Liv Morgan Wiki: Wrestler, Net Worth, WWE, Instagram & Facts About Enzo Amore's Girlfriend

Liv Morgan is an American professional wrestler and model. Read more about the net worth and other facts about Enzo Amore's girlfriend.

By Amanda Palmer
Liv Morgan Wiki: Wrestler, Net Worth, WWE, Instagram & Facts About Enzo Amore's Girlfriend

Enzo Amore in a nutshell

Eric Arndt was born in 1986. He is an American professional wrestler who performs under the ring name Enzo Amore. He was a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion. In January, 2018, Enzo Amore had to face some sexual allegations and was suspended and subsequently released from WWE. He played in the NCAA for Salisbury University while pursuing a degree in journalism. In the world of WWE, it’s really tough to keep track of their relationships whether romantic or others. The pro wrestlers are always on the move and have very hectic schedules. In a recent WWE Raw episode, the duo of Enzo and Cass broke up in a dramatic way. Amore was highly disturbed by the way he was dumped by his partner and was left heartbroken. It’s a common thing in WWE for the wrestlers to be in relationships with other pros. When they break up, they move ahead to date another pro. Now both, Enzo and Cass ended up dating other females pros. Enzo Amore got into a relationship with Liv Morgan. Although they both have not confirmed on their status, they were found to be spending a lot of time together. Recently, Amore and Morgan broke up. If you are a bit curious about Liv Morgan who had taken Amore's fancy at one point, then we have all the important information about her jotted down below:

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Enzo Amore's girlfriend Liv Morgan

Gionna Daddio or the more famously known Liv Morgan is signed with the WWE under the ring name Liv Morgan. She was discovered in a gym and subsequently signed by WWE in 2014. She was first signed to their developmental territory, WWE NXT. She first appeared on television, when she jumped Tyler Breeze during his ring entrance. She soon entered the ring as Liv Morgan and competed in a battle royal which determined her as the number one contender to Bayley's NXT Women's Championship. She competed with Carmella in a six-woman tag-team match. Morgan is from New Jersey. She often wears a football jersey in order to pay homage to her home state of New Jersey. She was one amongst four elder brothers a younger sister. Her father passed away quite early in her life and her mother raised her six children alone. She trained in the makeshift ring built in their backyard by her brother. Her ex-boyfriend Enzo Amore and she both share a Jersey connection as Amore is also from New Jersey. Amore was born and raised there and he also played football for his high school. They both worked at Hooters. Morgan was a competitive cheerleader and has worked and modeled for the Hooters. Before his career in WWE, Amore has tried his luck in many jobs including moonlighting as a DJ, working as a ticket salesman for the New York Jets, a piano mover, and a manager at Hooters. Both Morgan and Amore have many similar co-incidences and rumor has it that they knew each other while working at Hooters in New Jersey. The two also share a love of hip-hop. Amore also helped her gain entry into the WWE. Morgan was discovered in the same gym as Amore and was signed in NXT. According to some reports, Amore nudged executives to sign her on. Since joining the WWE, the two had been seen closer than ever, convincing fans that they were a couple.

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Interesting facts about Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan believes in an amazing mantra of 'Ya Only Liv Once', which is quite clear in the way she fights in the ring and the way she tackles every situation she is in. Her passion for the pro wrestling business is quite evident in her fighting spirit and she has been a standout in the NXT. Although, she has never been able to make to till the main event on NXT television or even at a TakeOver Special, she has since accomplished quite a lot. So let's explore some facts about one of the newest additions to the SmackDown women's roster: * She is a former backyard wrestler. She grew up in a large family with five other siblings. Morgan described her first experiences in backyard wrestling by discussing everything she was game for which is a trait she hasn't lost to this day. Her brother built a makeshift ring for her in their backyard where she learnt her pedigrees and power bombs. * She was molded and shaped at the WWE Performance Center before she made it to the Smack Down. She had had no experience before and WWE was more willing to push her as a home-grown Superstar. They've been able to keep her talents hidden for her fans to see what moves she can pull up during a fight. Liv Morgan has received exceptional training and is ready to show the WWE Universe what she can do. * She has wrestled with the main roster before. Liv Morgan has wrestled at several WWE house shows. She's been working WWE live events for over a year at this point and has been prepared on every move. Her gusto in the ring coupled with her ability to make anyone she's facing look good makes her a valuable asset for WWE. She would soon pop up at the next SmackDown house show. * She is everyone's favorite backstage. Even if she is fighting with her vicious heel persona, back at the stage, she is everyone's friend and personal favorite. Morgan's extremely close with NXT Superstar Aliyah. The two often travel together and have been known to go out on the town as well. * Liv Morgan was featured in WWE's official theme 'Livin Large' in 2016. The theme was officially released by WWE music.

She is quite active on Instagram and Twitter and constantly uploads her photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.