believer. She may not be a choir leader, but a wife material should be religious. You want a mother who will raise your kids in a Godly way.

4. She surprises you

This is another sign you are hooked up to a wife material. If she surprises you from time to time, it means that you are always on her mind. She loves surprises and so do you- only that you expect different types of surprises. She might surprise by telling you to go out and have fun with your male friends. This is a sign of a good wife- a woman who lets you enjoy your freedom with your friends.

5. She supports you when in need

This is one big sign that she is committed to your relationship. If she wasn’t, she would run away from you when you need support. Instead, she sticks around when you are sick and consoles you when you are feeling low. She will still be your biggest fan even if you lose your job. Instead of nagging you, she will help you find a job. Her unwavering encouragements and support make you want to bend the knee and propose marriage.

6. Wife material girlfriend is pleasant

You want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is easy to get along with as opposed to a moody personality. How is her mood swings? Does she smile when you are in private or just to keep appearances in public? Find out if she is nice all the times. A woman who wears a façade is not wife material because she will make your life miserable most of the time when she reveals her true colors. You don’t want to be welcomed by a face of thunder every time you get home.

7. A homemaker

If your girlfriend doesn’t show any home-making strategies, you will have a lot of issues to deal with when you marry her. Does she wash your clothes, and how does she organize a house- from changing curtains to cleaning the veranda?

8. A good sense of humor

This is one of the best qualities you can find in a woman. She doesn’t take things too seriously; she is adventurous and genuine. You want to have a long-lasting relationship with someone who makes you happy. Laughing together as a couple is the perfect definition of a happy marriage. Laughter as the best medicine can help you deal with stress when there’s a major crisis in your life.

9. She can control her emotions

Feminism advocates for women to express their feelings but only a few women know how to control emotions. When something is wrong, a wife should not scream at her husband particularly in the presence of kids. It is okay to feel angry but a wife material takes time to calm down before acting.

10. An organized woman

Most men are carefree and this sometimes gets them into big troubles like bankruptcy. Wouldn’t you want to live with somebody who ensures that your life is on track all the time? Well, that is the definition of wife material. She will not only manage your house but also your financial matters e.g. reminding you to pay your loans in due time. If you want a marriage that actually works, you need an organized woman by your side.

11. She will stay with you when you are broke

If she can tolerate you when your pocket is empty, rest assured you have a keeper by your side. She doesn’t care if you don’t buy her expensive presents during Valentine’s Day. She will, in fact, give you money when you are in need.

12. She has lots of affection

If she can tolerate you when your pocket is empty, rest assured you have a keeper by your side. She doesn’t care if you don’t buy her expensive presents during Valentine’s Day. She will, in fact, give you money when you are in need.

13. She doesn’t nag

The next sign you should look for in a wife material is whether she whines too much. A nagging wife is hard to cope with. You can’t deny that the idea of getting hitched to a great gives you some cold feet. Picture this: coming home late only to be interrogated why you are late for dinner or to explain why you left your socks on the bathroom floor (although this habit is annoying). You cannot enjoy your free time with friends when you have a great nag in your house; she will blow up your phone demanding to know the time you get home. Can you keep up with this annoying behavior? Sure, you make mistakes now and then but no one need to nag you about them all the time.

14. A submissive girlfriend

Even though she believes in feminism and equality, a wife material knows that she is not supposed to dominate in a relationship. This is an ultimate sign of a good wife. A submissive woman follows your orders without complaining. She rarely argues with you and if she does, it is only a reasonable argument.

15. An independent woman

This is the coolest woman you can marry. She has a life besides your relationship: a career, her aspirations, and friends. In other words, her life doesn’t revolve around you. An independent woman will make your life easier, unlike a fifth-grade clinger who would bug you with every little issue she is dealing with.

16. A wife material is not a party animal

If you are looking for a potential wife in a club, you are very lost. How can a drunken woman take care of your kids? Look for a lady who likes to have fun but outside clubs and local bars.

17. She encourages your dreams

This is another great quality of a wife material. She respects and encourages your aspirations rather than looking down upon you. She is the type of woman who doesn’t pressure you to provide for her but encourages you to reach your dreams first and the rest shall follow. She is sensible about correcting you whenever she feels like you are taking the wrong course. Nonetheless, she doesn’t dampen your ambitions by telling you to get a life.

18. She is tough

Despite everything going on in her life- family dramas, job-hunting, and a busy schedule- a wife material knows how to stay composed and strong.

