Why Older Women With Younger Men Relationships Work

Of late, we are getting to see older women younger men relationships​ popping up everywhere. Truth is, such relationships have a plethora of advantages.

By Auntrone89
Why Older Women With Younger Men Relationships Work

Older women younger men relationships

In recent years, we have seen a lot of older women - younger men relationships sprouting all over the place. Unlike in the past years, there is less judgment as far as such relationships are concerned, and this created a conducive environment for them thrive. A lot of men are falling for much older women and for quite a number of reasons. Remember, not all men are attracted to older women for the same exact reasons. Some men might be in need of having something more meaningful and mature while others are in it because they feel older women are much wiser. Experience is also a very important reason why older women are seen dating younger men nowadays. But just because a lot of people are fancying these kinds of relationships doesn’t mean that they are immune from the usual challenges that all of the other relationships face. But at the end of the day, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages hence making them worth your while. Cases of younger men hooking up with much older men transcend boundaries put in place by race, class and age limit. This explains why we see people from all walks of life, from politicians such as Emmanuel Macron to Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman being happily married to much older women. As long as you are in love, and for the right reasons, then there is no need for hesitation. Falling for the much older woman/younger man of your dreams can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Without further ado, here are some of the reasons why younger men opt to date older women and vice versa. These are just but a number of reasons that I could find. Always feel free to look for your own personal reasons because, well, people are different. And for that matter will always have different motives when all is said and done!

1. Older women know what they want

Well, ever heard of the dictum - experience is the best teacher? I bet you have. So, in relation to the dictum, older women are known for their experience, and this can only come with age. They have seen it all and learned it all and done it all. Therefore, when they choose to be with a particular younger man, then that is exactly what they want and will do. The same cannot be said about younger women who are always spoilt for choice when it comes to men. Younger women are almost always confused when it comes to making love related decisions. And this is not their fault because they are always hit on by all sorts of men, and all the attention can be very confusing. And it is such kind of naivety and confusion that opens the door to endless cases of cheating. And I can’t put enough emphasis on how cheating can hurt the relationship in both the short run as well as in the long run. And that is why a lot of younger men are rethinking their previous dating criteria and choosing to focus more on dating older women. This is because older women are highly likely to work on the relationship they are currently in rather than running off with the second option whenever the going gets tougher. Whether they want to start a family or just have a casual relationship, older women have the ability to communicate it from the start of the relationship. That’s another reason why younger men dating older women end up being much happier. They also know that they are the only man in their older woman’s life. And that kind of assurance usually takes a lot of pressure off a man shoulders. But never seems to be the case especially when dating a younger, hotter woman with over twenty guys blowing up her phone every darn weekend. It’s both ridiculous and stressful. And that is the first reason why older women - younger men relationships work like a charm.

2. Younger men are seeking stability in older women

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Younger men are seriously rethinking dating younger women because of the instability that is highly likely to come with doing so. Let’s face it; you cannot build an empire with someone who is partying every weekend seems to be the bane of her very existence. And I am not saying there’s anything wrong with partying every weekend. It’s just but a stage that everybody has to go through on their way to maturity. But such kinds of relationships can’t work especially if the man just wants to grow. And that is where the older woman comes in. The older woman has most likely seen it all and done it all. And the chances are that she is tired of doing things that end up wasting her time. In addition to that, the older woman is likely to be financially stable or is working towards being financially stable. And if such a woman pairs up with an ambitious younger man, then he will most likely achieve his dreams sooner rather than later. Some of the older women might be having tons of money idling in their bank accounts waiting to invest in some young, ambitious and energetic younger men. Therefore, if a relationship can work out between the younger man and the older woman, then she can use her stability to help him grow and achieve his goals/dreams. But the same is likely not the case with younger women who are not only financially stable but are inclined to using the little money they have stashed away for partying. And for the umpteenth time, there is nothing wrong with partying your youth away. But the law of wealth accumulation doesn’t have room for partying unless you are rewarding yourself for a milestone achieved. And that is why younger men are rethinking about having relationships with younger women and opting for the older, much wiser women.

