120 Best Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met To Keep Things Going

If you have just met a new friend, it really gets exciting especially if he likes you back. To know the guy better, ask him these 120 questions.

By Gerald Matiri
120 Best Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met To Keep Things Going

What do i ask my guy friend i have just met?

Engaging in small talk can induce a lot of anxiety if you just met a new guy. What keeps running through your mind is what exactly to say to a man you barely know. You obviously don’t want to bring awkward conversations like how the weather looks like or complain about the drink the man is taking. It is totally understandable that breaking the ice is tough. However, this doesn't mean you have to engage in boring conversation. Questions are one of the best ways to get to know someone. But there are rules that must be followed. You cannot simply ask whatever pops up in your mind. A wise lady knows how to control her tongue by asking the right questions and avoiding the awkward ones.

Questions to a guy friend you just met doesn't have to be perfect

Maybe you are worried about staining your white top with wine or chocking on your chocolate. Well, these should be your last concerns and you should focus more on keeping your first conversation lively. You need to be the one doing most of the talk if you want him to open up to you. There is a reason ladies talk more than their dates. Traditionally, a man lacks words to say when he is nervous. This is especially true when a beautiful lady is around. Something seems to clam up their brain and they go into a no-talking mode. For this reason, you should not worry too much about perfecting your talks and looks. Know that you are the one who determines the flow of the conversation and the right way to do it is ask some basic questions. Note that you can either ask close-end (yes or no) or open-end queries that allow room for a conversation

Ask the guy friend you just met a funny question to break the ice

Your initial inquiries should be about learning who he really is. You can ask these funny questions in a humorous way to make him laugh. Try these 42 questions for starters. 1. What is your birthplace? 2. Do you have siblings? 3. What meal do you enjoy most? 4. Who is your role model? 5. What do you think of (name a political debate) 6. Do you have a favorite sport? 7. Which animal do you like the most? 8. How do you spend a typical weekday? 9. If you were to have a superpower, what would you choose? 10. Who is your favorite actor 11. What is your dream car? 12. Do you like indoor games? If yes, what’s your favorite? 13. Can you do magic tricks? 14. White or red wine? 15. Do you like pets? 16. Which place fascinates you most? 17. Who is your best friend? 18. Do you like music? 19. Which places do you like to dine at? 20. Do you cook? 21. Which was the last concert you attended? 22. What do you want most in this life? 23. Do you like tattoos? 24. Have you met a celeb? 25. What is your take on junk foods? 26. Who is your favorite superhero? 27. Which is the farthest place you have traveled? 28. Which is the most exciting location you ever lived in? 29. What does your Horoscope say? 30. Have you made a ‘to do list’ recently? 31. Which college did you attend? 32. Which is your all-time subject? 33. Which is your best season of the year? 34. Which football team are you a fan of? 35. If you were to do a movie would you prefer to be the protagonist or the antagonist?

The above questions can help you break the ice especially when you make him laugh. Some are better than others when you want to go past the obvious. You can try to rephrase the queries so that are funny and make him laugh, but at this stage, steer clear of any personal questions. You can save them for later hours when you have established a strong bond. However, do not be afraid to delve into heavier and riskier questions. Intense questions will help you know if he is exactly what he claims to be and find out if the two of you have some things in common.

3) Do not complicate things for the guy friend you just met

Perhaps you want to make the first meeting romantic, but you are not sure about him. Getting overdressed would make him uncomfortable. Probably, his objective is to simply have a chat over a drink. If you overplay your romantic side, he might just feel confused. It is okay to look decent but do not overdo it.

Perhaps you want to make the first meeting romantic, but you are not sure about him. Getting overdressed would make him uncomfortable. Probably, his objective is to simply have a chat over a drink. If you overplay your romantic side, he might just feel confused. It is okay to look decent but do not overdo it.

