10 Intimate Tips To Guarantee Her An Orgasm During Intercourse

When it comes to intercourse, girls want to experience an incredible, world-turning orgasm. Read this 10 tips and help your girl to reach the big "O"!

By Vera Aries
10 Intimate Tips To Guarantee Her An Orgasm During Intercourse

The Significance Of An Orgasm

"When you know that something works, you want to keep it," says Dr. Marianne Brandon, author of Monogamy: The Untold Story. "But at the same time, even the best moves can become boring." Also, "having an orgasm increases the level of dopamine in the brain, and this leads to having a stronger sense of attachment," adds Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, author of the book Touch me here. The climax of a sexual act for both, man and woman, is certainly an orgasm. But to get to the 'right one,' you need to practice it and find the fastest way to make your partner feel the ultimate pleasure. Here we will explain some reliable techniques and poses that will help you to make your girl achieve the great O, and we bring ten facts that guarantee the culmination of dreams, which you can do to your partner.

The Big O

1. Make time for the foreplay

Although speed sex is sometimes good - this is usually not enough for a woman to have an orgasm. As much as it may be embarrassing - this is something you have to solve with your partner - tell her you to want to spend more time with her in bed. No doubt, if she does not experience orgasm during sex, you have certainly noticed, and you probably want to do something about it. There is not much wisdom - the more time you invest - the more you get! With longer foreplay, the girl is more likely to experience an orgasm. Most women have some kind of complexes related to their body, which is why they can not relax in the bedroom. It is therefore important to disarm the woman with honest compliments and admiration for her body. Sentences: I adore your hips, butt, legs, skin, lips, hair ... (complement by individual preferences) are a good start. If a woman insists turning off the lights, listen to her desires because she will feel so protected and confident. A long foreplay with many touches, compliments, and kisses will also help.

2. Practice to perfection

Keep the erection longer. You can turn it into a game. Touch her with hands, tongue, lips, and all the parts of you until she is very excited. Try this on several occasions, and you will see that this gives her a chance to reach it. Nothing comes without practice.

3. Duration of the intercourse

The man is guaranteed to "finish" no matter how long the intercourse lasts - two or twenty minutes. You surely have to try to "delay" for as long as possible and try not to ejaculate too fast. So, men should practice and master the techniques for extending the intercourse. Women need more time than men to reach an orgasm. The male reproductive system has one "flaw." They are designed to fertilize a woman, regardless of the length of the sex, which - when translated - means a few minutes of sex for most "males." But there is a solution for this too.

Stimulate The Right Spots During Intercourse

Stimulation of other parts of the body during intercourse is necessary. The problem of orgasm affects between 24 and 37 percent of women. Due to the absence of direct clitoral stimulation in normal coitus, many women remain deprived of this experience. It is therefore important to note that with stimulation of some spots during intercourse, it makes possible for the woman to reach an orgasm.

4. Stimulate the clitoris

Research shows about 75 percent of women never achieve orgasm with penetration alone; which means a woman needs the stimulation of the clitoris. Some prefer oral sex, some finger stimulation, and some use sex toys. Stimulating the clitoris is the easiest way to make your girl reach "The Big O." This anatomical "button" is a source of pleasure if you know how to "manipulate" it appropriately. Although most and the shape of the clitoris differs from woman to woman (as well as the favorite touching method), most women enjoy the circular movements of the fingers and tongue. Above all, it is important to choose sexual poses that allow the parallel stimulation of women's erogenous points.

5. The Least Known Erogenous Zone

In addition to the clitoris, the strongest feminine erogenous zone is considered to be the nipple. Although some women do not want this sensitive part of the body to be exposed to excessive stimulation, it is important to know some rules about this erogenous zone. Don't be rough. Use very gentle touches to stimulate her nipples, and also you can use your tongue.

