How To Talk Dirty To A Girl And Make Her Uncontrollably Wet

There are many ways of turning your girl on. One of the ways to turn your girlfriend on is when you talk dirty to her. If you do it right, she'll love you more.

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 How To Talk Dirty To A Girl And Make Her Uncontrollably Wet

Turn a girl on like a pro

Ask any seasoned love guru and they will tell you the same darn thing – a girl is a serial fantasist. Therefore, you are required to use this to butter her up before you can get the price – which technically involves a lot of hot, steamy sex especially if you get to do it the right way. For that matter, it is very important for you to learn a thing or two about turning her on even before getting to the point of touching her. Making her uncontrollably wet is an art that only a few men have mastered, which is quite unfortunate. But not to worry even a single bit because, well, I am here to help. And remember, whether you decide to send her raunchy text messages or do some dirty talk during foreplay, you need to be very careful. Why? Because you will literally be walking over thin ice! But with time, you will be a master of dirty talk and your girl will always be looking forward to getting intimate with you. Patience is the key if you want to master the skill of dirty talk. And once you have done so, your girlfriend will be yours for as long as you desire her – true story.

1. Make eye contact as you talk dirty to your girlfriend

Girls love it when a man looks into their eyes while talking dirty to them. It shows that you are confident and that you find her to be super attractive. All girls, including your girlfriend, love it when they feel desire. And since the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, staring lovingly at them will show her that you really desire her sexually, which will make her wet for you. And if you get to do this with the right kind of tone and caresses, then you will definitely get your girl/girlfriend wet and throbbing in a matter of minutes. Again, remember to take it slow with your girlfriend because it shows that you aren’t needy. Rushing things also shows that you are in it for the sex and that kind of impression will kill the sexual mood instantaneously. You can couple the dirty talk with a few of smooches here and there especially around her neck, lips, and navel. Again, make sure that you are doing this as slow as humanly possible. Take your time because your girl/girlfriend isn’t really going anywhere. Too bad that the only way you can make eye contact via text is by using the eye emoji – which is pretty darn useless in this case. So, as far as text messaging is concerned, you would want to stick to dirty talk because it works like a charm. Again, as the dictum says, practice makes perfect. So, don’t be afraid doing your research and becoming a texting guru.

2. Your girlfriend loves dirty talk in deep, manly voice

The only way that your girl or girlfriend will ever feel like a woman is when you step up and become a man! Even though they won’t admit it, girls or girlfriends love it when their man talks with a deep, sensual voice especially when they talk dirty. If you do this right, your girlfriend will always get wet and bothered at the sight of you. This will also happen whenever you send her flirtatious text messages. That’s how strong a deep, manly voice is. Your voice is capable of giving your girlfriend wild sexual fantasies. And the key to getting that deep, Vin Diesel kind of voice is by relaxing and letting your manhood take over. Don’t rush when you talk dirty to her and by doing so, everything will fall into place as naturally as it’s supposed to be. Heck, you might end up surprising yourself by wondering who the heck is talking to your girlfriend when it’s been you all that time! And just like texting dirty, talking dirty in a deep, sensual voice takes a lot of practice. You will, therefore, be required to relax and not get to thinking about it that much. You also need to be comfortable with your girlfriend and then the rest will follow suit.

3. Set the mood before you talk dirty to your girlfriend

You need to understand that your dirty talk is supposed to match with the aura. You do not want to be calling your girlfriend a “dirty little hoe” when she’s had the worst day at the office. Get my drift? You need to make sure that she is in the mood or else things aren’t going to work out as you had initially planned. Try offering your girl a massage or offer to cook dinner. Then, go ahead and prepare a hot bath for her. While on that tip, you can get a little creative and leave some red petals on the foam as well as candles in the bathroom. In simple terms, make her know what’s coming so that when you start to talk dirty to your girl, you’ll get her ready and dripping all for you in record time. Your girl must be having a song or two that she considers as her favorite. It wouldn’t hurt playing the song your girlfriend loves in the background while lying besides her, dirty talking her soul away. As I said, dirty talk is an art that every man ought to know. We owe it to the female gender for crying out loud! That said, how about you take some time to learn the skill because it will end up making your love life ten times better than it is. And the same applies when texting your girlfriend. Dirty talk isn’t about beating around the bush but going in for the kill.

4. Make yourself desirable with your dirty talk

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The dirty talk should be used to make your girlfriend feel like she is about to make love to a beast – because you are a beast! Talk about how you would love for her fingers to run over your manly abdominals while you are kissing her neck (or wherever she loves to be touched or kissed). And as you talk dirty to your girl, you can get a hold of her hand and direct it to that one place that you want her to touch. If you whisper in her ear about how you love her hands on your abs, direct those hands to your abs. And please, don’t talk about abs especially if your abs are, well, imaginary. There is always that one place that your girlfriend loves – use that. Incorporate it into your dirty talk and lead her to it. Do this and your girlfriend will love you for it. You can also do the same dirty talk routine through text and let your girlfriend think about you all day long. And by the time you get home, she will be boiling as she waits for you. One thing you need to fully understand about this one particular point is the need to back your claims up. If you use dirty talk to make her wet and craving for you, then you need to live up to your dirty talk. If you promised to make her squirt – MAKE HER SQUIRT! Nothing puts off a girl more than a guy who can text a great game only to get off after penetrating for a minute. So please, let your dirty talk be a reflection of what your girlfriend is looking forward to getting. If you get to do this right, then you will most certainly be on top of your game and won’t ever worry about her leaving you ever again.

