20 Sure Ways To Tell Your Coworker Likes You At Work

You like a guy at work, but you don’t want to tell or make a move until you are sure about it? So, here are 20 ways to determine if your coworker likes you.

By Palack
20 Sure Ways To Tell Your Coworker Likes You At Work

Like and Love at work

Making your like into love at work is best sometimes. Love just blooms without your knowledge. Love is something where nothing is decided. You can’t decide when you want to fall in love, how you want to fall in love as well as you can’t even decide with whom you want to fall in love. It is something that is not predetermined. It just happens. Today, you can find the office a place where you can find people who share similar interests and thinking to mingle and eventually fall in love with. These days, office romance has become an inevitable thing as people are spending most of their time in office rather than their homes. This is why there are higher chances of developing friendships that a person can cherish for their entire life. You have the partner to share love and the burden of work together. If you are serious about each other and plan out future together, love found at your work will go a long way. Over the time you can support and encourage each other for career prospects and stay happiest. The ways mentioned can be the beginning of making love and confirming like from the other side.

1. Eye to Eye contact at work

This is the first signal to know about the liking and feelings of the guy. This is the most important thing to notice. There is mainly two types of people. One is who is shy enough to make constant eye contact with you. So, he will secretly look at you and notice you at work. If you find his sight to be constant, then that will prove the interest of the guy on you. The other type of guy would be confident enough to hold an eye on you. If you want to test this out, you can concentrate on him for few seconds and then look away. Again after some time looking left or right try to view his sight. Another way to check is when someone cracks a joke, a guy will directly notice your reaction, and this is a sign he wants to impress you.

2. Body language of the guy tell you about his feelings

The body language of the guy will speak much more about his feeling of like for you. It includes expressions, the angle of his body, the position of his sitting etc. The sign can be smiling at you while he is leaving the office. He tries to lean towards you or positions himself close to you is the other sign. The other sign of his liking you could be when he grooms himself while entering the office or looking at you. The pretty well sign of his like towards you is this because he wants to look attractive being in front of you. The attention of the guy towards you is also a sign, like looking left then looking right at your face, then looking right again. This shows he is very attracted to you.

3. A guy finds excuses to talk outside work

When the guy likes you, he will not be satisfied talking to you only at work. He would find ways to tell you about his feelings outside the work hours. Usually, things at work get so hectic again lack of time does not permit people to talk beyond work. Hence, it’s a good way to interact and know the other person more, if you like them. He can start with sending you forward messages and jokes in the text. If he is not in that same department, then he would try hard to find your number and then talk to you. Also, the sign that coworker like you would be the kind of text he sends you. Romantic quotes could the sign to tell you he likes you.

4. Guy teases you at work

Be aware younger guys use this tactic to tell his feeling of like to you. So if he teases you, definitely pay attention because the intention is much more to express for you. If it’s a fun, gentle tease, then a guy is attracted towards you. Sometimes guys mostly have the fun attitude and tease everyone. But, if you are the only one he pays attention and make silly fun then congrats, a guy is expressing his like for you.

5. A guy treats you differently at work

When a guy is interested in you, he will act differently for you. If your coworker starts acting protective towards you, like shifting himself closer to you in his talks or actions is the sign. A few examples are shifting closer to you in seating arrangement or putting an arm around your back of the chair. One interesting way is that guy starts flirting with other girls at work, just to get your reaction and he can tell whether you like him. The most important sign could be if he acts differently by offering you coffee or like taking care of you at work, he is trying to tell that he likes you more.

6. Watch his friends closely

The feeling of the guy about you might have been spread among his friends. Or, they might have guessed it in the first place. Therefore, watch his friends closely. If they start making fun of him or making a subtle joke at him, then the thrust is he wants to tell that he likes you. Watch them when a guy is with you, do they smile looking at you? If they smirk at him when you walk into the room, it means they know something which you don’t. You can get the best reaction from the close friend of your coworker in this case because his friend will also try to tell you about his like for you.

7. The guy compliments you often

Whether the compliment is for your work or your looks, he is trying to tell about his attraction to you. Like he can appreciate you for the work for a good job, complimenting is a big sign to tell that he is interested in you. It’s worth it to watch how he behaves around other people at work. If he compliments everybody, it doesn’t mean as much when he compliments you. But if it happens frequently in your case then the guy definitely likes you. The other way of complimenting would be like you look gorgeous or pretty for your looks at work. If he notices every change in you and tells you straight about his feelings, be sure that guy is interested in you.

8. The guy will tell you to go out after work with him

If the guy is pretty interested in you, be sure that he will tell you to spend some personal time with you. At work, usually due to time constraints, the guy would not be able to interact with you or know you more. This is why he might ask you for coffee or outing at weekend. If you want to be sure about his feelings then definitely move ahead and give it a try. Like guy could tell you to come for even shopping as women are crazy about it or can ask to come along with you just to spend some quality time with you. This can be the beginning to know each other and move long way.

9. The guy like to give you silly nicknames

Sometimes your coworker gives you nicknames if you messed up on the first day or just to give you a hard time. However, if one specific person has made up his nickname for you and refused to call you anything else, it could be a sign he likes you. For example, he might call you babe or by short nickname from your name itself. This conveys that guy wants to tell you that consider you close than others. This is good if you can be sure and comfortable with it and you feel the same.

