Top 100 Deep And Serious Questions To Ask A Guy Personally

You like this guy, but you do not know him personally. So, what do you do? You ask your guy some deep and serious questions to know him inside out.

By Sanchari
Top 100 Deep And Serious Questions To Ask A Guy Personally

Know your guy deeply

It is not easy to know a person completely. No matter whether you have been together for a long period of time or have just started going out. There are several aspects of our life that remain under wraps. Loyalty has nothing to do with it. Nobody asked these questions, so nobody answered. If you also think that you are not aware of everything about your guy, then you must ask these deep and serious questions to resolve all the hidden facts about your love life. He is not hiding anything from you, instead, he wants you to know everything about him. But, if you are not asking the right kind of questions, then how he can come out with all his hidden desires, plans, and wishes!

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Poke your serious guy a little deep with questions

The most important thing in a relationship is compatibility and in order to know whether you are compatible with your guy or not, you will have to make sure that your likes, dislikes, or the principles of your life match. In order to know how compatible both of you are, you need to ask the correct questions. If you can get the proper answer to all your questions, then you will be able to decide whether both of you are fit for each other or not! The way you look at life should be somewhat similar to him else, in the long run, it might be difficult for both of you to lead a happy life together. When you ask some deep and serious questions to your guy, you will know how he handles controversial topics or which topics interest him the most. Moreover, these questions are a great way of getting into a serious conversation. You can exchange thoughts by answering these questions. Here we have a bunch of 100 questions that are deep and serious and you can ask your guy personally to know him even better than before.

10 deep and serious questions for your guy

If you are still not sure about how much he loves you, then you can ask him some serious questions that will solve your doubts. Be prepared to explain some of the questions because your guy might feel uncomfortable in answering some of these questions. He might also doubt your intentions behind asking these deep and serious questions. Once you explain that you are only asking these questions because you want to know him inside out and make the bond even stronger, then he will understand you and will answer you correctly. If required, you can answer these personal questions before questioning him, that way he will be more relaxed and feel comfortable in replying to your questions. 1. What principles or morals do you follow in your life? 2. Do you have any aim or goal in life or do you take each day as it comes? 3. When you look anyone of opposite gender, then what is that one thing you notice first? 4. Have you ever been intimate with someone? 5. If I ask you to go out, will you prefer to go out with me only or would you like to hang out in a group? 6. How religious are you? 7. Have you been in love before? If yes, then how many times? 8. Are you still friends with all your ex or do you cut the tie off once you have broken up? 9. Tell me one of your strangest habits that I am not aware of till now? 10. Do you want to know the person better before judging or do you start judging people by their looks?

... The older I get, the more I am incapable of accepting what society would like to suggest is the ‘right’ way of living, which of course, should you choose to exercise your own judgement, you would agree, that the tyranny of such fallacies is offensive. I’m no longer restrained by an oppressive and modern day enslaved mentality that to succeed is to be better than one another. I’ve met so many people that think I am reckless, that I am by virtue jaded. One particularly heinous woman suggested I was a ‘cop out’ and more sorry for her human I could not be. The love that my clients share and give me could sustain my entire being. There is a girl I know whose smile could allow me the material to write poems for the rest of my life. The laughter of my friends soothes my soul. The memory of my mother is a complicated and beautiful song. Let me into your heart and I will rip at the very pieces of mine in order to connect with yours. So before you cast judgements upon how I live my life, forgive me for expressing my sorrow that you have not found a way to live yours… I am currently spending time in my ‘home’ listening to music that shakes my mind, i’m enjoying a scotch and I am working on these photos. These photos of two people who shared with me nothing but truth. Honest. Beautiful. Joyful. Truth. As many of you reading this. I’m glad that I have this.

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Deep and serious questions to know him better

There are always some hidden aspects of our lives that we are not sure about sharing with our partners. We are always in a dilemma about whether to share those thoughts or hide it. You also have them and so does your guy. Don’t judge your guy if you think that there is a mystery side to them rather make them so comfortable that they come out in the open without any hesitation. He is not sharing all those details because he feels that you might get annoyed or upset with all the things that were a part of his past. You are his present and future, so don’t taunt him on some mistakes or choices that he has made in the past. Always remember that you haven’t come out clean to him as well. So, ask him these personal questions and get a better picture of him. 1. If something is broken, would you like to mend it or would you replace it with something new? 2. Do you prefer materialistic thing over everything else? 3. Where do you look for motivation - your inner-self or some external source? 4. Have you ever faced failure in life? How did you deal with it? 5. What helps you unwind after a long tiring day? 6. What is that one thing that is a must for you to start your day? 7. Are you a realist, pessimist or an optimist? 8. Who is your inspiration? 9. Is there anything you have done in the past that you regret till date? 10. Tell me about the biggest insecurity that you have till date.