4) No personal questions for the friend you just met

It is very inappropriate to ask a guy about his current salary or the reason why he is still single. Personal questions sound judgmental when asked during the first time meeting. Preserve such queries for when you loosen up. It is better off to stick to general topics like religion, sports, news, and hot topics. Even if you are not planning to get into a deeper relationship, just remain open-minded and don’t push too hard. There are some things you must not ask a guy you just met: I. His age II. If he’s seeing someone III. The political party he supports IV. Whether he works out or not V. The origin of his name VI. His grades in school VII. His name, if he had introduced himself again

5) Spice things up with funny questions

Questions that make him laugh are a source of amusement. They make your date more interesting and show the non-serious side of you. Not all men like to spend their entire life talking about serious matter. Bringing up quirky stuff that make him laugh can reveal a side of his you never thought existed. You bet you want to make him laugh. Funny questions will also reveal his likes and dislikes and this is an essential aspect of building a strong relationship founded on open communication. These light-hearted questions are suitable for any situation and will have both of you laughing. Also, try to give your own answers to make the conversation more interesting. 36. Has someone ever caught you doing a crazy dance alone? 37. Do you have a friend in jail? 38. What is the most embarrassing outfit you’ve ever worn? 39. Which is the most ridiculous fact on earth? 40. What is the stupidest thing that people do? 41. Define internet in a single sentence. 42. What makes you laugh? 43. What nicknames did your teachers have? 44. Which animal do you think is the rudest? 45. Don’t you think people should just let go of the fish they capture instead of eating them? 46. Between hands and feet, which are the best? 47. How many rabbits can kill an elephant? 48. Do you put your shoes/socks together after taking them off? These are just a few questions to ask your new friend that can make him laugh but you can think of others. Let him know that he doesn’t need to over-think the answers and must be honest. But you can plan for your answers in advance and be sincere as well.

6) Be careful when asking about the job of the guy you just met

In as much as guys love working, their job is not what defines them totally. Someone’s life is more than just what they do for a living. This knowledge is something you need to take to your heart as you interact with your new friend. The typical question “What do you do?” is not always a good way to break the ice and for good reasons. First, the guy might think that you want to rank his paycheck or how wealthy he is. It would be worse if he doesn’t have a job at the moment and this would be very awkward as he begins explaining. To avoid this awkwardness, you may opt for better alternatives. Check out some variations for knowing what he does. 49. What is that one thing you really are into at the moment? 50. What is the definition of your ideal employer? 51. How do you spend your week? 52. What is the worst kind of job you’ve ever done? 53. What is the most fulfilling thing you have done today? 54. If you were to work anywhere, where would you choose? 55. What nagging problem do you wish to solve?

7) Find out if you are compatible with the guy

After the introductions are over, you want to laugh together, share stories and do more things as a duo. It is important to know the degree of compatibility between the two of you.

Here are fundamental questions to ask your friend. 56. How do your friends describe you? 57. Your mind vs. heart: which one do you follow more often? 58. Between your friends and family, who comes first? 59. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 60. What lesson did you learn from the last relationship you had with a girl? 61. Can you relate to someone you don’t share beliefs with? 62. What are the qualities of your prospective soul mate? 63. Describe a childhood memory you cherish. 64. What is your ideal romantic moment? 65. What steps do you take if someone offends you? 66. What are your strongest religious beliefs? 67. After how long can you trust a friend? 68. Would you move out of the city for love? 69. What amendments would you make in your life if you only had one year before you die? 70. What is that one thing you are most thankful for in this life?

8) Inquire about the love life of your new-found friend

If you have taken to liking him, you might want to know if he is single or not. Nevertheless, it would be provocative to question him directly. Asking him, “Are you dating?” will make it too obvious that you are into him which is not a good impression. There are a number of ways you can make the conversation more indirect. For instance, you can start a topic on today’s dating trends and ask about his perceptions concerning contemporary relationships. This would be a more natural way to ask about his personal life without being sounding like a busybody. Along the way, he might just hint about his current relationship status. Whenever you feel like the topic is getting out of track, try to steer it back and you will find answers. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, you can make a suggestive comment such as, “Your girlfriend must love your beautiful watch.”

