How Many Times Can Men Ejaculate? Here's The Truth

How many times can men have an orgasm and ejaculate? Is Viagra a factor in the number of times and how many times a man can come?

By Maxine
How Many Times Can Men Ejaculate? Here's The Truth

When Men Come

We all know that women can have one orgasm after another. Women are known to be multi-orgasmic. But what about men? Are there some men out there who are multi-orgasmic as well? Or is it all just a myth? Are there really those "unicorn" men out there that can ejaculate multiple times? There are many myths out there about men and their orgasms as much as women and their orgasms. We, at times, seem to think that men don't have any problems when it comes to sex, whether it be getting an erection or finishing with ejaculation. Contrary to popular belief, men do have erectile issues as well as ejaculation problems also. There are so many mysteries regarding the male orgasm that we can learn about pleasure and sex in general. Many interviews, case, and research studies have been taken from men and their honesty regarding their sexual experiences that can give us more in-depth knowledge about the male orgasm. There are also many interesting facts that we can learn about male ejaculation and the orgasm to take what you learn to improve your sex life. There are ways that you can improve your sex life naturally as well as be able to teach yourself how to attain multiple orgasms, just like your female counterparts can. Furthermore, be sure to do your research regarding any supplements or enhancements that you might be interested in taking. Be sure that you're doing your research regarding them. Some are effective and some can carry horrible side effects, so also be sure to speak with your doctor before trying any enhancements.

Facts: About Come and Men

Men can, and in fact, do fake their orgasms. The fastest ejaculation speed is 49.71 mph. The furthest ejaculation distance is 18ft and 8 inches by Horst Schultz. The man with the most orgasms in one hour was a German man who was able to reach orgasm 16 times. Oral sex makes the penis bigger. The average penis size is 5.57 inches long. There are two types of penises, "growers" and "showers". 79 percent of males are growers and 21 percent are showers. Smoking makes your penis shorter. The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds.

The Basics: The Biology of When Men Come

During the process of male ejaculation, there are many different things that can happen. When a male is aroused, the brain signals the rest of the body to get into action. At this time, when this happens the tissue becomes erect because of the blood flow to the tissue, which is called the corpora cavernosa. Once the erection is achieved, friction is used to transfer sperm through the "vas deferens", which are ducts that send sperm through the testicles into the urethra, which then the penile muscles contract and this also sends feelings of pleasure to the man's brain. Now, before this process can start again, it usually takes about a half an hour of recovery time before that happens, but of course, there are exceptions. There are also many men that have what is called "erectile dysfunction" which means that they have difficulty obtaining and maintaining a full erection. A lot of the time, ED, or "erectile dysfunction" can be the result of stress, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other physical and psychological problems. It may be curable depending on the cause of the ED.

How many times CAN men ejaculate?

According to statistics and research, around 10 percent of men can actually ejaculate multiple times. For most men, the in-between time for them to be able to ejaculate again is usually on average around 20 minutes and sometimes an hour and it increases as you age. Scientists have questioned what makes men who can have multiple orgasms so different? They conducted a study and it showed that men who are multi-orgasmic don't have as high of a level of prolactin flowing through their body after an orgasm than others. Having this low level of prolactin after an orgasm allows them to juice back up again and climax a second or even a third time. Statistically as well, around 10 percent of men in their 20's are able to have multiple orgasms. Most men are in fact able to teach themselves to be able to have multiple orgasms. There are a few steps that you can do that will teach your mind and body how to achieve this result. One great way of starting to teach yourself to be on your way to multi-orgasmic bliss is to, believe it or not, do Kegels. I know what you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute, isn't that just for women?". For those of you men and women who aren't quite sure what Kegels are, this action is when you contract the same muscles that you use when you try to hold your urine. You can control and prevent ejaculation by using these muscles. The more practice you have with using these muscles the likelier it is that you can control ejaculation. In particular, another way to train yourself is to try to change up your thoughts. One way to be able to stop and start ejaculation is through your fantasies, imagination, and your mind. Shockingly enough, in studies, it has shown that it is more common for a man to be able to have multiple orgasms if he goes from woman to woman. But, you can achieve this by fantasizing while you're with your partner. It's okay to fantasize but be sure to also not forget about your partner and their needs. Furthermore, another technique that could help with taking yourself over the edge multiple times is if you have your partner begin to stimulate the prostate and anus area. This part of the body is extremely sensitive to a man and if touched the right way can end up making him explode with pleasure immediately. The spot between your anus and testicles which is called the perineum is also a very sensitive area as well that can get him going.

Male Ejaculation and Sperm Facts!

Here are a few interesting facts about male ejaculation and Sperm! Sperm contains many different nutrients such as; potassium, vitamin B12, calcium, and many others. The average load of sperm contains about as much protein as an egg white. Sperm can take up to 75 days to grow inside of the Testes. Sperm can live up to 5 days outside of the vagina. If you want to keep your sperm nice and healthy, be sure to follow a good diet that contains: bananas, walnuts, garlic, lean beef, and chocolate. Obesity lowers your sperm count. There are some women that are actually allergic to your sperm. Semen has anti-depressant qualities. 90 percent of sperm is just water. The average distance of ejaculation is between 7 to 10 inches. The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. When you ejaculate into a vagina it can take about 5 minutes to reach a woman's cervix.

Viagra and Male Enhancers

Regarding men and sex, there have been many advances that can help enhance sex for men as well as their bedroom confidence. Male enhancers are not only just for those who want to have a bigger penis, but it can also help other sexual dysfunctions and other problems as well. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, the FDA has never approved a pill or a device for enlarging a penis. There was actually a lawsuit against Viagra, regarding unexpected side effects such as sudden hearing loss as well as vision loss. Be sure that you are careful about testing any type of enhancements and make sure to do your research! It looks as though it might be also responsible for an increased risk of a fatal skin cancer. Besides Viagra, there are many different male enhancements and devices out there that claim to enhance your performance or your length, but always make sure to do your own research first! In general, always be sure to ask your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins just to be sure.

Natural Ways to try and improve your sex life

There are many ways out there that can help you improve your sex life without using potentially harmful supplements and other drugs. The safest way to try and improve your sex life is the most natural way that you can find, so that way you won't have to deal with any possible side effects. There are many different ways that you can increase your libido and improve your sex life, to what you eat and how you and your body handle and deal with stress. These include foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. such as bananas and avocados among others. Garlic is one food that increases blood flow, which will help with erections and orgasms. When dealing with mental and psychological things, be sure that you are paying close attention to how you deal with stress. This can have a serious and negative impact on your sex life and desire. If you have a stressful job, or your personal life is a bit chaotic, try to take time to learn how to meditate. Doing so can help you relax a little and this can help reduce stress. Even as little as 5-10 minutes of meditation a day can help quite a bit! Many also forget that sleep is an important part and can really hinder many aspects of your life if you aren't getting enough of it. Not getting enough sleep can affect your overall mood and can affect your sex drive. So be sure to try to get the amount of sleep that you need. If you have a busy schedule, try to sneak in a few naps here and there throughout the day to be able to feel refreshed afterward.

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