15 Definite Signs That You're The Rebound Girl

Sometimes men get into relationships just to get over the relationship that just ended. This makes their current girl a rebound girl. Watch out for the following signs to know if you're the one he's about to rebound with.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Definite Signs That You're The Rebound Girl

15 Definite Signs that you’re The Rebound Girl

You met a guy who is attractive and very charming and he seems into you like you're into him but watch out because he just got out of a relationship. You're not sure if the guy is over his ex-girlfriend and you're afraid that you could be his rebound girl. You know the one? You're the one who helps him overcome the heartache but how do you really know for sure if this is the case? These fifteen signs will help you to know if the guy is serious about you or if you're just the rebound girl.

1. He Keeps Mentioning His Ex

Mentioning his ex regularly is a sign meaning that he isn't over her just yet. If you've been on a date and you already know that he was in a relationship, then you're treading on quicksand. When you date a guy who's constantly talking about his ex, then he isn't over her. He just wants to use you as a rebound to get over the previous relationship which means you need to re-evaluate the situation and think about before going any farther with him. Do not accommodate the habit of him always making references to his ex in your presence.

2. He Just Got Out Of a Long Relationship

You should be careful about dating a guy who just got out of a relationship. If the relationship was long and he just met you, chances are you are the rebound girl. He needs to have enough time to heal and get over the heartbreak. However, there are guys who can bounce back really fast. Only he knows if he is ready to date again or if he just wants to have some fun.

3. You Are a Rebound Girl If He Is Constantly Bitter

One of the signs that a man just got out of a relationship is that he always appears to he be angry and bitter. He acts like he is a victim and that the ex-girlfriend was to blame. He starts to hate all women in general and when you date such a bitter man, it never ends well. He will start to channel that bitterness your way and he will always be angry. There are those men who can even use you to try to find out if some women are good. If you are in such a situation, then you are definitely a rebound girl.

4. He Is Constantly In a Relationship

Most guys always avoid getting into a new relationship immediately after a break up. When a guy doesn't give himself a break from dating then consider this to be a red flag. He will change the definition of rebound by saying that he loved all the women in his relationship but this just a lie. You'll find that some of the women were just rebounds to him so if you're smart, to be careful about someone such as this. He'll always hide his feelings and pretend that he is into you and there is no way such a relationship like this will last. It will most certainly fall apart in the end. He'll let you know that he cannot offer you what you need at the time and honestly, you might be surprised to find him getting back if she's dumb enough to get back together with him.

5. He Avoids Making Future Plans

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When a guy avoids making any future plans with you, it means he's not in it for the long haul. He can even show you signs that you are just a rebound girl to him especially when a guy avoids becoming emotionally attached to you. If you don't want something serious, then this is the guy for you. Have fun and help him get over his drama but if you're looking for a serious commitment, then tell him so and move on.

6. He Is Always Running Into His Ex

Have you ever been in a situation where you are dating a guy and you always run into his ex? You should know that this is never a coincidence and that this guy is always doing this on purpose. Chances are, he hasn't gotten over her and for some odd reason, he wants to see her. He may even want to get back together with her. This should tell you that you are just a rebound girl and he is using you. You should avoid dating such a guy since he does not deserve you.

7. He Is Eager To Post about You on Social Media

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When you get into a new relationship, you should always avoid posting anything about it on social media. However, when you get a guy who was recently single always posting things about you online, then this means that you might question what's happening between the two of you. This should tell you that he's doing this on purpose, most likely to get his ex-girlfriend’s attention. A guy who is eager to show you off is trying to pass a point to someone. You are a clear definition of a rebound girl and he is using you to make his ex jealous.

8. He Compares You to His Ex

When you date a guy who is constantly comparing you to his ex, take this is a bad sign. If he was recently in a breakup, then you are just a rebound girl. It is highly likely that he started dating you because you remind him of his ex. He is not there for you; he just wants you to make him feel good and get over his ex. Remember that you are your own person and you need to be respected in the relationship. Do not become the rebound girl.

9. He Downplays His Previous Relationship

When a guy acts like his previous long relationship was not serious, then you should be concerned. This is a clear definition of a guy who is not over his past relationship. He is just lying to himself and trying to mask the pain of heartbreak. Do not date such a man because you will just end up being the rebound girl. When this happens, keep one thing in mind--You are better than this and you deserve so much more than he could ever offer!

10. Your Relationship Is Mostly Physical

A clear definition of a rebound girl is when you're in a relationship and it's mainly about what happens beneath the sheets. A guy who is only interested in having sex with you is on the rebound. He doesn't want to date you he just wants to be friends with benefits. Take the time to figure out if you want to be a rebound girl or you want something serious from someone else.

11. He Says You're Better For Him than his Ex

A guy on the rebound will always want his new relationship to resemble his old one. He'll tell you how better you are for him than his ex was and this should tell you that he is isn't done thinking about her just yet. If he tells you this after a short time of dating him, then you are the rebound girl. Get out now, before things get messy.

12. He Is Always Jealous

When a guy is still jealous of his ex and always wants to know her every move, then he's not over her just quite yet. Stay away from such a guy because once again, consider yourself to be the rebound girl to. If you date such a guy and he starts getting jealous early in the relationship, then this should be a sign to you that he isn't 'the one' for you. He wants to control you as a way of responding to the pain he experienced from his breakup and if you happen to notice this, get out of the relationship as quickly as possible.

13. He Always Talks About Why He Loved His Ex

It's always good to have a positive attitude towards your ex, however, a guy who constantly talks her, isn't the man for you. This is a clear sign that you are the rebound girl and that he has yet to move on. Just keep things casual between the two of you and give him time to bounce back into the dating scene.

14. You Are His Long Term Friend

A man always wants a female presence by his side because he finds it to be a comfort. When this goes away with a breakup, he'll try to fill that void with whatever he finds close at hand. If you date a guy-friend who recently broke up with a girl then we suggest that you tread carefully. It's most likely that all he wants is a shoulder to cry on and dating such a guy will only get you hurt in the end. Be there for him as a friend and give him a shoulder to cry on but realize when it's time to draw the line.

15. Your Gut Says He Wants To Go Back To His Ex

When you get a gut feeling, it's almost always never wrong. Therefore, when you date a guy who recently broke up with someone, and you get that feeling then be sure to do something about it. Do not stay in such a relationship waiting for him to leave you, but be the first to walk away. Stop being the rebound girl! If you can't trust the person you're in a relationship with, then what good is that relationship to begin with? Most of us are guilty of having had a rebound at one time. Seriously, who would not want to make their ex jealous? However, you would not like it if you were the one being used as a rebound. What you need to do is to get out of such a situation. Once you find out that you are the rebound girl, avoid investing your emotions on such a person and just be casual with him. Save yourself the heartbreak and find someone who truly deserves you.