Isabel Pakzad Wiki: Everything To Know About James Franco's Girlfriend

Hollywood star James Franco has a new girlfriend: Isabel Pakzad! Here's everything you need to know about the young beauty, including age, birthday and more.

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Isabel Pakzad Wiki: Everything To Know About James Franco's Girlfriend

Isabel Pakzad Wiki

Everything To Know About James Franco's Girlfriend


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Isabel Pakzad is a twenty-four-year-old social media personality currently dating James Franco. Pakzad's Instagram profile is typically filled with pictures of herself and her friends exploring exotic places. Pakzad is often seen in a bathing suit on a beach, diving in the ocean or simply enjoying the tropical locations she frequents. Pakzad's relationship with Franco also helped her gain a tremendous amount of followers and more exposure. Pakzad is a bit of a mystery; there isn't much known about the girl other than her age and link to Franco. Pakzad has yet to announce her actual birthday, her ethnicity, net worth or too much information about her relationship with Franco, but as the couple continues to date, we're destined to hear more about the young brunette. In this article, you'll be introduced to the young celebrity girlfriend, and learn everything we know about Isabel Pakzad so far.

Career and Education

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There's more to Pakzad than simply being James Franco's girlfriend. Pakzad is currently attending the University of Southern California as a grad student and is a Penn State alum. At Penn State, Pakzad got a Liberal Arts degree in public relations and advertising, but she changed her path slightly for graduate school. At USC, Pakzad chose to explore a different career path and is working towards a degree in communications and journalism this time around. Pakzad's past work experience may have something to do with the change; before moving to California, Pakzad worked as a TV publicist. Don't let her young age fool you, Pakzad has quite the resume. She's worked for some prestigious companies already, including CBS Films, Universal Music Group, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Studio. Pakzad gained that crucial work experience all before meeting Franco, so no one can accuse her of using his connections. This girl is a hard-working success all on her own.

James and Isabel

Recently Franco confirmed that he was currently in a relationship with someone, and it didn't take tabloids or paparazzi long to find out who. Despite being discreet, some pictures of Franco and Pakzad together was all it took to figure out they were an item. Pakzad and Franco were caught on a sweet date together sharing ice cream cones, and the secret was out. Pictures of Franco are rarely featured on Pakzad's Instagram account, possibly because Franco deleted his own account. The star of "The Disaster Artist" seems to be keeping his relationship with Pakzad private at the moment, although the two have been seen together quite a few times and it's clear they are in fact a couple. Pakzad was spotted in the audience for the Indie Wire Honors happily cheering on Franco as he received an award. Pakzad was also seen talking to Franco's younger brother Dave Franco at the event, and the two seemed incredibly friendly with one another. Pakzad was said to be smitten while Franco was on stage accepting his award; laughing at his jokes, applauding him and she had a wide grin on her face the entire time.

Age Difference

There's a whopping fifteen year age difference between Pakzad and Franco, and although Hollywood men dating women so much younger than them isn't shocking, it's still a very wide gap. Pakzad is still attending school while Franco is gearing up to celebrate his 40th birthday. Considering they're both at such different stages in their lives, making their relationship work isn't going to be easy. Thankfully both Pakzad and Franco seem happy together, always smiling when caught by paparazzi, so perhaps age is just a number after all. Neither Pakzad nor Franco are letting their age difference stop them from enjoying each other's company.

Who's James Franco?

James Franco is an American actor best known for his work in "The Disaster Artist", "Pineapple Express" and the critically acclaimed drama "127 Hours". He's often seen alongside fellow actor Seth Rogen, who he's collaborated with on eight films and considers a close friend. Franco's known for his eccentric nature and occasional downright weird behavior, but he's a talented actor who consistently impresses both critics and audiences alike. Franco has been nominated for dozens of awards, including multiple Golden Globes, a few Screen Actors Guild Awards and even one Academy Award. Franco boasts an impressive net worth of $30 million, which only seems to grow as each year passes. Franco has appeared in over eighty films, nearly two dozen television shows and has an array of writing and producing credits to his name as well. Thought to be one of the busiest men in Hollywood, it's surprising he even has time for a social life.

The Future Mrs. Franco?

Now that he's thirty-nine years old, Franco's more open about his desire to start a family and settle down, but will he do so with Pakzad? Wedding bells don't seem to be around the corner just yet, but Franco and Pakzad do appear to be a happy couple and a well-matched pair. One thing's for sure, Pakzad is likely to be eagerly cheering Franco on during this year's Golden Globe awards.