Women have this amazing talent of seeing the best in someone and putting a positive “spin” on things (especially when you really like him). - 👱🏼He says, “I’m not ready for a relationship.” / 👩🏾You hear, “He hasn’t met the right woman to be in a relationship… yet.” - 👦🏻He says, “I don’t want anything serious.” / 👩🏽You hear, “He doesn’t now, but he might with me later.” - 👦🏾He says, “I don’t see myself ever having kids.” / 👩🏼You hear, “I’m not ready for kids now… but maybe in the distant future.” - When he tells you these things… BELIEVE HIM! The first date conversation can give you some major insight if you just listen to what he tells you about himself. - Can a guy lie on a date? Of course! BUT… you are going to give that potential relationship TIME and SHARED EXPERIENCES to get to know the “real” him. - 👉You’re also only going to emotionally invest the appropriate amount for the relationship (Boundaries, Standards, and Limitations). - You might be able to save yourself from potential heartache if you just listen and BELIEVE what he tells you early on! 💘

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9) Find out if your friend can do you a small favor

If you want to know the new guy better, then you have to let him know that you two are on the same page. Only then will he be willing to invest in something. You need to let him know that you trust him to gain his trust. Asking for a small favor will do the trick. For example: 71. Could you take care of my stuff while I dash to the washroom? 72. Can you help me get a straw over the counter? 73. Could you help me take a picture? 74. Do you mind giving me a ride? 75. Can I have your pen, please? By now, he will feel more comfortable with you and would open up even more. You can even ask them to pick a drink for you or help you finish a cake. Funny enough, amazing things happen when you show trust towards a guy. For instance, he will start to let his guard down

10) Ask questions when you are in a comfortable place

If your friend is not comfortable, he might not answer your questions effectively. The environment you are at, the activities around, how you are dressed, and your actions can affect the answers you get from him. Make sure that the place does not threaten him. Do not pick an expensive venue or a very public place. A guy prefers a quiet and private place to enjoy a date with a girl he just met. It would be wrong to go to a club where loud music plays or along the street where every passerby overhears the ongoing conversation. After all, how can you hear each other amidst noises? If you meet at a coffee shop, try to get a seat in the most relaxed atmosphere instead of sharing a table with strangers. You may ask for a reserved seat from the manager of the place. If you feel a bit anxious concerning the many questions you have for the man you just met, consider taking a tour to an engaging environment with tons of activities like the beach. Think of visiting a museum, or adventuring in the zoo; as long as you like the place. Such exciting places encourage light-hearted conversations and you will not have awkward silence between you. Watching a show or a movie might just hint on the ideal venue for your next date. There is so much you can learn about him by doing exciting things while asking funny questions.

11) Share something about you with the guy you just met

You should make the first move even though it sounds scary. He will be more willing to share his stories if you share yours first. Once the introductory part is over, it’s time to dive in with a funny narrative or talk about something that fascinates you. If at the end of your story, you find him quiet, you can trigger him by asking if he has something he would like to share with you. Communicating your openness to him will give you insights into his character. He will know that he is in control of the conversation as long as you open up. Most likely, he will do the same and your chat will continue. Revealing personal things about yourself shows that you are comfortable, confident, and spontaneous. These are some of the qualities guys find most attractive in girls and he will feel more comfortable around you. Nevertheless, don’t be quick to share your baggage with someone you just met. You can unload it later but not at this time.

12) Ask questions that will make him express how he feels about you

At this point, things might be going on smoothly with your guy friend but you still don’t know how he feels about you. Your greatest fear is rocking the boat by being totally honest with him. To make matters worse, you feel scared and lonely when he doesn’t seem to share what’s on his mind. So, you will pretend all is well even though deep down inside you there’s a burning desire to know his true feelings. It is very frustrating and confusing to see him distant with you.