3. Older women younger men relationships = no games

As hinted much earlier, younger women are more likely to be inexperienced. And this might sometimes leave them confused especially with all the attention they are getting from men. But that is not always the case when dating much older women. They are not only mature but are not easily confused by the attention. Older women are wise enough to see through the flattery and dismiss all the jokers from the get-go. Besides, they aren’t getting as much attention as the younger women hence their ability to see things more clearly. And as stated above, they always know what they want from the relationship. So, if they choose to be with a particular younger man, then that’s exactly what they are going to do – end of story. And once older women are in relationships with younger women, they’ll choose to work on ways to make the relationship work rather than having plenty of men and playing silly little cat and mouse games. And speaking of playing games, men will never be as good as women, and that’s a fact. And that’s another fundamental reason as to why men are rethinking having relationships with younger women. Relationships that are based on truth and are devoid of any games are the ones that are most likely to succeed. And that’s one thing that younger man is just starting to realize. It clearly explains why you are seeing most of them going for much older women and not the hot, younger women that they are initially getting attracted to. And because most modern men aren’t interested in playing games, they always end up settling down with much older women. They’ll not only get a better chance of being happy but will use the time to better themselves rather than wasting it wadding off competition. And with such kind of state of mind, these kinds of relationships always end up working like a charm in the long run!

4. Older women in relationships are wiser

As earlier hinted, the experience is the best teacher. And for this reason, many older-women-younger-men-relationships are cropping up all over the world. Most of these older women have had their fair share of relationships and have a lot to offer. And with that comes a lot of experience on how to make future relationships work. And with that kind of experience, their relationships are highly likely to succeed. Younger men are usually tired of drama and playing games. So, they’ll opt for older women who will not only love them alone but also provide guidance the men so desperately need in such relationships. More often than not, the older women will always offer their input and advice even without being asked. And that goes a long way in making the younger man much better. Women will also put the younger men in check especially if they start treading down the wrong path. As earlier said, older women have seen it all and done it all. So, if they see the younger men doing something wrong that might lead to the relationship becoming a failure, then they’ll definitely be vocal about it. Thanks to that kind of wisdom, it is rare for older women in relationships with younger men to tell lies just to stroke egos. Lies always shake the very foundation of any relationship, and older women know that best. Therefore, always expect them to be truthful in everything that they say to the men they are dating. The same cannot be said when dating a much younger woman as she isn’t wise due to lack of experience.

5. Older women younger men relations are adventurous

The element of adventure is another reason why a lot of younger men are rethinking the idea of dating older women. Women who are experienced and are much wiser carry with them an air of mystery. You just don’t know what to expect from them and that explains why they are very interesting to be around. It is quite difficult for these relationships to work with younger women and the reason being that most of them are naïve. There are a lot of things that the older women do for the younger men they are dating to improve the quality of their lives. And since most of them happen to be financially stable, they’ll have the opportunity to take their younger men on vacations. They can also introduce them to different important aspects including spirituality, gym, yoga and so forth. Truth be told, a wise woman is a gem because she will always want the best for her younger man. Older women are also very adventurous because they not only have the financial stability but are always willing to make most of it. Unlike most younger women who want to enjoy themselves at their man’s expense, the older women will always cater for her own costs, and even her younger man’s if the need arises. People of the same age dating is slowly becoming somewhat of a cliché. Therefore, not giving a damn about the age difference most certainly gives relationships is definitely a breath of fresh air.

6. Older women younger men relationships are realistic

Younger men are also rethinking relationships with much older women because these women are mostly realistic. All they want to do is make everything work out and do so for the better. If they see something going wrong, the older women will not hesitate to mention it as earlier mentioned. The latter explains why such relationships are thriving more compared to those involving same age couples. If the relationship isn’t really working, expect the older woman to come clean about it, allowing the younger man or herself to make the necessary changes. And the same also goes both ways, no wonder such relationships are almost always thriving for the better. It is much easier for the older women to advice their younger men on their dreams and goals. A much younger couple would assume that the world is theirs for the taking which isn’t bad. But since the older women have been there and seen it all, they’ll always tell their younger husbands the truth about their dreams. And whether they are realistic or not. They’ll always help in coming up with better, more realistic ways of progressing and eventually, helping their younger men achieve their goals. That kind of realism is always as a result of the experience that can only come with age. The good news is that the realism just doesn’t end with goals and dreams. The older women will always be real with their younger men on every aspect of their relationship and lives in general. And this is the reason why the entire world is rethinking about such relationships and why they are becoming more acceptable.

