Top 10 Sex Tips For Married Couples To Rekindle Sexual Intimacy

Sexless bedrooms are one of the leading causes of stress in married life. Let us explore a few tips to get marriage back on track.

By Bella Reaves
Top 10 Sex Tips For Married Couples To Rekindle Sexual Intimacy

Marriage Without Sex - A Modern Dilemma

Where did the intimacy go? Sometimes, the sacred union of marriage loses its power and life tends to drag on. Without frequent and exciting sex, marriage feels less like an intimate relationship and more like life with a roommate of the opposite gender. Sex is the cornerstone of any intimate relationship, and listed below are a few tips to rekindle the flame of your marriage and improve your overall life satisfaction.

1. Frequent Sex Beats Zero Sex

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A balanced marriage includes all of the activities that make marriage fun - raising a child, having a life partner, cohabitation, and, most importantly, sex. Intimacy is a very important topic and the desire to satisfy your partner could make or break a marriage. Even if you don't feel like having sex, sacrificing your time and effort to satisfy your partner could make or break your day. Sometimes, intimacy is a concept that must be built up over time. Sex might not be pleasurable for you in your current frame of mine. You may not even feel a connection with your partner during sex, but setting time aside to at least try and rekindle the flame is one of the best tips you will get in terms of improving your marriage.

2. Forget Boring Sex... Spice Things Up!

For many people, sex in a marriage can become dull over time. You are having sex with the same person, at the same time, in the same bedroom, for many years. Sometimes, you may even feel the need to get tipsy before initiating sex with your partner. One of the best tips to improve sex life is to add new and exciting elements into your intimate encounters with your partner. Listed below will be a few tips you can utilize to add excitement to your sex life.

Here Are A Few Tips To Change Your Sex Life

Sex Tips #1. Change the Location - Having sex in the same bedroom can make things dull. Try a new location, such as a hotel, a beach on a vacation, or a private spa. Sex Tips #2. Change the Timing - Maybe you two are busy professionals, so the only time to get intimate is on the weekends. Changing the time to surprise your partner during a busy weekday can be a delightful experience. Sex Tips #3. Change the Sex - A new position, routine, or idea can be a welcomed addition to the monotonous thrusting that has become many people's sex lives over time. Sex Tips #4. Add and Subtract: One exciting idea to improve sex is to add or subtract things from the bedroom. For example, if you wanted a more kinky sex experience, you could add toys or subtract vision using blindfolds for an exciting sexual experience. Sex Tips #5. Focused Preparation: One of the things that can make sex exciting is if both parties are prepared well! Keeping oneself well-groomed and odor-free can increase attraction. It's the attention to detail that counts. Sex Tips #6. Sex Roulette: Gather a list of you and your partner's wildest sex ideas, and put them in a jar. Then, schedule weekly sexual encounters with your partner and pull ideas from the jar to re-enact in person. Sex Tips #7. More Play for Foreplay: Take time before sex to arouse your partner while seeing to their body's needs. Massage them, caress them from the tips of their fingers to the tips of their toes, and use your tongue where it's needed!

3. Tips on Improving Sex - Communication Is The Key

Communication, like sex, is another savior of marriage. How will your partner know what to do if you never communicate with them? If you have a certain position you like, let them know. If you are aroused in certain areas of your body more than others, let them know. If you don't like something that they do, by all means, LET THEM KNOW!!! If you are trying to schedule frequent sexual encounters with your partner, you should communicate with them as much as possible so that a routine is established. Additionally, communicating with your partner on needs and desires can wipe out frustrating ambiguity when it comes to the quality of your marriage and sex life. If you are afraid of direct communication, leave them some tips and hints at what you want.

4. Take a Break From Your Busy Life

Many couples in the 21st century find themselves in a marriage with two employed workers. When you and your partner are both working, it can be hard to schedule intimate time with them, especially after a long, busy, and boring day at work. That's why it's especially important to make sure you and your partner get a break every once in a while from your hectic lives. Taking a trip, going shopping, or even cuddling on the couch watching television can reignite the spark that made your marriage great in the first place.

