Courtney McBroom Wiki: Chef, Net Worth, Instagram & Facts About Aziz Ansari's Girlfriend

Are you a fan of Courtney McBroom's cooking? She is the ex-girlfriend of Aziz Ansari. Here are facts about the chef that you should know.

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Courtney McBroom Wiki: Chef, Net Worth, Instagram & Facts About Aziz Ansari's Girlfriend

Courtney McBroom: New York Chef

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If you are a fan of Aziz Ansari, you might know his ex-girlfriend, Courtney McBroom. McBroom met Ansari in 2014 and swept him off his feet. McBroom is a chef based in New York and she loves delicious things. Well, there wasn’t a better match for Ansari than McBroom who would quench his desire for a range of cuisines. Ansari described McBroom as a nutritious salad and stated that he was done with eating skittles. 37-year-old McBroom was born in Texas. She developed a desire for cooking when she was young. The chef studied in Texas and used to read cookbooks more than doing mathematics. After she graduated, McBroom went to New York where she got employed. McBroom also used to live in Los Angeles when she was dating Ansari, and she’s very active on Instagram posting her food.

Facts about Aziz Ansari’s ex-girlfriend

She started her career at Momokofu Milk Bar

McBroom is known for her glucose-spiking deserts that she used to prepare at Momokofu Milk Bar. Being a classically-trained pastry chef, she became one of the best-known chefs from the popular New York bakery. McBroom worked alongside the head chef Christina Tosi. McBroom left Momokofu and went to open her own restaurant, Casa Blanco in the backyard. She brought her Texan cuisine to the city and introduced some recipes. The restaurant has grown in terms of popularity and it seems it’s paying McBroom very well. She lives a lavish lifestyle meaning she has a decent net worth.

She met Ansari in Momokofu

Ansari’s love for food helped him find love. According to McBroom, somebody shouted that Aziz Ansari was at Momokofu Milk Bar, but she didn’t know who he was. McBroom's father stated that Ansari was a foodie who would come over to the bar frequently, but they didn’t hook up right away. After one year since their first meeting, they met in an event and bonded while they ate Hokey Pokey Cookies. The Hokey Pokey cookies were made from smoked oats and a unique toffee from New Zealand. They had been created by Momokofu for a fashion bash that was happening outside. McBroom said that that they became lovers courtesy of the Hokey Pokey cookies.

McBrook influenced Ansari to become a feminist

Aziz Ansari identified himself as a feminist, and his girlfriend, McBrook influenced him to become one. Ansari went further to have an episode in his “Master of None” show called “Ladies and Gentleman.” Speaking of the episode, he said that it was interesting that the it was happening and stated that he had learned that it was important to ask women questions. He quoted that if someone went and asked a group of females about their work experience and their encounter with sexism while working, he would be surprised by what the things they would say.

There are six quotes about her from Ansari

Ansari has his own romantic book titled “Modern Romance.” The book discusses his romance with girlfriend Courtney McBroom and other people’s romance. Aziz Ansari is a comedian, but you can’t laugh after hearing his smitten feelings. It was evident that Ansari loved McBroom from his writings, how he talked about her in interviews, and the fact that they were living together in LA. On seeing her, Ansari quoted that he just saw her face and he didn’t have an in-depth look of her or face algorithm. On investing in McBroom, Ansari said that he tried to figure out why four different couples had broken up and probably the biggest reason was because their love had faded and he decided to invest on his relationship. On knowing if McBroom was worth it, Aziz Ansari said that he couldn’t stop hanging out with her and he asked himself why he wasn’t meeting someone that he wanted to be with. But with her, he felt that all he wanted was to hang out, and that’s how worthy she was. On combating insecurities, Ansari stated that there was a time he asked her girlfriend to make some little notes about her worries. It was funny enough to find that her worries were the same as his. On what he learned from McBroom, he became a feminist like she was and started thinking about issues affecting men. On how he’s changed after meeting McBroom on Tinder, he said that he used to be a skittle-eating guy and having all the fun. He wanted some salad, and McBroom was the salad.

McBroom broke up with her boyfriend two years later

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Ansari had a frantic work schedule, and it was blamed for the couple’s break up. He was out there marketing his book, on stand-up comic tours and was also shooting his “Master of None” show. It was confirmed in January 2016 that indeed McBroom had broken with Ansari and she was his ex-girlfriend.

Her net worth

Courtney McBroom’s net worth is unknown but judging by the lavish lifestyle she lives, she must have a decent net worth. She has her own restaurant in the heart of New York City and it’s making her some good money. He ex-boyfriend, Aziz Ansari has a net worth of $18 million.

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Breaking up with the comedian was not the end of the road for McBroom. She still benefited positively by marketing her restaurant from the fame. She also posts some of her ideas on Instagram.