Brian Urlacher's Ex Wife Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Laurie Urlacher

Get to know more about Brian Urlacher's ex wife, Laurie Urlacher. Below are facts either about her or surrounding her and her overall net worth.

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Brian Urlacher's Ex Wife Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Laurie Urlacher

Laurie Urlacher: Brian Urlacher’s Ex Wife

You should know Brian Urlacher he onced played football as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. Urlacher has been a player both on the field and in his relationships. He was married to Laurie Urlacher, but he has been with so many women and been through a lot of scandals. Laurie Urlacher was a supportive woman who loved her husband much and even has two daughters together. She tried to put up with her husband’s scandals as much as possible but later threw in the towel and demanded a divorce. Brian Urlacher loved the blonde-haired and wild-eyed women and he lived a crazy love life. Probably that’s where Urlacher was getting the motivation to play well. The player even dated high profile models like Paris Hilton and Jenny McCarthy. Apart from his marriage and bitter divorce with Laurie Urlacher, Mr. Urlacher had married another woman only to get divorces years later. Almost every relationship Urlacher was involved received a lot of attention from the public. It also left his character quite questionable especially when he posed with different women for Instagram photos.

Facts about Brian Urlacher’s Ex Wife

She met Urlacher in 1999

Brian Urlacher and his ex wife, Laurie met in 1999 during a football game. They became friends right away and the pair spent plenty of time dating one another before announcing their engagement and upcoming nuptials. The pair were married in June 2000 but little did Laurie know that she would be heartbroken when the marriage came to an end after just three and a half years. During their brief marriage to one another, there was much conflict between them when Laurie Urlacher accused her husband of cheating on her while he claimed that his ex wife was not supportive of his football career. Due to the conflict between them, the pair went their separate ways and their divorce was finalized in 2004. Their marriage lacked happiness even though they were blessed with two daughters.

He Got Remarried

After divorcing Laurie Urlacher, Brian Urlacher dated a series of women. The first woman he dated was Tyna Robertson. However, the relationship didn’t last and they broke up after dating for one year. It was rumored that Mr. Urlacher was seeing Paris Hilton in 2003 and many people thought that it was actually Paris Hilton who wrecked Urlacher’s marriage but there was no proof because the relationship was never made public. In 2011, Urlacher was seen in public with Jenny MCarthy. Just like the rumors about Paris Hilton, the rumors surrouding McCarthy were just that because once again, no one of spoke publicly about their relationship. He dated Jennipher Forst and the two were married her in March 2016. Jennipher who is around 35 years old became famous after she participated in “America’s Next Top Model” show. Brian Urlacher dated Frost for two years before the pair were married. For once, Laurie Urlacher can ask herself if she was the problem in the relationship or if everything was due to the behavior of her former husband. The new couple couple are currently sharing love and happiness in their year-long marriage. It seems though Urlacher was probably stressed in his previous marriage and also within his prior relationships. It appears as though he can relax and hopefully get this one right.

His Scandal

Urlacher regrets ever dating Tyna Robertson with whom he has a son, Kennedy. Robertson accused a party dancer, Michael Flatley of rape and once again Urlacher’s character was put to the test. Robertson couldn’t prove her claims in court and she was ordered to pay Flatley $11 million for falsely accusing him of rape. However, Urlacher was suspicious of Robertson and he decided to take their son for a DNA test only to find out that yes, he isfather of Kennedy. Urlacher currently lives with his wife and his three children from previous relationships.

She has not Been in a Serious Relationship Since the Divorce

Laurie Urlacher didn’t get married again after the divorce and much is known about her after after that.

He is the Man Behind Many Brands

Since he retired from active football, Urlacher has been a spokesperson for some companies such as: Nike, McDonald’s, Vitamin Water, and Old Spice. He has appeared on the cover of NFL 2K3 on behalf of Sega Sports featured on several TV adverts and promotions and became an influence on Instagram. You can check out his photos on his Instagram handle.

Her Net Worth

Laurie’s net worth is still under wraps but Brian has a net worth of $16 million.

Life does not end after a divorce, and hopefully, Laurie Urlacher is living her life happy and on her own terms.