5. Make Your Marriage Your Life Until it is Fixed

Many times, when faced with troubling issues, people tend to procrastinate and put them off when they should be fixing the issues now. Your marriage should be seen as a steady foundation that blooms into a structure of stability and growth. If that foundation is compromised with a lack of intimacy, you must make that your greatest focus until balance is restored in your love life. If there is no sex, instead of complaining about it, think about positive and progressive actions you can take to restore the amount of sex in your relationship. One of the best tips on improving marital life is to constantly think about how you can improve it. It can feel good to complain to your friends, but at the end of the day, you will be coming home to a partner that will either love you or be apathetic. Which one would you prefer?

6. Excite Your Partner's Life With An Unexpected Surprise

Marriage can become boring once life goes on. Sex is strong at the beginning of marriages, but the longer it goes on, sex can disappear. Marriage becomes like a routine when you and your partner wake up and go through your daily chores every day, and eventually you find yourself searching for tips online on how to improve the intimacy in your marriage. Taking some time to give your partner a surprise (whether that is surprise sex, a thoughtful gift, or even cooking a nice dinner); it can show them that you still care and are constantly thinking of them. A surprise does not necessarily have to be sex, but sex is a great surprise as well! Good ideas for a surprise are surprise sex, a thoughtful gift, or a nice home-cooked meal.

7. Take A Break From Your Partner

We have seen couples grow tired of each other over time. If increased attention is not meeting your marital needs, one of the tips to succeed may be to go in the opposite direction. You and your partner can take a break from each other, and set a date to resume your marriage as a couple. Sometimes, when people are apart from each other, they realize that their marriage was the best part of their life. The sex, the laughter, the joy, the shared moments, and the genuine time spent together can make some of the best memories that will create strong, lifelong bonds between two individuals. Sometimes, a few hours apart helps people realize that time is best spent together!

8. Live Out Your Fantasies In The Bedroom

Sometimes, sex between husband and wife can get boring, repetitive, and undesirable. What if it was sex between king and tipsy maid, hero and civilian, or, for the especially daring, owner and slave? Sometimes regular intimacy is not enough to satisfy bored couples. Instead, role-playing a different kind of situation will add much-needed excitement to your sex lives. Your husband will be having sex with you for many years, but you can restore intimacy by letting him have sex with a different character (that you play). A different kind of sex can play a very important role in your marriage and satisfy for weeks to come.

9. Take a Break And Let Life Go On

When we face issues with our sex life, often we will rush to what we think is a solution to our problems. Sometimes, it is best to wait and see if the issues resolve themselves. No sex for one month is much less important of an issue than no sex for one year. Sometimes the sex in your marriage can come back on its own, and no tips are necessary. It is important for you to determine at which point you must take action to rekindle the sex in your marital life. Sometimes, giving you and your partner some time to figure things out can be just as important as rushing to fix what you perceive are issues in your marriage.

10. Want To Improve Your Marriage? Don't Read Too Much!

This will seem odd, since this article is on tips to rekindle sex in your married life. However, when we read too many tips about improving sex, initiating sex, and rekindling sex, we can lead ourselves into a situation where we are only reading tips, and not taking action on using those tips to save our sex lives. No amount of sex tips, marriage tips, and life tips can actually improve the quality of your intimate life if you do not implement them. Taking action is the next best step after reading tips, and that is why this tip is the last of the 10 tips on the list. Only when you take action towards improving your sex life can you make a change for the better. So what are you waiting for?


Most people want a marriage with sex. Sex is one of the most important points in a lasting, happy marriage. Sex is what can create children to carry on your family legacy in the world. However, sometimes sex stops in a marriage. Only by taking action towards fixing the issues that caused sex to stop can you save the intimacy in your marriage. Learning tips to rekindle sex in your marriage is an important first step, but once you have ideas and direction, the next (and most important) step is to implement those ideas into action and take concrete steps ahead for the future of your marriage.