30 Sweet Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

You can ask some sweet questions from your girlfriend. Believe it or not, these right questions can help you improve your relationship.

By Sonika
30 Sweet Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions to ask your girlfriends

When any men would start talking to a girl, the primary confusion he faces is what to start from and what are his limitations to get into her personal life. No doubt, girls love to be attended from guys they like or are in a sweet dating relationship with, and hence, there are some questions, which when you ask would show your care and affection for her. Wait! This doesn’t mean entering into the interrogation phase that would make your girlfriend go crazy. Go in an impressive way by showing your interest in her with a good number of questions to ask that brings even the tiniest detail about her. Moving through her days in an hour, her weekend enjoyments, leisure time activities, etc. would develop honesty and sincerity on both the sides and would lead you to the phase of more personal chats that can even turn into deep conversations.

The initial phase of the conversation needs to be quite friendly and easy for your girlfriend, which provides her with zero pressure or gestures whether to answer or not. Start with questions that represent her ideology towards the life, friends, relationship, love, etc. to know her well before getting attached to her emotionally. Avoid asking such questions to your girlfriends that reveal the devil side in you that looks for sex. The questions should also be comfortable enough for her to avoid any kind of misunderstandings in the beginning of the relationship. For this, you can try the questions about her interests, fears, personnality and relationship. To give you brief view some of them are described below:

1. Ask her in a sweet way how she defines a perfect day or life?

Such questions sound quite shabby when you ask by text, but the answer you receive from your girlfriend would surely give you a broad idea about her. You can also take the idea, in the beginning, is she really into you. Accordingly you can proceed the communication.

2. How was your week and what was the sweetest part of it

This sweet question would surely make her feel enlightened. It shows your concern for her as you are willing to know how was she throughout the week. The questions can be simple and attractive to make her feel you have concern about her.

3. Text her to know about her biggest fear

Asking her about her fears would help you understand her with clarity. It also helps you in knowing whether you are in a correct relationship or not.

4. Go with the list of favorites

This is a good way to find out what stuff is common among you both. This can help in taking your conversation to a personal level too. You can also figure out the most interesting things inside her to find the better way to treat her. Not every woman feel loved when given the roses and taken to date. Love is complicated, sometimes better to understand her wishes to spend some quality time with her.

5. Talk to her about her most embarrassing moment

Knowing her most embarrassing moment would give you an idea about her humor. However, make sure you don’t tease her to make things worse. Even pertain like it is not that much embarrassing as she thinks it is. Try to generalize the incident.

6. What do you visualize when you see yourself in the sweet twenties?

Such questions help you know about her dreams and expectations for future. This would also help you find out if she is the one you are looking for.

Have you ever fallen in love?

This personal question would bring a good answer to your confusion if she would be able to love you back in the same way you do or not. She might hesitate to answer this but such questions can help to make the relationship stronger. However, you should remember not to stretch the things as the conversation may go on wrong track.

8. Ask her if she believes in marriage or committed relationship

For some people, marriage might be the horrible thing but some people praise this special bond till the end of their life. Committed people always try to give the solution of any problems they never tend to increase the problem to break the relationship. This conversation can help both, whether both of you want to stay together or not. There is nothing like this could be, if you find your soul mate just by asking this question. The questions also help you know whether she wants to be in an open relationship or she is a believer of the traditional marriage.

Ask your girl about her secrets

Questions related to her secrets would open up the door to her heart and life. You will also come to know your place in her life by asking this. This can be the best way to find out your importance and her personality traits.

Love or money?

Her selection in this question would help you know how further you can carry your relationship. If her answer is money, you would definitely quit. But whether the answer is yes or no you must need to take some time to understand her view.

11. Ask her the personality she desires in her dream date?

Every girl has an image of a perfect date for her, and when you ask her this, you would be able to match her expectations and where you stand in it. Try to figure out her interests to get the idea about her first date anticipation.

12. Ask her about her ideal person who inspired her

You can also come to know about the lifestyle and the thoughts of your girlfriend from the character that has influenced her along with her skills. Generally, a girl looks for the qualities of her ideal in her future partner.

13. Ask her which favorite career she would love to go with?

During silence in conversation, this would be a sweet question to know her desires, dreams and career choices. It also reveals her area of interest.

