Jon Mero Wiki: Everything To Know About 'The Voice' Contestant

'The Voice' contestant Jon Mero has mesmerized one and all with his magical voice. Here is all that you need to know about the singer.

By Amanda Palmer
Jon Mero Wiki: Everything To Know About 'The Voice' Contestant

The singer Jon Mero

Singer Jon Mero won fans on the thirteenth season of 'The Voice'. He had unique and spirited renditions of The Temptations' "I Wish it Would Rain" and Bruno Mars' "Versace on the Floor". He has even released songs like "Tell Me" as a recording artist. His current net worth could not be calculated and is still under review. Jon Mero was eliminated from the show much to the disappointment of millions of his fans. His fans are trying to bring him back on the show by signing a petition. In a recent post in Facebook, Jon Mero mentioned that he will go live in his Instagram post. He asked his fans to vote for him in his Instagram profile.

Life before fame

As a kid, Jon Mero grew up playing the trumpet and the piano. At the age of 14, he was Whitney Houston sing in the movie 'The Preacher's Wife' and decided that he wants to become a singer too when he grew up. When he was 25 years old, Mero moved to Atlanta from Des Moines to pursue his musical career and to find better musical opportunities. He got the chance to perform with Ceelo Green upon moving to Atlanta. This chance piqued his motivation and passion in music. His net worth currently, is not known, but if he makes it big in his music career, then his net worth will definitely grow. Currently, Jon Mero works as a corporate singer in the Celebrity All-Star Band. This corporate band was run by Richard Smith. He gigs with the bands at corporate events and parties and he has developed his singing and performing skills from them. He feels he is ready finally to take the stage all by himself and was very hopeful of getting the chance of his lifetime upon being selected in 'The Voice. He believed that 'The Voice' will catapult his solo career as a singer. The 31-year-old singer shot to fame after his appearance on the American singing show 'The Voice' season 13, US version, as a contestant. Mero began learning music from a very young age. He was considered a child prodigy at the trumpet and piano. As a lead vocalist with the Celebrity All-Star band and having performed with Christian singer John Cheatum, he was looking for the right kind of push and opportunity to kick-start his musical career. Jon Mero is quite religious and is a worship leader at the Lutheran Church of Hope. His vocal style was compared to that of Prince by Adam Levine. As a teenager and a performing artist, Mero was exposed to the stage and entertaining the audience from a very young age. He has even won many local competitions like the Prairie Meadows Casino "Big Kahuna" contest and also the 'Iowa Idol' contest in 2007.

'The Voice' contest

Jon Mero impressed all the judges and the audience in the Blind Audition of 'The Voice' season 13. He chose Adam Levine as his coach while on the show. 'The Voice' premiered on September 25, 2017 on NBC and was judged by Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. The show was hosted by Carson Daly. Jon Mero performed Bruno Mars' 'Versace on the Floor' and three of the judges immediately turned their chairs around in their signature style of showing a 'yes'. Miley Cyrus was the last judge to turn her chair around and she hit her button with her platform high heel. Mero got so excited, seeing this, that he could not even stand straight after his performance especially, when he was compared to the late legend Price by Adam Levine. Judge Blake Shelton even commented that he thought that Jon Mero was a trained dancer. Watching from the backstage were Mero's mother and her boyfriend. Mero said that his mom was the reason he is on stage today. He said that she had always encouraged him and he also brought her out on the stage. According to his profile on Facebook, Jon Mero's genre of choice is pop and soul music. He had begun singing when he was just 4 years old. His birth name is John Cheatem. He competed against Lucas Holliday on 'The Voice'. Last week, Des Moines native Jon Mero was eliminated from the show and his fans got really upset and they are trying hard to get him back on the show. The organizer of an online petition says thousands of votes for Mero were not counted because his name was misspelled in some of the tweets. They read "John," instead of the correct spelling of "Jon." So far, over 3,900 people have signed the petition. There was a knockout round organized against competitor Dylan Gerard and Jon Mero. Jon Mero won against Dylan Gerard as judge Adam Levine chose Jon over Dylan. In another outstanding battle round of Jon Mero Vs. Brandon Brown, one contestant had to go home. Both, Brandon Brown and Jon Mero squared off with 'I Wish it Would Rain' by Temptations. Judge Levine again chose Mero for next week's knockouts.