Women are more emotional than men. Men express emotions with their body and asking him what he feels directly may not be a good idea. You have to take it slow before digging deep. Most men hate expressing their deep feelings. Perhaps that’s how they were born and there is so little you can do about it. However, you can find better ways to connect with him and you will be amazed at how he opens up to you. This is the secret if you hunger especially for the love of a man you just met: unseen emotions inside a man make him tensed and he desires to withdraw. For him to get comfortable, he needs a guarantee that he is safe around you. If you are in touch with his feelings, he will feel safer and be able to express freely knowing that you won’t be judging him. If you ever feel disconnected from your guy, try these two methods of assuring him your trustworthiness. The following are questions that can make a man express his feelings. Reserve them for later talks when you are about to end your first date: 76. What made you fall in love the first time? 77. Are you scared of love? 78. What aspect of love do you love? 79. What thing would you want us to do together? 80. If I moved to a far off place, would you try to find me? 81. Which place would you pick for our second date? 82. What is the one question you fear asking me? 83. Do you think there’s something lacking in our new friendship? 84. What inner trait about me do you like? 85. Do you feel vulnerable right now? 86. What weakness in me do you like? 87. Do you have a secret you would like to share with me? 88. Do you believe soul mates exist? 89. Is there anything like miss right according to you? 90. What do you think I like the most about you? 91. What would be your first reaction if you saw me kiss another man? 92. How do you express affection? 93. How do you embrace affection from another person? 94. What is the one thing that I have said/done that makes you happy and you wish to happen again? 95. What’s the meaning of love according to you?

13) Do not pretend around a friend you just met

Keeping negative emotions to yourself and pretending like you’re confident is a very wrong move. Do not be afraid of raising a controversy and as soon as the man realizes that you are pretending, he will not tell you his true feelings. Just be real.

14) Express your feelings and don’t make him responsible

We are talking about feelings here and not thoughts of actions. For instance, you can let him know that you are upset whenever he is not paying attention.

15) Connect to his heart

You will not make a connection by sharing funny stories or discussing the hottest news. He will, of course, contribute to the topics but you will not be getting to his heart. Instead, share your perceptions, sorrows, joys, and inner thoughts. Feel your emotions and talk from your heart so that he can feel safe.

16) You cannot force answers from someone you just met

Naturally, men speak fewer words than ladies and they prefer getting straight to the point without giving too much information. However, the first day you meet a man, don’t expect him to give too many details about his past relationships. He might simply say, “It simply couldn’t work out.” From there, do not push him further because you might frustrate him. A good point is to remain within his comfort zone.

17) Wait till the guy becomes comfortable with you

You cannot ask this question immediately after meeting him. You have to wait till the two of you have established mutual trust. Give him some time so he can digest and settle in. Note that it is not easy for a guy to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. So, do not bombard with past relationship questions immediately after asking the general questions highlighted earlier on. One thing you must never do is interrupt his conversations. Wait for him to answer a question before you proceed to the next. Make things easier for him and he will give you good and honest answers as opposed to evasive and shallow answers. Chip in some funny comments to make him laugh and feel relaxed.

18) Do not challenge what your guys says

Your objective is to listen and accept what you hear. Do not criticize him lest he regrets why he told you everything. There is no need to over-analyze what he says or insinuate deeper meanings. If you have a hidden agenda, do not let it show as you might shut him down.

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19) Support your him as a friend

A man wants to be assured of unconditional love and be accepted just the way he is. He will only share his past relationship issues if he trusts you, so you will have to earn his trust first. It is said that for every great man, there is a supportive woman behind and you want to be that woman. Learn to listen more and understand him. Be sincere if you want him to share his past with you.