7. Older women younger men relationships are more mature

Again, the older-women-younger-men-relationships are marked with maturity. The older woman will instinctively take care of her younger man. She won’t hesitate to guide him through every curve ball that life throws at him and therefore making him a stronger, much better man in the process. As a result, the younger man will not only look up to his older spouse but will also respect her. He will look out for her as well as be loyal to her as he is confident that the feeling will always be mutual. At the end of the day, a mature relationship results in happiness, respect, and growth. And that is why a lot of people are rethinking about the whole older-women-younger-men-relationships as they are proving not to be that bad after all. The conversations will definitely be amazing because most older women are enchanting communicators. That said, there will be fewer commotions in the relationship. This is because problems will always be discussed amicably and a mature solution arrived at without drama. This is definitely the reason why more men are hooking up with much older women. Maturity is an important aspect of any relationship because a lot of things that bring snafus in relationships are usually petty. But maturity will always call for the couple to either overlook or find mature ways of sorting issues out. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why men are rethinking having relationships with younger women and going for the older ones. Maturity will also call for the older women to be understanding. This makes the younger men with whom they are in relationships with to respect them more.

8. Older women younger men relationships have better sex

Another reason why men are rethinking relationships with younger women is that of the sex. Well, one might think that the younger women are better in bed, which in some cases might be true. But I can assure you that isn’t usually the case all the time. First and foremost, older women are more experienced when it comes to sex. Therefore, they are highly likely to satisfy the younger men they are dating. Secondly, the reason why a relationship between older women and younger men can work is that most older women open minded. Maybe it’s because they learned about the importance of trying out new things while they still can. Besides, most older women date much younger men because of the sexual excitement and satisfaction. And because of that, everything will most certainly work out in their favor. And as it’s the norm, men are always happier especially when they are sexually satisfied – which is another reason why rethinking the whole older-women-younger-men-relationships is a thing in the offing. Older women are better at fetishism because the chances are that they have tried it or at least thought about it. And this gives the man a chance to experience something that they would have otherwise not known or felt. Most older women don’t have the tendency to avoid issuing judgment because they are understanding and experienced. So, in case the younger man isn’t rising to the occasion, then they’ll definitely know what to do. This is important as it won’t end up damaging the man’s ego in the process.

9. Older women younger men relationships have respect

Because of the age difference, younger men in relationships with older women tend to respect them a lot. This is because the older women treat them with respect and have their best interests at heart. Men are also rethinking having relationships with younger women because there are plenty of petty fights that always lead to lack of respect. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the older women. Older women are much more interested in making the younger men they are dating into much better, respectable and all-around people. Respect is a very important aspect that allows any relationship – including friendship – to work. It is for this reason that such relationships not only work but thrive. As earlier stated, younger men are likely to receive a lot of support from their older women. And for that matter, things will most certainly work out for them in the end. Just because the men are dating are much older women, they tend to be as respectful to them as they would be towards their own mothers. Older women tend to have that motherhood tendency that will always work out for the men that they are dating. Such are the aspects that make the relationships conducive for both of them to grow and be fulfilled. And for that matter, men and women who are dating under such circumstances always end up happy. And that explains why these relationships have a very high chance of success.

10. Older women allow younger men to grow

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I hope I do not sound like a broken record with this but, older-women-younger-men-relationships are always just amazing. This is because the older women want their younger men to succeed. More often than not, these women have successful careers and so would love to give their younger men a dating a boost. They will constantly encourage the younger men to work harder while throwing their support behind them. This explains why almost all the men dating much older women are always improving in worth. They have less stress and therefore have more time to improve their lives. In addition to that, these men are always happy because, well, they know that they have an opportunity to see the world through two perspectives. Finally, honor and loyalty will always prevail thanks to the respect and genuine support from each quarter. It’s because of such overwhelming benefits that a lot of people are rethinking about such relationships. And those that have tried their hand at such relationships have been surprised by just how effectively they work. All one needs to do is find an older woman that he is into and start a relationship. That way, everything will definitely work out in their favor especially if they are doing it for the right reasons. Before jumping into such a relationship, it is important for you to take your sweet time and carry out an in-depth research. That’s how you know if you are up to it or not.

