8 Effective Ways To Get Over Love Sickness FAST

Having unrequited love sucks and how to get over it asap

By Sameet
8 Effective Ways To Get Over Love Sickness FAST

You Can Really Get Sick From Love Sickness

We did hear of being homesick but lovesick? Yes, it is a thing, not just an old saying. So you’re at the right place to find out what his means and to tell if you’re suffering from lovesickness.

Lovesickness is not just a feeling or emotion of romance, sadness, and longlines. It hits deep and can show signs of obsession, delusions, and impulsion. Of course, these are the worst outcomes of it, which can also be compared to signs of mental illness. So yeah, lovesickness is something to look out for and save yourself from it while you can.

5 Symptoms of Lovesickness

Deny all you want but there has come a time in almost everyone’s life where love has struck so hard that it tore apart those poor souls. If you are unaware of the symptoms of lovesickness, here is a guide to help you out.

1. Thought carrying

Lovesick people tend to never move on from memories and thoughts of love. This burden is taken up for months or even decades. Imagine being suck in this whirlpool of endless speculations, it can drive anyone crazy.

2. Insomnia

Even the slightest touch of bad thoughts can take away nights of good sleep. The constant thinking about your ex, the things they said, and the things you could’ve said. It’s all a vicious cycle that starts the moment you rest your head on the pillow. It takes a lot of tossing and turning to finally get to that sleeping point.

3. Crying for no reason

Love can do all kinds of damage, especially to the heart and mind. The smallest things can upset the lovesick people and make them cry for absolutely no evident reason. This is also compared to being overly sensitive. The little things do matter a lot, and these little things become painful with time.

4. Fatigue and Tiredness

When you’re stuck with lovesickness, everything is such a bother. You can feel your body draining of all the energy, there is nothing that can motivate you to do some productive work. Your body feels tired and so does your mind.

5. Change in Appetite

Normally when sadness hits you, everything affects the mood. The food is the first to get compromised. Even looking at it makes you feel nauseous and queasy. OR there is something quite the opposite, you eat way more than you usually do and gain depressive weight along with it.

Does everybody get love-sickness?

Now that depends on how much of a bad experience someone had with love. For instance, if you fall for someone and you ask them out you get a rejection instantly, then you might feel a little lovesick for a few days maybe but that will be the end of it. BUT if there has been a series of drama between you two, followed by some mixed signals and unspoken feelings, then it gets harder and harder to forget and move on. The most serious kind of lovesickness comes with unrequited love and misunderstandings. It is obviously better to let it all out clearly rather than keeping it all hidden.

FACT: Love Sickness Is Treated With Sex

This feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that you get with a failed experience of love or just too far away from a loved one has one definite cure for sure. It’s sex. You must’ve heard about rebound sex and moving on sex. So this is kind of similar to that.

Sex can do such wonders for depressors like this one that no therapist or long prescriptions from a doctor can. After many attempts to treat the symptoms like depression, excessive erotic desires, irrational thoughts, fever without any evident cause and whatnot, the doctors and medical experts came to the conclusion that the simplest cure to lovesickness is sex.

This point has been proven by research by Dr. Lesel Dawson from the University of Bristol whose basis for this conclusion was that lovesickness occurs only when people aren’t allowed to express themselves. Their love and other emotions pile up and cause frustration and anger. All of her results about this dilemma are discussed in her book ‘Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature’

Lovesick, bitter and hardened heart. Aching, waiting for life to start. –Bil Keane

8 Effective Ways to Get over Love Sickness FAST

It’s only up to you and you alone to take a stand against this persistent and life-affecting disease. The moment you decide to take over, that’s the moment you’re free from lovesickness. Here are some tips you can follow to help you along the way:

1. Hate that person

You do realize what is happening to your life due to this person? And they might not even have the slightest clue about it. Don’t let them toy with your life like that and create negativity in your head about them. This will gradually pull them away from your thoughts and help you move on.

2. It’s okay to grieve a little

Everything takes a little time to heal, if you skip the part to feel sad and detached, it might get hard to cope with it later. Being hurt sucks big time but it also keeps you in touch with your soft heart. But only for a while, then get yourself up and running soon.

3. Get Social

Maybe it’s about time to catch up with the friends you were cut off from during your relationship. Being busy and surrounding yourself with positive people instantly uplifts the mood and you realize what fun awaits you when you get out of your sadness bubble.

4. Keep your mind busy

It’s finally the time to think about yourself and focus on what you love and have been missing on in life. When was the last time you took out time for a hobby? Indulge yourself in something that excites you.

5. Get a little flirty

It is said that the easiest way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And no, by that we don’t mean fall for someone else right away, but to just have some fun here and there. It doesn’t hurt to let loose for a while.

6. Restore that confidence

It sure is difficult to get out of that deep confidence lacking hole dug out by heartbreak and lovesickness. But it is in your hands to turn the tables. Redecorate your life and bring that positive attitude back, go out, have some fun, change everything that reminds you of that person.

7. Don’t force it

One good way to get rid of this downer is to accept it and not force it out of you. Accept that they were not meant for you and the universe has its reasons to have it this way. Just like generally in life, nothing can bring happiness to you if you had to force yourself into getting it. The same works for love and relationships. So the sooner you let this sink in, the better for you.

8. Don’t befriend your ex

Mostly when someone offers you friendship after breaking up with you, it’s mostly out of guilt or they just want to have it both ways. But always be cautious as this is only bad for you, the more you spend time with them, more difficult it will keep getting to get out of this mess later.

9. Never blame yourself

One big sign of lovesickness is regret and self-blame. But honestly, it’s not your fault. The moment you accept this, it’s an easier life ahead. Lovesickness naturally comes with a bruised ego and burdens you mind and soul, but get it out of your system for your own good.

10. Block all contact

It will be better for you if you avoid even looking at your ex’s pictures. Doesn’t matter if they’re happy without you, you just gave to block them. Social media has its way to affect people in the strangest ways. It shows the realities that don’t exist. So unfollow away.

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Never ignore or degrade someone’s depressive behavior especially if it’s because of love. There might be deep meaning to it that you can’t see. Simply telling someone it’s going to be okay just doesn’t cut it. Lovesickness is the real deal and needs to be attended to with deep attention.


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