20) Ask questions about his past relationships

If you are looking forward to building a connection with your new guy, you might want to know about his past love life. To get him open up to you, ask these questions: 96. When did you lose your virginity? 97. What was the first thing you fought for in a relationship with a girl? 98. Do you regret your past dates? 99. Were you faithful? 100. How was your first heartbreak? It is a very sensitive decision to start sharing the details of the past relationships. Your friend can choose to reveal them or not and you must not try to make him explain everything. Before you start questioning, assess your intentions and learn first what hurts or pleases him. If you can get him to address his past his past issues, the two of you can take your friendship to a higher notch as you will establish a more understanding relationship. But before you start asking personal questions, make sure that your conversations have matured to the point that you two feel secure discussing anything. Since you are so curious about his past life, show your willingness to share yours. There is a need for mutual communication and don’t expect him to spill the beans if you can’t lead. Sharing experiences puts you at ease knowing that you can relate to the tribulations you two have suffered in the past. Note that revealing a painful past can sometimes rejuvenate bad feelings and your way of asking questions must be very sensitive. You have to show compassion to him as you address the issues. A guy you just met opening up makes him vulnerable and that’s why you have to go easy on him.

21) Meaningful questions that will strengthen your relationship

We live in a world where people are disconnected more than ever. This is the reason most relationships don’t reach maturity. Sometimes, new friends hold themselves back or they just lack means of staying connected genuinely such as meaningful conversations and meeting often. The best foundation of a long-term relationship is built on a true connection between partners. Asking questions is quite fun as you try to assess a friend you just met. It is such a great experience that will help you learn a lot about him and yourself too, something that will bring you closer. So, take your time and ask meaningful and deep queries that are more than just enquiring about how his day was. Every time you pose a question is a chance to discover relevant information about him which has shaped the person he really is. The following is a list of boning queries to ask a guy you just met in order to develop a bond between you two. 101. What have you been procrastinating on? 102. Is there anything you would change about you? 103. Do you think there is a reason for everything that happens or reasons come afterwards? 104. What can you never forgive? 105. If you won lottery and become a billionaire today, what would you do? 106. What something did you swore never to do again? 107. What is the greatest blessing in disguise that you have? 108. Do you feel energized or drained when you spend time with others? 109. What do you expect from a healthy relationship? 110. What behavior do you consider intolerable? 111. Describe your childhood in 4 words. 112. What is that one thing you’ve never done because of fear? 113. Do you wish to turn back the time and rectify something? 114. What uplifts your spirit? 115. How does a perfect day for you look like? 116. Do social media sites isolate you or bring you closer to people? 117. When did you cry last? 118. Which book do you remember vividly? 119. Is there something you do that never ends well? 120. How do you end a long week? During your questions, do not jump into conclusions immediately after an answer. You should take time to analyze his answers and then decide whether or not you want your friendship to move to the next level. Consider the important things to you and the type of answers you expect. You also have to separate answers which you can compromise on and those that you cannot. All his answers may not be compatible with what you expect and that is when you can decide to cut off the friendship earlier enough before things get complicated. However, if the guy is so special to you, you can take compromises. It is said that knowledge is power and seeking answers to what you don’t know about him will unlock the gates to a stronger connection and deep understanding between the two of you. Even though you are still in the friendship zone, there is definitely something new that you will learn by being inquisitive.

What if, you could hear yourself and others today without passing judgement?

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22) Do not use the questions to judge him

One thing you must accept is that your friend cannot change his past. After he gives you the answers, let go of them and focus on who he is at the present moment. You must be careful not to introduce jealousy into your smooth conversations over something he did in the past. Rather, find out the positive aspects of him and give compliments. It is said that past mistakes help people learn and improve their present. You can try to see the good from his failed relationships without condemning him. If you learn to do this, you will grow together knowing how to accept each other’s flaws while focusing on the good qualities admire in each other.

So you have spotted this guy and surprisingly, the two of you show a mutual interest. As soon as you realize that the two of you match, find the right questions that will build a connection. It gets tricky when you start asking questions. You may not be good at starting conversations but the aforementioned 120 questions will set you on the right track before you take things to the next level.