15 Kinds Of Cuddles Every Boyfriend And Girlfriend Should Try

Do you want to get creative in getting fuzzy with your partner? Here are some of the best positions to cuddle in bed, on a couch, or a sofa.

By Gerald Matiri
15 Kinds Of Cuddles Every Boyfriend And Girlfriend Should Try

How to cuddle with your intimate partner

One of the best ways to show affection is cuddling. During this intimate activity, a stress relieving hormone is produced in the body, meaning that is another way of improving mental well being. If you haven’t been cuddling with your girlfriend or boyfriend, there is so much you are missing. Cuddling is a wonderful thing to savor, so why not make the most of it.Just go ahead and do it. If you have been dating someone for a while and you think you are ready to take the relationship to a higher level, it is important that you learn how to cuddle in bed or on a couch. Cuddling increases the chances of getting laid. This is the perfect guide you need on the type of cuddling that leads to epic intimacy. If you are not sure of the best positions to cuddle don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. You can make your cuddles easier and sweeter the following ways.

7 Reasons to cuddle

Cuddling is intimate, sensual, and exciting. Find out why you should cuddle with your partner more often.

1) Stress Buster

Like massage, cuddling makes the body to secrete two neurotransmitters i.e. serotonin and dopamine. The two elements are responsible for controlling the mood. Dopamine in particular controls the part of the brain which deals with pleasure. When the pleasure center of the brain is stimulated, a good mood is achieved thereby relieving the mind of anxiety and stress.

2) Intimate bonding

Another compound that is produced during cuddling is the oxytocin hormone. It is actually referred to as the cuddle hormone. It has a way of helping lovers increase their connection. So, cuddling makes you feel more connected to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

3) Improved sexual intimacy

During foreplay, cuddling heightens the arousal but after intercourse, it boosts the level of trust between lovers. Don’t just cuddle before intercourse; make it equally important even afterward. Research shows that partners who cuddle after intercourse have more satisfying relationships than those who don’t.

4) Minimal risk of cardiovascular diseases

Being touched by your intimate partner can help your blood pressure to go down. A simple act of hugging lowers both the systolic and diastolic pressure. Since high blood pressure is related to various heart diseases, it means cuddling minimizes the risk of such ailments.

5) Immunity booster

Incorporating Swedish massage into your cuddling can boost your immunity. This type of massage involves tapping, firm kneading, and long gliding strokes. In a study conducted in 2010, it was reported that those who practiced this type of massage had a low risk of cytokines, less stress due to increases level of cortisol hormone, and they had more white-blood cells which fight diseases.

6) Pain relief

Cuddles are types of therapeutic touches that relieve pain. When your girlfriend places her hands on you, in a way she balances your body energy and helps you to heal naturally.

7) Emotional communication

Studies affirm that romantic touches express positive feelings such as compassion, happiness, love, and gratitude. In a study carried out in 2009, it was reported that a simple touch enhances communication even between strangers.

15 ways to cuddle

Also known as the heartfelt headlock, this is probably the most romantic cuddle. You and your partner take lying positions while facing one another. You can lie on your sides or your stomachs but make sure that you face each other. You can also slip your head under your lover’s arm crook. Girls love this type of cuddle because it gives a feeling of security. If your girlfriend feels secure and that she can trust you, there is a big likelihood that she wants to make love to you. Wrap her up in your arms more often with one of the sweetest cuddling positions- face to face- and be her cuddling lover. It is all about the romantic feelings moving through your bodies when you get cozy.

2. The Spoon

It is one of the most sexual cuddling positions. Basically, your boyfriend should be the big spoon, unless you want to be the dominant partner. The cuddle is so pleasurable for the two of you because you will be grinding against each other’s body with hands moving all over your bodies. Your boyfriend wraps his arms around you while the two of you lie close on your side. Then, your stomach should rub against his back hence you will be rubbing his tailbone/coccyx. You can as well be the small spoon and let him wrap his arms around you while your back rest against his stomach. There is also the half-spoon cuddle whereby you get close to your partner just to feel warm but not as close as in the big spoon. The difference between big soon and half spoon is that the former makes you so hot while the latter is less claustrophobic. The position is appropriate for when you are in bed or just resting on a big couch. In this classic and intimate cuddling position, you can kiss your partner on their neck and run your fingers around their head. You can go ahead and rub their thighs for extra pleasure. In essence, the spoon position provides a lot of freedom for making out in creative ways. Find out what works best for you- the big spoon or the half spoon.

3. The intimate honeymoon hug

Of all the cuddling positions, this is the most intimate. The two of you have to face each other in ways that show your true feelings. It is most appropriate during moments of intense feelings for instance when your relationship is still brand new. It is associated with the honeymoon because that is the period of time when you want to be as close to your partner as possible because of the intensive fire that’s burning in your hearts. We all know that as a relationship grows old, these feelings sometimes fade away and couples sleep further apart. But if you want your relationship to be unique, use this type of cuddle even after the honeymoon. Entwine yourselves in bed and be crazy for one another for a long-lasting relationship.

4. The Stargazer

There are times you will be out for a camp or simply watching the meteor shower- the stargazer is the best cuddling position in this case. The unique aspect of the star-gazer is that you and your partner will see the sky while in each other’s arms. This is how to take the star-gazer cuddling position: lie on your backs next to one another and tangle your legs. Your boyfriend can slip his arm under your neck. Alternatively, hold hands over your bodies or in between your bodies. This cuddle is not meant for stargazing only; you can practice it under other circumstances e.g. during a picnic.