14. Which is the place you feel safe in the world?

Feeling safe is a crucial part of any girl’s life. The answer to such questions would let you know her attachments for a particular place in her life. Ask her for the same and try to show her that you do feel the same. Listen carefully and pay attention and show empathy.

15. Ask her about her best feature?

Such questions help you know about the features your girlfriend thinks can attract everyone. This would help you understand her skills, habits, etc. Once you have gone through all such questions to your girlfriend that bring you both close to a good extent, you can now move on some other ones too that would give you more personal topics or answers for a private conversation.

Personal topics and private conversation

16. Question your girlfriend about anything she would like to change in her

This type of personal talks helps you know about her physics according to her thoughts. Satisfied with her looks! Bingo, you are with a correct one.

17. Ask her a personal question about her sign

This question doesn’t have any resemblance with your belief but it gives you a great conversation that would include various sweet moments.

18. What would you like to change in me?

Now, this is an important text from your side, that would help you know what she thinks about you, your relationship, and your plus points too. Sometimes people take it in wrong way. Do not think negatively as this can hamper the relationship.

19. Ask your girlfriend questions about her views on tattoos and if she has any.

The Tattoo is a topic that would help you know many personal details about your girlfriend. Ask her if she carries any with the place to go shabby.

You can be little more friendly

20. Ask her about the craziest or wildest moment of her life

It’s time to heat up the conversation with sweet yet naughty questions to get the craziest side of her out. The answer would surely give your memorable moments.

21. Include questions to know her best place for getting kissed

This is the beginning of getting sensual with the girlfriend. Ask them for the perfect place to get kissed, as this would show her romantic side. Make sure you are not asking this at the early stage, it may hurt her feelings. Better to take some time before asking such questions.

22. Ask her how much she takes your compliments on her beauty

Don’t miss any chance in appreciating your girlfriends’ beauty in a romantic way, and check out what she thinks of it to make the text more sensual.

23. Ask her what she thinks makes a man more attractive?

This kind of question helps you get sweet moments when you come to know what should be improved for you to make yourself perfect for her.

24. What is more romantic for you! Cooking for him or dancing with him!

This kind of questions for the girlfriend helps you in knowing her idea of a perfect moment. It can also help you in building sweet memories in the future.

Questions to judge her feelings

25. Ask your girlfriend about her bedtime dressings

Bedtime dressings for girls hold a sweet role in getting sensual through text. This can also give you the best personal conversation.

26. Ask questions regarding the perfect date according to her

Ask your girlfriend about what a perfect date means to her. This would bring various sweet and sensual answers that would help you complete her dreams.

27. Ask your girlfriend whether she prefers cuddling or making out

Asking this to your girlfriends would surely help you move into a personal text. However, from this, you will also know her idea about romance.

28. Is giving a butterfly kiss on the first or second date ideal for you?

Such questions help you in knowing whether it would be a good idea to kiss your girlfriend during your second date from her views.

29. Ask her what should accompany with kissing

Such questions to your girlfriends would help you know how you can start with your relationship without making any kind of misunderstandings.

30. What according to you is the most sensual part of your body?

Want to go cozy with text! Ask your girlfriend about their most sensual parts that would turn them on. Make them in a sweet and sensual puzzle tone.

Hence, it is important to go slow and in an intellectual way while talking to girlfriends if you want your relationship to last long. Text holds an important role, and when it is carried out before any meetings or dates, they need to be build up properly so that they give you sweet conversations avoiding the dislike from her. However, while asking questions, also be sure that you don’t ask her in a lusty tone. Make your tone sweet, smart and in a puzzle form so that it wouldn’t give you any negative marks. Also, don’t keep on asking, you also need to give your personal views to extend the conversation, and making it interactive. The answers to your questions hold a vital role in making your relationship an ideal one. The girlfriends should not also be forced for answering any particular question, as it would reveal the persecution side of yours. Getting too cozy in the initial text may sound sweet but is also harmful while cultivating any important relationship. Hence, go slow and steady not only to win your girlfriends but also to keep her attracted towards yourself. Hence, go with questions for your girlfriends that would build trust, reliability, faith, affection, sweet memories, etc. for a lifelong relationship.Never ask such question which can break the trust and present the wrong message in front of her.