Single And Lonely? Here Are The Best Ways To Cope

It is normal to feel lonely when you are single. However, you should not feel bad about it or rush into la on to learn more on how to cope.

By Dagmar Thomson
Single And Lonely? Here Are The Best Ways To Cope

Single and Lonely? Here Are the Best Ways to Cope

People assume that being single is a disease that no one wants to be associated with. What they do not know is being single is normal and some people are fine with it. Some people become single by choice while others are due to their attitude. The society makes single people feel like they are outcasts, hence leading to depression. Those affected by being single become sad, lonely, and depressed. No need to feel sad and lonely for being single, this article will guide you on how to change your attitude.

1. Be Optimistic

People have this notion that if you are not married by a certain age, then there is no need to get married at all since life has passed you by already. If you are single, give a deaf ear to what people. This is your life and you have to be optimistic about it. Change your attitude and believe that the impossible is possible. There is a man out there for each one of us. Do not lose hope. All you have to do is believe your time will come. More importantly,accept the situation you are in. You need to realize that it is a phase that everybody actually passes through. Believe that at the right time, things are going to work out for you for the better.Always be positive about everything and know that God has the best plans for you.

2. Avoid Going after Someone

Never chase after someone who does not want to be with you; it will only give you more heartache, sadness, and depression. Let go of the person and live your life. If you chase a person, it means that he or she is not interested in you and is not willing to create a relationship with you. Try coping being alone; after all it will give you time to focus on your life. No person is worth being chased after. Use this time to indulge yourself with hobbies and projects that interest you. Love yourself and your single life more and others will love you back.

3. Do Not Settle For Less

Some people coping with loneliness get married not because they are in love but because they want to get rid of loneliness. This is wrong. You should set high standards and if a person does not match your standards, let go and focus on yourself. Do not stoop low to get rid of your single life. Being single is normal and you should be okay with it. Do not rush into anything just to fit in the society or so that your friends do not love at. wait for the right person to come before settling in any relationship leading to marriage.

4. Be Yourself and Love It

Being single is a normal thing and you should learn how to love it. Get comfortable in your own world and create ways that will not bore you. For instance, you can cuddle up in a sofa with a blanket and watch a movie on a Friday night with popcorns and a glass of your favorite wine. Feeling sad and lonely will only bring you depression and heartaches. Do not give such negative thoughts a chance; change your attitude and love your own company.

5. Focus on Yourself

As a single person, take this precious time to focus on yourself. Learn new things, travel to new places, and try out new hobbies to mention but a few. If you focus on yourself, you will notice that those sad and lonely feelings will end. Do not wallow in self-pity since the problem is your attitude and you can change it permanently.

6. Make Yourself Better

Have you ever admired a person until you aspire to be the same? Well in this case, you should learn to make yourself better than you are right now. The first step is to change your negative attitude. Start by thinking and talking positively, Avoid complaining all the time and seeing as if everyone is your enemy. Love your single life and treat yourself occasionally. Adopt a new way of seeing things in a new perspective. When you tune your brain to want something, the forces of nature will give you back what you want. Change yourself and let people admire you.

7. Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? You should read about it. When you focus your thoughts on negative things, the law of attraction will give you back more negative things to think about. Change your attitude and start thinking of positive things. Love yourself and your single life and the law of attraction will give you something positive in return. If you beckon the law of attraction that you want a relationship, then that is what you will get. Try it out, it always works.

8. Appreciate the Things You Have

What you have right now is precious; focus on it and appreciate it. Your friends, your job, your new car just to mention but a few are the things you should appreciate. Do not look at what others have that you do not have. Probably they are looking at yours too. Learn to appreciate the little things you have. Your being single is an opportunity that you have to learn to appreciate little things you own. Take advantage of it.

9. Enjoy Your Unpredictable Future

Lonely and sad people often question if this is the life they are meant to live. They always let their sad feelings control them. Often, if a person is in this status, they should seek support from their loved ones lest they end up in depression. This is not the case; you should learn to enjoy your single life, learn to love yourself more and the things surrounding you. Cope with everything and live your life to the fullest. Embrace each passing moment and face your unpredictable life with strength.

10. Offer to Volunteer

When you feel sad and lonely, instead of letting yourself get into depression, offer to volunteer in a children’s orphanage, homeless shelter among others. When you give something back to the society, you feel good about yourself. Do not succumb to coping with sad and lonely feelings; learn to give back to the society. This will give you an opportunity to see how much you are blessed.

11. Love Others As You Would Want Them to Love You

If people have been coping with you in your past relationships due to your rude and nasty behavior, it is time to change. When you hurt other people’s feelings, your feelings will be hurt too and that is why you are single. Change this behavior and you will attract other people. Learn to love yourself and your single life by treating yourself with respect and dignity; other people will treat you the same. If you want a steady, quality, and mature relationship with someone, you need to change your attitude.

12. Keep Yourself Busy

Depression, sadness, and lonely feelings can take your life slowly. Do not let yourself go through this sad phase of life. Keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy cooking, enroll in cooking classes. If you keep yourself busy, you will forget that you are single. Avoid negative feelings by keeping yourself preoccupied all the time.

13. Believe There Is a Single Person for You

A person with depression can have a negative notion that all good single people are taken, this is not true. Other single, sad, and lonely people out there are searching too. The society can talk as much as it wants, but it is upon you to listen or give a deaf ear to what they are saying. This being your life, you should take charge and control it. Be positive minded and good things will come back to you.

14. Patience Pays

It is hard to be patient but when you want to achieve something great, you have to apply some patience. If you are suffering from depression, seek help and support from your loved ones. No one would like to date a depressed person. Take care of yourself, change your negative attitude and be optimistic in life. Your single life is an opportunity to explore yourself; love it.

15. Reach Out

When you are single, sad and lonely, you only think that other people are happy with their lives and they do not have time for you. This is not entirely true. When you feel depressed, you tend to lock yourself up more often and you avoid communication with the outside world. This is wrong and you should try to reach out to your loved ones. Your loved ones will always have time for you although they will not always be available. Therefore, it is upon you to keep in touch. Do not avoid your loved ones because you are single.

16. Adopt a Pet If You Are Lonely and Single

If you love animals, this is a great way to help you overcome your sad and lonely feelings. Your new pet is supposed to be your new best friend but not to fill the gap of a spouse. Your new pet should keep you preoccupied with yourself. You should only get a pet if you love animals and are willing to take care of your new best friend. Once you get into a relationship, continue keeping your pet since it is the one that has helped you overcome your sad life. If you prefer a temporary pet, a goldfish will do. Being single is a normal thing and anybody who has been single for several years should learn to be comfortable with their own lives. Do not stoop low and start a relationship that does not fit you since you want to fit in the society. Change your negative attitude and be optimistic in life that you will get what you desire. The law of attraction will help you get there if you call upon a quality and mature relationship. Do not be depressed because you are single. Take this opportunity to love yourself and appreciate the little things you own. Be comfortable being by yourself and you will enjoy your life. Stay happy!



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