Help your guy open up with these deep questions

It is not easy to pour your heart out in front of someone. There is always of fear of losing the person you love. But, if you can overcome the fear you will see that the relationship has got a whole new meaning. You are able to trust each other more than ever. Now you are able to understand the action and the reaction of your partner better. All these have been made possible because you had a deep and serious conversation with your guy. He has come clean by answering all your questions. You will realize that now you have started trusting him more and now you are not insecure about your position in his life. You already know how important you are to him. 1. Have you ever lied about anything? How big was it? 2. Would you continue playing poker with the boys even when you know that your girl is sick and need someone by her side? 3. Would you like to get back with any of your ex-girlfriends? What if anyone of your ex-girlfriends wants you back in her life? How would you react? 4. Do you believe in an open relationship? What do you think about the open relationship? 5. What is one thing that you cannot stand in a relationship and consider it as a deal breaker? 6. Have you ever shared your password with your girlfriends? Has she ever taken advantage of that? 7. Are you a possessive lover or do you believe in giving space to your partner? 8. Do you have any deepest or darkest secrets? 9. Are you insecure about anything in your life? 10. Would you fight for your love or would you give it up easily?

Know your guy a little deep with these questions

How do you think you will react when your guy starts asking all these questions to you? So, if he is hesitating in answering some of the personal questions, then don’t feel suspicious. Instead, surprise him by answering the questions yourself. Don’t jump into controversial questions all of a sudden. Rather, give him the correct platform to express his views. You start the conversation by presenting your thoughts about the matter and then ask him about what he thinks about the topic. He will be more comfortable in answering your questions this way. He will take it more as a conversation flow rather than questions and answer round where he is on the hot seat. 1. Would you fall for looks only or would you go beyond looks and give importance to intelligence? 2. If I cheat on you, will you forgive me for once? 3. According to you, when should a person say ‘yes’ for marriage? 4. Is there anything in your life that you refuse to talk about? If yes, then what is that one thing and why do you refuse to answer? 5. According to you, what is the true definition of love? 6. Is there someone in your life with whom you can talk to lengths about anything under the sun? Who is that person? 7. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? If yes, then why? 8. Have you ever thought about reincarnation? Would you like to get a second life? 9. Have you learned any lesson from your past relationship? 10. Are you an old school when it comes to dating or have you ever tried online dating sites?

Dive deep into the heart of your guy with serious questions

It is not easy to know a guy within a fortnight, nobody could ever do that. But, if you try a little bit every day, then one day you will come to know about all his past secrets, fear, anxieties, his likes and dislikes along with several other unknown facts. It is said that a lifetime is not enough to know a person inside out, but if you ask the right questions then you will have an idea about all the important information about him. You might not know everything, but you will have enough information about him to decide whether he is the right choice for you or not! 1. Is there anything about you that people misunderstand the most? 2. Do you have any terrible memory that you want to wipe off but are unable to do? What is that memory? 3. Who was your first love and when and how did you propose to her? 4. Do you cry often or do you hold back your tears? 5. Any childhood aspiration that you could not fulfill then and want to fulfill it now? 6. Are you the same person you were 10 years back? If no, then why and how have you changed? 7. What are your places of interest? 8. Have you ever done something that you are ashamed of? 9. What do you think of the lifestyle or fashion statement of the 60’s? 10. What is that one thing makes you happy?

Coaxing your serious guy into deep questions

If your guy is a bit serious and quiet in nature, then there are chances that he would not prefer all these questions directed towards him. So, what do you do? You feel the urge to know the unknown, but you are not sure how your guy will react! Don’t worry; it’s not that hard to make your quiet guy talk. You have been going around with him for some time now, so you know that one thing that brings a broad smile into your serious guy’s face! Give it to him and when he starts grinning ask him questions that are related to that thing. When he is in a flow, start throwing these questions toward him without his knowledge and you will see, he has started sharing his thoughts on various topics without being hesitant. 1. What do you think makes two people stay in a toxic relationship? 2. What is that one thing that is deeply disturbing? 3. Why do people fear to talk about their depression in the open? Why is a stigma attached to it? 4. Will you ever do anything that you know will hurt you or the person around you? 5. Why do you think is the biggest hindrance in understanding oneself? 6. Do you think that technology is a boon or will it soon turn into a curse? 7. Do you think automation is going to replace everything within a decade? 8. What do you think of poverty? Do you blame the human society for this? 9. Are you influenced by any political beliefs? 10. According to you, what is a wasted life?