19. She gives you space

Does your girlfriend let you do your own things? It is fun to spend quality time with your woman but sometimes you just need a break from the norm. Whether it’s watching your favorite football match or having drinks with your friends, a wife material knows when to let you have some alone time. She understands that you have your own buddies you need to check on once in a while. So, instead of pressuring you to stay with her all the time, she lets you do your own things. She doesn’t want you to feel trapped because she wants the same from you- that’s the definition of wife material.

20. A low-maintenance woman

A good girlfriend does not leave you broke after a vacation. How do you know she is low-maintenance? She doesn’t wear expensive makeup, shoes, and extravagant dresses. She is just simple.

21. She enjoys making love to you

A good wife is readily available to his man. She is generous when it comes to satisfying your desires. That means she is very comfortable with you as her intimate partner. It is important that a woman deals with her past issues first before getting married so that they don’t cause trouble in the long-run. Remember that intimacy is the basis of any successful relationship. You want a woman who is there for you when you need her. Intimacy is key to your marriage. She doesn’t need to be a mind-blower in bed but your intimacy should be satisfactory. The two of you should be willing to give in order to receive. Her libido might not perfectly match yours but it is imperative that she shows willingness in making you happy.

22. She is OK with your past mistakes

The definition of a wife material is a woman who loves even the worst in you and is fine with your weaknesses. Yes, you have made blunders but have regretted. So she should accept that and never hold your past against you.

23. A wife material is a faithful woman

Physical appearances are great but trust is the most critical aspect of marriage. A good wife will remain faithful to you even if you leave her for five years. Her dignity and respect for you will give you more prestige in the society. A wife material takes your relationship seriously and will never entertain illicit affairs with other guys. You should treat her the same way. Faithfulness is a paramount virtue whether you are looking for a housewife or a career woman. You never know who she will be interacting with when you are off working. You want her to stay pretty but faithful when you are not around.

24. She never embarrasses you in public

A wife material keeps off anything that would demean her boyfriend especially in front of his friends. This means she respects you. She is your biggest fan and shows some PDA when you are in public places.

25. She is ambitious

As a man, you are expected to be the head of your marriage. You will go to work and provide for your family while your wife stays at home cooking and looking after your kids. However, feminism will tell you otherwise- to let your wife express her interests, ambitions, and talents. It is a good thing to have an ambitious wife rather than someone who depends entirely on you. A good girlfriend knows how to make something of herself. She has dreams to follow and hobbies to enjoy.

26. She is kind

She is a wonderful person at heart. She is not mean but shows compassion to everyone and not just you. You will be more comfortable with a woman who reciprocated your kind gestures rather than a stingy woman.

27. A wife material is thoughtful

A good girlfriend does not take your generosity for granted; neither does she feel like she has the right to get particular treatment from you. On the other side, a non-wife material wants you to take her shopping all the time without considering your purse. This bad woman doesn’t care if you save your salary or not provided she gets everything she wants from you. But a wife material is considerate; she hardly asks for money or expensive stuff. She is neither a burden nor too demanding because she knows you will meet her needs.

28. She is not like every other woman

You have searched all over the world and no woman compares to your girlfriend- then you have a wife material. Unlike other girls, her looks are natural and her behavior is genuine. In simple terms, she stands out in the crowd.

29. The type of daughter-in-law every mother wants

Does your girlfriend show interest in your parents particularly your mother? A wife material would want to see her future mother-in-law rather than take her as an obstacle in her marriage. And when she interacts with your mum, you don’t need to ask further questions because you will have the answers already. Her attitude towards your mum is key to your relationship. She is respectful and understands that your mum is the most important woman in your life.

30. She is adventurous

She likes to have fun both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re making love or hiking, she suggests better ways to enjoy your adventures.

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Final word

In the past, perfect wives were viewed as women who would stay at home to take care of kids and their husbands. This meant that their aspirations and dreams came second to performing their domestic duties. However, in the present world where feminism is highly advocated, things have changed to a great extent. Today, a wife is no longer viewed as the docile character in marriage. Some women are even the breadwinners of their families. Thanks to feminism movements, men have learnt to look for partners as opposed to domestic helpers. The greatest sign your girlfriend is the one is when you feel more and more comfortable with her as your relationship moves to higher notches. The more you know her, the more you should feel relaxed show your true colors. Of course, you will assume a perfect behavior when you are in the first stages of the relationship but as time passes by, things should not get worse but better. Since you will be spending your entire life with this woman, it is of utmost importance that you take time to assess her. It is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life.