10 Personality Traits Of A Beta Female

Are you introverted, demure, shy, laid-back and perfectly content with doing your own thing in the background? Then you may be a beta female!

By Rosedee
10 Personality Traits Of A Beta Female

Types of Women

Every woman is unique in her own beautiful way. We all have the tendency to be ambitious, career-oriented, content, caring, outspoken, or demure, and so on and so forth. Each woman has a set of personality characteristics that fall under a certain type. Based on their personality a woman can be classified into one of the following types: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Gamma, and Sigma. The Alpha females are natural leaders and boss people around. Beta females are shy and introverted. Omega females are the polar opposites of an alpha in a good way. Gamma females are usually the invisible ones and just blend in with the crowd. And finally, a Sigma female is considered to be a manipulative mastermind.

Based on the classifications provided above, it's easy to identify what group you belong to. Are you introverted and demure? Do you keep your thoughts to yourself? Are you shy, laid-back, and perfectly content with doing your thing in the background? These are the classic traits exhibited by a beta female.

We have often heard about the alpha female, how she exerts control over others and her high-energy way of life but we have not heard much about the woman whom the alpha depends on: ‘The Beta Female'. She is a highly sophisticated woman with a feminine side and is often sought out by all. Beta females are highly intelligent and are well known for their beauty. Some of the most famous beta women are Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa, and Jennifer Aniston.

The Beta Female

The beta female is a sweet and a caring soul who is usually demure and the type of girl men prefer to be with. She is feminine, very creative or artistic, and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. A beta female is usually the Alpha female’s best friend and is seen as the ‘plain jane’ who ties the group together. She is the one who everyone goes to for advice regarding love, friendship, relationship, and morals.

The beta female is very career-oriented, with an artistic side that occasionally comes out from time to time. She enjoys cooking for their loved ones, tending to her garden, decorating her house, taking the dog for a walk, babysitting the neighbor's kid, and reading, among other things. She usually establishes her career in sectors like the fashion industry, interior designing, exterior landscaping, flower shop, cooking and the areas where she gets to exercise her artistic nature.

Traits of a Beta Female

The beta female is usually quiet and only expresses her thoughts when the need arises or when she is threatened. She voices her concerns and ideas in a diplomatic tone without hurting anyone. The beta female is happy being guided by others, although she does not shy away from responsibility. She embraces the role of a caregiver to her family, husband, and children. She is spiritually inclined, communicative, in touch with her emotions, and an active listener. The beta female is comfortable in her skin and does not imitate the alpha female.

Here we will provide the top 10 traits unique to a beta female which defines her personality.

1. The beta female has an introvert personality

Being an introvert is a classic trait exhibited by beta females; they usually keep to themselves in a group, talking only when the need arises. Beta women are big thinkers and are content being on the sidelines rather than in the spotlight. They might come across as quiet people but don’t mistake this trait as a weakness. The beta female has an outgoing personality with an introvert mind, which can prove to be a hindrance in some situations. If a beta female is pushed to her limit, she will definitely fight back and will not hesitate to give you a piece of her mind.

2. The beta female is highly intelligent


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The ever graceful Audrey Hepburn was a multi-talented beta female who juggled various roles such as being an actress, model, dancer, humanitarian, and film and fashion icon. She was highly revered for her beauty, intelligence, and her passion for humanitarian causes. Beta women are highly intelligent, avid readers and spend a large amount of their time keeping themselves updated with the latest trends; they don’t like to be left behind in the rat race.

3. Beta female don’t shy away from taking orders

Unlike alpha females who have a hard time following orders, the beta female doesn’t mind being led by others. A beta female is comfortable taking the back seat and letting others lead once in a while. This trait does not mean she is insecure. Rather, it could just highlight her comfort in being in the background since she trusts her ability to know when it's time to take a break and let someone more capable or suited for the situation take the reins.

4. Beta females are emotional

The beta female is one of the sweetest souls you'll ever come across in your life. She is always in tune to other people's feelings and is always empathetic towards others. The beta female doesn’t compromise on her feelings and always follows her instincts when it concerns emotions. Due to their emotional tendencies, beta women are usually perceived as weak beings and taken advantage of. But everyone beware, they are not to be taken lightly for they come back for revenge when they are scorned.

5. Beta females prefer a passive approach

The beta female always restrains herself from being aggressive, unlike the bold alpha female who feeds on drama. A beta female can be easily be convinced to do something even though she might not be interested in doing it. Due to her mellow nature, she will likely go with the flow rather than oppose it. She takes measures to avoid confrontation at all costs and is considered as the unofficial queen when it comes to peacekeeping. She is also a mindful mediator which makes her the lifeline in any group she's part of, though she might take some time to open up to others.

6. Prefers a gentle approach

A beta female always prefers to have a gentle approach when a concern or an issue arises. If a friend or colleague asks for her opinion, she is most likely to sugarcoat her answer rather than hurting the person by being blunt and straightforward. She prefers to take a gentle route because she doesn’t like to upset people. This makes her easily approachable for people who want to confide in her and she is most likely the one who'll come up with an amicable solution.

7. Beta females love to be courted

The beta female expects the man to make the first move. She will also expect a man to chase, woo, and court her before she acknowledges his feelings. At times, a beta female may play hard to get instead of directly confronting the man. She prefers to take a traditional approach to romance instead of opting for a wild, whirlwind affair. This can lead her to an amazing life filled with love, care, and trust if she finds the right man who listens to her emotional needs. And once she starts loving a person, she will not hesitate to wear her heart on her sleeve for her guy.

8. Beta females have high morals

When compared to other personality categories, beta females are more spiritual and down to earth. She follows a clear set of rules and maintains her morals at all cost. She hardly compromises on her standards and always stands up for herself and others who are in need. Her passion towards respecting her morals and keeping her conscience clean is a strong trait of the beta female, which makes her respected by all. At times, she might be swayed or influenced by others and tempted to break her morals. But she rarely follows through on temptation as she knows she might do something she'll regret later.

9. Beta women love shopping

Beta women love shopping, which could prove to be a problem for them at times. They can never resist buying that cute pink top or the shiny white heels to channel their inner goddess. Shopping is an essential part of a beta woman’s life since it's crucial for maintaining their self-image and confidence. Beta women usually have a hard time maintaining their self-esteem. A beta female’s confidence can prove to be an obstacle in her life since she prefers to hide in the background without taking any credit. Thus, by doing things which they have control over, like shopping for clothes that make them feel good, they are able to keep their self-esteem levels stable.

10. Beta women are loyal partners

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The beta woman is very picky in choosing her romantic partner and has high expectations for her soulmate. She is very open-minded about her relationship and doesn't think twice about compromising a few things for the sake of her partner. The beta woman likes exploring and experiencing new things with her partner and is usually convinced by their parents to give someone a try. She keeps their romance alive by keeping her partner in the forefront in all aspects of their life. She expects her partner to appreciate and reassure her from time to time. She will fiercely maintain loyalty and trust in her partner and also expect the same from him. If that trust is broken, the beta woman won't give any second chances. Overall, beta females make very good lovers who will always have their partner's back.


In short, a beta woman is shy, submissive, and loved by everyone lives due to her sweet and down to earth personality. She doesn’t mind following others, but given her inner potential to lead she can prove to be a serious threat to an alpha female. She channels her inner glow and outer beauty in a positive manner and goes out of her way to make others feel comfortable. She strives for balance and needs a partner to enhance and encourage her to bring out her light. So what are you beta girls waiting for? Embrace your beauty and intelligence like Marilyn Monroe and shine bright like Mother Teresa when helping others!