Help your guy unwind with deep questions

He might have been into relationships which ended abruptly. Now, you are not sure why that happened. You are concerned that your relationship might also meet with the same fate. Without knowing why he broke up with the other girl you are not able to decide on your future as well. Yes, it is a common fear and you have every right to know about his past relationship. But, while doing so you must remember that every relationship is different and you can never judge one relationship based on the fate of the other. By now, you have a fair idea about his past relationships and how he deals with breakups and ex-girlfriends. So, keep your fear and doubts aside as of now. Concentrate on knowing him overall as a person by asking him these questions. 1. Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? If yes, then what will you ink on your body and where? 2. Are there any three wishes that you would like a genie to fulfill for yourself? 3. What do you think do you have any kind of enemies around you? 4. What is that one thing that gives you an adrenaline rush? 5. What is that one thing that is the biggest turn off for you? 6. Do you believe in a one-night stand? 7. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend? If yes, then for whom and why? 8. What is that one philosophy of your life that you follow? 9. Are you a spiritual person? 10. Who is that one person in your family with whom you are really close?

10 serious questions to ask your guy

You have already gathered a lot of information about him by asking all these deep and serious questions. But, still, there are lots of mysteries to be solved. By the end of it, you will realize how strong you have grown as couples because now you know almost everything important about him. 1. What is the reason behind the divorce rate being so high these days? 2. According to you, what is that one thing that a couple must never do when they are in a relationship? 3. Is there anything you have never shared with your family but want to do it now? 4. Why do you think the small business owners are more successful these days? 5. What is the one invention that you think has changed the human society completely? 6. What is your opinion on children using cell phones? 7. Do you think cell phones should be given to the children? 8. What is most important for you – bookish knowledge or practical knowledge? 9. Are you proud of your country? 10. What do you think about the current political scenario?

Simple yet serious questions for your guy

Questions are good when asked in the right manner. Don't hesitate in asking questions. Your questions will help in building a strong bond. Here is a set of 10 more questions for you. 1. Do you think investing your money properly while you are young is important? 2. Do you believe in a platonic relationship before marriage? 3. What do you think about savings for the future? 4. What is that one quality that your spouse must possess? 5. Your mantra for a successful marriage? 6. What is your take on emotional cheating? 7. Are you comfortable in handling a long-distance relationship? 8. Would you like to plan for babies after few years of marriage or do you want to do it right away? 9. Do you mind if I am friendly with my ex? 10. Do you have commitment phobia?

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10 questions to help you understand where you stand

These questions will help you understand your position in his life. Let your questions open up the unexplored side of your guy. When he will start answering your questions you will realize how much he loves you. If he didn't, then he wouldn't have entertained your questions. So, if your guy is listening to your questions and replying to them, then he is in love with you. He is enjoying your questions and is looking forward to several other questions so that he can share the stories of his past. Frame your questions correctly and listen to him while he unravels his past, present, and future. 1. What is that one thing of mine that is completely different from yours? 2. What quality of mine do you appreciate the most? 3. Where do you see us 5 years from now? 4. One song that you think best describes our relationship. 5. How would you like to propose – in a grand way or in a simple manner? 6. Will you like to surprise me with expensive gifts or by spending the whole day with me doing things that I like? 7. Do you find any similarity between us and any fictional couple? 8. What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you saw me for the very first time? 9. Would you like to grow old with me? 10. Will you help your partner with household chores?

Final thoughts

Now that you know what your guy thinks about you and what he feels, you can shoo away all your insecurities out. These deep and serious questions always help in discovering the hidden truths and will help you fall in love with your guy all over again. Never let any doubt come in between you and your guy. If there is anything, you can always ask your guy questions to get rid of the bad thoughts. Don't feel that questions will create a difference between you and your guy. No, the questions actually will help you to come closer. When the unknown wall is broken by the questions, then you can enjoy the pure pleasure of his company.