6. Use Your Fingers

If you are not a high school student, you probably know that pushing the finger inside-out - has no point. But that does not mean that you should not use your hands: With the help of two or three fingers, go in and out of the vagina - firmly pressing the lower part of the vaginal canal. Most nerve endings are found on the lower third of the vagina. Women like to feel filled at the entrance to the vagina.

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7. Find Her G-Spot

When it comes to G-spot stimulation, most used is the classic method: push the finger into the vagina, palm facing up, and stimulate the woman with movements back and forth. But what if it does not work? Do not give up the search for the hidden place. The G-spot is not necessarily on the middle part of the front vaginal wall. It can be more aside or a little lower. Tip: Use at least two fingers to massage as much area as you can to reach - and make sure it is damp before you try. If the girl is excited, this area is a little elevated and rough, and it should be easy for you to detect. If she is not yet excited, it will be almost impossible to find it.

The Best Poses For Achieving An Orgasm During Intercourse

8. Spoon

This position is popular with both sexes and is ideal for morning sex. How to do to it: A man and a woman lay on their side fingering one another, his arms wrapped around her body. Why this works: It is an exceptionally comfortable position that provides gentle touches and passionate hugs because you do not forget that the skin is an extremely sensitive organ that can be a very powerful erogenous zone.

9. Pose 69

Most men and women have confirmed this as it can provide unbelievable pleasure to both partners and is a perfect introduction to further sexual intercourse. How to do it: A woman is lying over a man or vice versa, and her head is in the crotch of her partner. Why this works: This pose makes it possible to receive and give, and the advantage is that the hands are free and beside oral stimulation, partners can also do stimulation with the fingers.

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10. Lap Dance

Try the so-called "Lap Dance" pose, because, dancing your woman in your lap, it always seems like a good idea. How to do it: first sit in a chair. It would be ideal to sit upright and lean on the chair, then spread your legs as much as possible. Your girl will stand in front of you and then slowly approach you in that position and carefully sit on you and set your penis inside her. Why this works: Women are a big fan of Lap Dance pose, especially because in that position the woman has complete control. The clitoris is very easy to stimulate during such sex, and man's hands are free to stimulate the other parts of the body; yes, that's the breasts and nipples. Also, depending on which position you choose, you can very successfully stimulate a g-point or a-point. This pose is also ideal for foreplay - especially if you want to start with the dancing in your lap. If sex toys are not a taboo for you and your partner, for this pose you can use a vibrator so you can start playing it on your partner for the first time and use it to maximize her enjoyment.

Interesting Facts About Orgasm

1. Only 30% of women say they have experienced a vaginal orgasm, and among these women, 50% say they need a simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris. So - the clitoris is very important for an orgasm. 2. Women at the time of orgasm experience rhythmic contractions of vaginal muscles and studies show that the number of contractions can range from one to fifteen. 3. One American study claims that female orgasm lasts for 15 seconds. 4. Have you noticed that people who have pain and people who experience orgasm have the same expression on their face? This is because the same cells in the brain are activated when experiencing supreme sexual pleasure and when feeling pain. 5. To experience orgasm, not only genitalia is needed. Many studies have proven that orgasm can be experienced with touch on other parts of the body. There have been examples of women experiencing orgasm during yoga sessions while meditating and others who have experienced orgasm by stimulating their nipples. 6. Statistics tell us that every fifth woman has difficulty in getting an orgasm.


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If sex is a game, then victory means experiencing the incredible scream of pleasure, orgasm. We all want to be victorious! Ah, if it were only so simple, it would be perfect. Reaching the orgasm is not always easy, but there are ways to improve your and your partner's chances. For many women, orgasm is a regular phenomenon, for others that rarely happens when they are with a partner, and for some, it is almost unattainable. If your girl belongs to one of these last two categories - do not worry. Research has shown that: 1 out of 5 women never get an orgasm, and 4 out of 10 women experience their first orgasm through masturbation. And getting your girl to experience an orgasm is much more difficult than in movies or books - and often requires techniques to be learned. Well, that's why we were here to help, so follow the tips above in this article and help your girl to reach an incredible orgasm.



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