5. Cuddle with your girl/girlfriend before the dirty talk

Cuddling is a very underrated part of the dirty talk. And needless to say, that’s where a lot of men go wrong. Whenever you and girl are cuddling, it provides the best time for the two of you to dirty talk and caresses effectively. If you do this right, you will almost always get her wet almost effortlessly. And while you talk dirty to your girl, make sure you are holding her tight while whispering in her ear. Feel free to nibble her earlobe while you are at it and your dirty talk will most certainly work like a charm. Even better, your erection can “accidentally” poke her back or butt, complementing the dirty talk as your charm becomes complete. Cuddling has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels. It would, therefore, be a prerequisite you’d want you and your girl to be in as you talk dirty to her. Again, be as slow as you can and make sure that you aren’t forcing things unless you want to make everything awkward.

6. Be unpredictable

If you are the kind of guy who cannot reinvent his dirty talk, then chances are that your girlfriend will find you boring within a short while. And once this happens, your dirty talk game will become less effective and that sucks a lot. The good thing is that we all have quite a number of outlets for researching dirty talk i.e. the internet. If you aren’t good at research and recycling lines, you can always be creative and come up with your own. This is because a relationship is like a fitness journey. The moment you stop working on your dirty talk, it becomes uselessly predictable. And the worst thing about snoozing on your dirty talk game is that there is always another dude somewhere sharpening his dirty talk skills ready to use them on your girlfriend. Ouch! And if you don’t keep up, he might just snatch your woman from you without any effort – because he is too smooth for life. Do a lot of practice for whether you choose text or talk dirty to her. The more you practice your dirty talk, the better you will be at talking dirty. It is also important to note that there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to such matters.

7. Send your girl/girlfriend flirtatious texts

Apart from the efficient dirty talk when in bed or in the kitchen or when you are out on a romantic date, you also need to prescribe your girl to a dose of flirtatious texts. Flirtatious texts are a little lighter compared to dirty talk. Needless to say, flirting with your girl or girlfriend is very important. The art of seduction is better put as the art of highs and lows. For instance, if you dirty talk your girl today, try flirting with her the next day. When you do this the right number of times, then you will most certainly have her by her tenterhooks. This is because she won’t know what to expect from you next. Unpredictability is how a man gets to occupy a large piece of real estate in his girl’s mind. And for the umpteenth time, being flirtatious is something that takes time to master. But the good news is that it’s something that’s very attainable.

8. Grope your girlfriend in public

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When it comes to mastering the art of dirty talk, you need to understand that there are things you need to use in order to make it effective. Apart from cuddling with your woman, you can always do things to drive her crazy. Don’t just show the game when you text her but make sure you are backing it up with a lot of action. Grope her butt in public, catching her by surprise. And while she is still trembling, you can talk dirty while nibbling her ear. If this doesn’t make her soaking wet… honestly, I don’t know what will. But always remember that she has to be your girlfriend before pulling such a stunt. If not, then you will only come off as a weirdo – which is a no-no.

9. Ask your girlfriend leading questions

Before you start talking dirty to your girl, it is very important that you take some quality time turning her on. You can start by asking her leading questions. These kinds of questions are those that will lead to her feel like you are seducing her without seducing her if you know what I mean. And making her think about it is exactly what will make her wet. For instance, you can text your girlfriend asking her what color of underwear she is wearing. Doing this will trigger her wild imagination and in no time, she will start thinking about you ripping it off of her using your teeth. Make sure that the text is short and straight to the point. She will respond by either telling you the color or making you guess – both of which are amazing talking points you can use to continue with the flirtation. If you choose to text her, please don’t overdo it. The more you text your girl, the more you depilate her urge to see you which is a grave mistake that most guys do, unfortunately. It is therefore important for you to always text in moderation. This way, it will lead her imagination running wild which is exactly what you should always strive to achieve. Once you get home, she’ll already be dripping wet with her panties pulled all the way to her knees begging for you to slide in. That’s how you know your dirty talk game is on pro level.

10. Give her an erotic massage

Another thing you can do to your girlfriend while you talk dirty to her is giving her an erotic massage. Everyone loves a massage. It can come in handy especially when you want your girlfriend to relax and, you know, get drooling wet for you. There are places you need to be touching while you talk dirty to your girl. And if you do both the massaging and dirty talking the right way, then you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your girlfriend will be wet and throbbing in a matter of minutes which will make the job a tad easier for you. If you don’t know how to give a massage, then it would be a good idea for you to learn and get to do so as fast as you possibly can.


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When all is said and done, you need to acknowledge the fact that one girl is different from the next girl. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to learn how to test the waters. Don’t be shy getting overboard with the dirty talk just to see how far your girl or girlfriend can take it. If she can’t take it, abort the mission. But if she can go further, then, by all means, keep pushing your luck. If she by any chance feels offended, then apologize and never go past this point ever again. The same should also apply when it comes to touching your girl especially when you just began dating. You can either ask her or even better, test her out during foreplay. That said, there are other things mentioned on the list that your girl will always love. For instance, no straight girl in the history of straight girls/girlfriends has ever rejected a man with a deep voice. Just remember to not force things because it always has a way of backfiring. If your voice isn’t deep, don’t force it unless you want awkward moments. Finally, these things take time, so never ever be in a hurry. Take your time and remember to learn from your mistakes. That, my dear gentlemen, is how you make your girlfriend wetter than a riverbed.