5. Twisted leg wrap

Twisted leg wrap can happen by accident or intentionally and it has different meanings. Maybe you and your girlfriend have a tendency of sleeping further apart but you end up touching each other slightly on your feet. This means that you are not 100% comfortable expressing your affection. But when the touch is intentional, it means you are both comfortable showing physical affection. The twisted leg wrap, in this case, projects closeness and familiarity. Your girlfriend might just love to feel your cold feet. You want to sleep comfortably in bed but you still need a little physical contact with your partner. What you should do is to find a comfortable position and place one leg on your boyfriend’s leg. You might want to adjust the position once in a while if he feels uncomfortable.

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6. The couch/ sitting cuddle

As the name suggests, it is a cuddle that’s done when sitting. Sit on your boyfriend’s laps and let him embrace you. It is a form of PDA that shows how much you love one another. If you think your relationship is so perfect, why not take sitting cuddle? Pull her girlfriend into you and put your arms around her body as you settle into a couch. Let her rest on you and you will be surprised how comfortable it is for the two of you. The sitting cuddle is an ultimate expression of physical attraction and it can help you in your quest to make love to your new girlfriend. Your TV watching would be much better when your bodies are pulled together on a couch.

7. The sweetheart cuddle

It is one of the most loving cuddling positions which entail intimate caresses. It is both relaxing and comfortable for new lovers. To make the sweetheart cuddle, let your girlfriend lean her head on your shoulder while you support her upper back with tour hand. It is a type of cuddling that is normally used when partners are nurturing their relationship. The other way to do it is to lie on your back and let your girlfriend rest her head on your chest. It is very fuzzy and creates a feeling of trust and well-being. This intimate position assures your girlfriend of safety and protection.

8. The friendship cuddle

It is the perfect cuddle for cute BFFs. You can do it while sitting or standing. Express your love and emotional support with the friendship cuddle. The friendship cuddle is normally one-sided and most appropriate during moments of emotional need. It is a way of taking your friendship to a higher notch. It can also be funny but spontaneous. All you need to do is wrap your arms around your sweet friend when chatting or watching movies.

9. The talking cuddle

If you want to maintain eye contact when having a deep conversation with your partner, this is the best posture you can have. It helps to develop a deep connection to your dating partner or a very close person. To cuddle when talking, sit up while your girlfriend lies perpendicularly with her head rested on your lap. You can play with her hair or stroke her ears. Kiss her occasionally on the forehead and rub her shoulders and waist if you want to take her to bed.

10. Peaceful balance

If you have been with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a long time, the peaceful balance cuddle is the way to go. You have already established a great degree of closeness and trust; you can also establish independence in your relationship by creating some personal space. Basically, the peaceful balance lets the two of you have some personal space while sleeping. Truth is when you have been married for years a time comes when you feel like you need a separate bed. You and your spouse have gone past the phase where you needed a sense of closeness while sleeping. It doesn’t mean that you no longer trust your husband or wife only that sleeping with him or her gives you some awful sleep at night. You can still have a strong relationship is you get a separate bed.

11. Cheek to cheek cuddle

This happens all the time, and mostly by accident. However, it is romantic and sensual. In this cuddle, you and your boyfriend face opposite directions as you lie on the bed while your lower backs touch. In most cases, your knees are bent and you can stretch one leg and if you want to make it more interesting, you can play footsie. It is one of the sleeping positions that maintain a deep connection spontaneously at the same time you need your freedom in bed.

12. The lap pillow

Placing your head on your partner’s thighs is always a playful position. It expresses the trust between you two and makes you vulnerable in each other’s arms. In this position, it is easier to kiss your lover as you watch a romantic movie. It is the best cuddle for watching a horror movie. Your girlfriend will look up to you for security during scary moments and so it will be easier for you to grab her and cuddle even closer. Take advantage of the position and put your hands on her body as you work some magic. Give her some light massages by running your hands down her neck and caress her palms. It is a great way to make her feel relaxed as you warm up for the next romantic session in bed.


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13. Snug hug

Assume a spooning position and draw your girlfriend even closer. Then squeeze her to bits because you are in love. Be sure that she is totally comfortable with you. You cannot do the snug hug with some random chic; take her on a few dates first. The snug hug is more appropriate when the weather is a bit cold. You can actually turn the thermostat down; she is more likely to cuddle when her feet are cold! If you want to get laid, you can kiss her neck as you caress her boobs. You will know she wants to make love through her body language. If she is practically placing her weight on you, it means she is horny and wants you so bad. The next step is to get on top of her and make out. Take control of the night and give her the best romance.

14. Consolation cuddle

In this position, you will face your partner and move close to embrace them. Then rub their back to console them. The reason you should do the consolation cuddle is that it offers comfort and solace during hard times. It feels good to be consoled by your most intimate partner. It is everything you need when you are feeling so low.

15. The tummy cuddle

To accomplish the tummy cuddle you and your boyfriend should lie on your stomachs. You can wrap your arm around his back or you can let him do it to you. The cuddle is great if the two of you are stomach sleepers. Sometimes, when you just don’t feel like facing your boyfriend when sleeping, the tummy cuddle is a great option. You can do it secretly when he is totally asleep. Let the cuddle take you wherever it shall. If you are both awake, there are higher chances that your partner is into it. You can take on different positions that will suggest your intentions. For instance, if you place your leg on top of him, you will arouse him in no time.

Bottom line

We live in a busy world today where it’s easier to neglect intimacy due to lack of time. If you want to stay connected to your boyfriend, it is important that you incorporate cuddling in your intimacy. Go ahead and snuggle, kiss, stroke, and hug him any chance you get. Use the various cuddling positions to discover one that really works for you. Never underestimate the power of a cuddle- it is good for your body and soul. This advice is for the guys: as you cuddle with your girlfriend make sure you compliment by stating something specific like her sweet smell. You will be putting romantic ideas in her head and it is going to inculcate trust between the two of you.