11. Mutual understanding in such relationships

Mutual understanding is very important and is the among the key reasons why older-women-younger-men-relationships work. They both know what they are getting themselves into from the very start. If they do that, then everything else will find a way of falling into place after that. The couple has to fully understand what they are getting into before getting into it – if you know what I mean. Unlike relationships with much younger women, older women might be in love but will not be blinded by it. And this is thanks to the experience that they have learned over the years. The truth is, she has been around that block before and will know how to stay clear-headed even when she loves her younger man. And for that matter, she will help the younger man make clear-cut decisions, and in the end, he will become a much better person.

12. Learning is easier and fun

Another reason for rethinking older-women-younger-men-relationships is that learning has never been easier and fun. And how Is that? Well, it’s pretty simple. The older women will have a field day teaching the younger men how older men used to be. The younger men, on the other hand, will have no problem teaching their older women about the new modern world. And that will only bring them closer together which is what a good relationship is supposed to be all about. On top that, there is also that aspect of friendship and respect. As the couple learns from each other, they continue to build their friendship since it’s a fun process. In addition to that, they will definitely have respect for each other’s wit and knowledge. The same applies to the sex. If either of them wants to teach the other something new, it would be much easier because of them having different tactics as well as fetishes. And that is so because of their age difference. As they interact, they’ll definitely have a good time just kicking back and enjoying the demonstration. And to make matters even better, such kind of relationships are always real because in most cases, both parties really want to be in it. So, when it comes to learning new things, you can always count on the process being fun and something to look forward to.

13. These relationships last longer

It goes without saying that these kinds of relationships have their fair share of challenges. Despite the fact that many are rethinking their stand of late, the fact remains that many people who frown at older women dating younger men. And if these relationships can still work despite all the external pressure, then it means that the couple can withstand almost anything. And this includes all the normal challenges that plague almost all relationships – including the seemingly perfect ones. Another reason as to why these relationships last longer are simply because the two people really want to be with each other. Let’s face it, a lot of people usually bail when things start getting all confusing and complicated. But most of these relationships prevail because, well, they are already used to the pressure. They also respect each other enough to work together towards forging a better relationship and future. As mentioned earlier, it is also very fun to learn and do new things together. The latter is because the older women and their younger men have totally different perspectives on the world. And it is because of such qualities that make relationships incredibly amazing and long-lasting for either of them to want to jump ship. Love fades - but it is the friendship that will keep couples together for the long haul. If you don’t believe me, then try looking around and learning how relationships work. Oh, and you can thank me later.


As long as the end of the world isn’t here yet, then we are bound to see younger men dating much older women. As stated above, there are plenty of reasons why this can end up happening. And for that reason, we should learn to respect them even if younger men dating older women isn’t our cup of tea. Also, men are different and therefore have different reasons as to why they opt to get into such relationships. So, whatever the reasons behind the younger men older women relationships, I don’t see why they should be criticized at all. At the end of the day, the fact that most of these couples are happy is reason enough for us to start rethinking our judgments which are utterly uncalled for. But when all is said and done, you need to understand that just like any other relationship out there, the older-women-younger-men-relationships need some work if at all they are to prosper. Assuming that they are all fairy tales is the reason as to why some of them end up on the rocks. The cardinal rule is always making sure that you are the partner that you want. In addition to that, try as much as possible to communicate as often as possible. Work through the challenges that this relationship is likely to face and with time, you will become stronger and closer. You can also learn from other couples. Don’t be ashamed to ask how they have managed to stay that strong and united over the years. You’ll be surprised just how much you end up learning. Doing that will go a long way in making you happier and stable couple. Thrive on your strengths while working on your weaknesses is the key to any successful relationship when all is said and done.