10 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Lonely and Empty

What to do when you feel like life is eating you up slowly

By Aey
10 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Lonely and Empty

You are not alone in feeling empty and lonely

Living in the age of social media and digital evolution it is very apparent that the distances between two places have shrunken in away. While this may seem like a good thing, it also has a lot of negative points to it. We notice every day how people have become increasingly addicted to their phones and technology. They invest more time in trying to connect to the world through their gadgets instead of connecting in person with the people who are physically close to them. The close physical proximity is starting to mean nothing in today’s world. This also has become a great cause for mental health problems where people feel like they are depressed, lonely and empty. While nothing may seem wrong and there may be no significant causes of why someone is feeling that way, these emotions still pertain within us. With the constant moving of time people have also become extremely busy to spend quality time with their loved ones. This too develops a feeling of loneliness within people who are either too busy or not busy at all.

The very busy people may think they are missing out on all the fun while the people who are free may feel that their loved ones do not have any time for them anymore. It's important for everyone who may be going through this to know that they are most certainly not alone. You are always in someone’s memories, conversations and even heart. We are all important to someone and its essential to never forget that. In this chaotic world, it is necessary that we consciously make the effort to have a healthy mindset. We must never give in to any negative thoughts and always stay positive. There are tons of people who feel down and lonely and they must always be told that they are not alone in this. Every human must keep an eye out for such people and be very vigilant about it. Do not ignore signs that reflect what someone is feeling lonely or empty. Look for those signs and make efforts to help the person out in any way you can.

10 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Lonely And Empty

Following are some recommendations that might help eliminate the feelings of loneliness. We will further elaborate on what we can do in each scenario for our mental health and to reduce these negative feelings.

In a Relationship

1. Go on a trip with strangers

Travelling is one thing that changes your perspective on life. It is refreshing and amazing and its always even better if you take this trip with strangers. There are many opportunities where groups are taken to the northern areas of a country where they explore and socialize. These are also opportunities for life-changing experiences. If you take a trip that is up north or anywhere where there are no mobile or internet signals, it's great. You get to cut off from the regular boring routine of your life and break free into the wilderness. It always refreshes your mind and makes you feel better. Meeting new people also makes you look at life with a new perspective which is always healthy.

2. Talk to the person

Sometimes you are feeling lonely despite being with someone. This mostly applies to a romantic relationship where you are in love and also living with your significant other but still feeling alone. The person might be physically present but not so much emotionally. Without even realizing they are pushing you away as the chaos of life takes them in. In such cases, it is always important to communicate. Tell the other person of your feelings and bring them on the same page as you. You both will be at a better place to determine each other’s emotions and how you want to deal with them in the future.

3. Get help

This may sound like a taboo, but it really is not. Accepting this is a normal thing is the first step in helping yourself overcome these feelings. Sometimes life is going great and there is actually nothing wrong. However, you still end up feeling down and lonely. In such cases, normal communication might not even help as the other person would not know exactly what to do to help you. Always opt for the professional help from a therapist who can guide you better on what to do. There is nothing wrong with doing so as this will make your mind clearer.

4. Take the first step

This can apply to any relationship. More often than not your ego plays a role in creating a distance between you and your loved ones. Other times it's just simple laziness. Whatever may be the cause, if you want to overcome something like this then take the first step towards reducing the distance. Plan activities such as walk, movie nights, intimate nights and make them happen. Be proactive in doing so. This will help you reconnect with your person and reduce loneliness for both of you. You need to spend more quality time together and its always the little things that make a difference.

5. Social Media Cleanse

The one thing that becomes a barrier in our relationship is perpetual distractions that are caused by the increasing use of social media. We are so involved in the away on our phone that we sometimes forget to interact with the people who matter. For this purpose, it is essential that a social media cleanse in planned. Completely letting go of it might not be entirely possible as it has become a necessity for us. But one or two days a week can be dedicated to just your relationship and your person.

At Work

6. Volunteer

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At work, there are various opportunities or clubs that can help us build a working relationship with others. Always volunteer to become a part of clubs or departments that organize social events of your office. This will help you connect with other people with dynamic backgrounds.

7. Socialize

The simple thing to do is just socialize with your colleagues. Let yourself be a bit out there and talk to the people. It's always difficult if you completely be an introvert and shut people out. Make the effort and talk to people or at least reciprocate in conversations. This will help you find like-minded people who you can connect with.

8. Help others

To make healthy work relationships, its always better to be helpful towards others. People always get taken aback by anyone who is arrogant or not helpful. It's not a competition if you make it one then eventually you will be isolated. This negative attitude does not help in workplaces. Always be the first to assist someone who needs it. The more helpful or kind you are, the more people will appreciate you.

9. Invest in your work

Sometimes the best thing to do at your work pace is to invest all your time in your tasks. Be mindful of your deadlines and finish everything on time. This will create a good impression of you which will make others want to connect with you. Also, the busier you are the less lonely you will feel at work. You will not have the time to think about negative feelings.

10. Take a break

As opposed to the point above, this is a contradictory statement. However, sometimes it is even important. While working a lot makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished, it can also take a toll on your mental capacity. It would make you anxious and tired. These feelings are not good and eventually make you feel down and empty. So, after doing some good work always reward yourself with a break where you refresh your mind and thoughts.

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As someone who is feeling alone, there are many steps that one can take on their own to feel positive. If one is conscious about how their mind is working, they will be careful and also willing to work on their wellbeing. We as individuals usually face these feelings when we are in a relationship or at work. The relationship is not just confined to a romantic one, but also includes any other that is a loved one or close one. In conclusion, experiencing such feelings is completely normal and you’ve done a great job reading this article because it means you’re ready to put in the efforts to fix it. I really hope to have helped you with these recommendations!