10. The guy personally tell you motivational stories at work

When the guy finds interest in you, he will take care of you in every task. When you meet someone at work, the discussion and interest on each other widen. When you get down to some task of work, the coworker who like you will make sure to motivate and inspire you to do better. This sign denotes that guy wants you to do better at work and be happy.

11. The guy will like to tell about his personal life

The coworker who likes you will surely like to discuss personal life. This is important also because it will help to know the person thoroughly. Work hours will confine the interest and impression of the person related to work. The guy will tell you to spend some private time with each other and know more. So, starting with the guy will tell about himself, discuss his love life and plans to see in future. In this way, he will try to make you comfortable and knowledgeable about your details too. This is interesting and important both at the same time because this will make your relationship to grow deeper. Hence, if your coworker finds a moment to excuse you to discuss personal life, give him a chance and confirm his feelings for you.

12. He like to treat you to your favourite food

This is a rather late stage because for this the guy needs to be comfortable with you. He must know about your likes or dislikes. This sign is a little personal touch to make you feel happy and close. Like, if your coworker gets special food from his home for lunch at work and asks you to share and eat together. If he rarely shares with the staff at work and frequently with you is surely a feeling of like from his side. If he gets chocolates, or special dish made by his mother for you to impress you, it is a sign for you to move ahead with him.

13. He pairs up in similar shift with you

Maybe this could be the general quirk of scheduling at the same time at work. Perhaps the guy changes his shift as he wants to work with you. For example, if before you met your coworker, you both had different shifts and after sometimes he changes according to your schedule, then congrats! This is a sign to tell you that guy likes you. This also means he likes to spend time with you.

14. He finds ways to drop you off at home

This is very common among youngsters. Iff your coworker also asks you to drop you home as it would come in a way to his destination, then surely this proves that guy is interested on you. He also likes to do this is because entire day is spent working at office and he miss the time to spend with you. So, he will find excuses to tell you to come along with him to back home. If you are not sure about his feelings then you can use this chance to make him comfortable to express his feelings for you.

15. Tell you about your changed look

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Like, may you get your new hair color, or put on different makeup or you changed the way you do your hair. Whatever new you do is firstly noticed by the coworker is a big sign of his attraction. That’s because if he notices, he’s paying special attention to how you look, which means that he’s attracted to you. If he compliments you, even better- that means he’s trying to get closer to you.

16. He finds excuses to touch you at work

This may sound creepy but not always. If your coworker tries to punch your arm playfully or tries to touch you without revealing that he likes you, it shows his some attraction towards you. Starting with putting a hand on the back of the chair and getting comfortable with touching your shoulder is a sign of his like for you. If a guy notices that you don’t flinch or pull away when he does it, he is going to escalate it to finding gentler and more intimate ways of getting in contact with you. More importantly, if you do like him and feel comfortable for it, then just a short time is left for the final approach by him.

17. Guy tells you about private parties and asks to come

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When your coworker interested in you, he wants you to get comfortable with him and his friends and family. Then your guy will look at the opportunities to tell you about his family environment and meet his friends. After that, he will tell about his parties and invite you to attend and meet people. This is something which he can ask other friends at work too but if he asks you frequently or individually then definitely this is a sign of his like towards you.

18. Does the guy copy you?

If you want to know whether a guy is interested in you or not is the perfect sign to look for watch his actions. If you observe his actions, you will find that he is copying your actions. When you start paying attention to his actions, you will find that he is repeating your actions or gestures just after you. It simply means that he is interested in you. On the same side, you can also use the same trick to let him know that you are also interested in him. Just observe his actions and repeat it and let him notice it. It is a simple yet great way to convey your feelings to him.

19. He freaks out if you tell him about leaving

If you just mention about your disinterest at your work and decision of leaving the job, he freaks out at you. Like he gives you awkward reaction or maybe just talks to you less. Then he gets emotionally weird while talking to you. This is a strong reaction which signifies his like for you and how much he cares for you. This also denotes that guy wants you to be with him and share time together. If you really want to confirm his feelings for you, you can just discuss working at another place, and his reaction will let you know how he feels.

20. The guy remembers everything you tell him

This is something charming if your coworker sits with you, share with your gossips and also remembers it. Good friends remember what you tell him. Most importantly, if he remembers things about you, that is what you like, your preferences, what you dislike, what you said week or month ago. It means you are important enough for him and he wants you to share with him everything. If the guy also loves to spend time with you and make comfortable with him this is a huge sign he has feelings for you.

So, if your coworker is demonstrating some of these signals then congratulations! There is a good chance that he is interested in you and maybe soon he will tell about his feelings. So many people now find their love at work. It is quite a natural feeling to get attracted to your colleague when you are working closely together. The passion for the job brings them to meet and the way they communicate professional ideas turn into a massive turn on. Close proximity, intellectual stimulation, drinks nights with more people working longer hours in stressful and challenging roles, after all this it is barely a surprise that people finding their love in the workplace. Seeing the way someone works and the passion they bring to the job can be a huge turn on. Sometimes you like the personality or person’s behavior and nature so much that you get attracted to him for real. After that, the professional relationships blur into personal relationships. In any relationship understanding and being comfortable with each other is very important and these above moments are the beginnings of it.