15 Must-Know Second Date Rules For Men And Women

Our first date was successful. Now Its time for the second date. Here are 15 Must-Know Second Date Rules For Men And Women to find the one for them.

By Palack
15 Must-Know Second Date Rules For Men And Women

How to make a good impression on the first date to get a second one?

Many people believe that the first date is the hardest as all the pressure lies in it. However, it is not what it seems the second date is the hard part what the maximum number of people agreed on. The first date is crucial to figure out whether you can connect with the person you are meeting. The first date is to know whether you want to meet a person the second time or not. The first date has paved the path for the second date.

It is not easy for everyone to make it to the second date and it’s okay you will get another chance. You may start thinking that your luck is not working or it's not your time. This is not correct; it is a normal thing in the dating process. Sometimes you find the right person at the first meeting, or sometimes it takes more time.

The first date is for setting up the ground for a future relationship. It is important that you make a good impression on it. It will make another person see how exciting and funny person you are. However, it is not easy as it seems to be. You have to show who you are at the same time you have to make sure that other is enjoying your company. Whether you are a man or a woman follow a few rules that will help you in making a great impression on your first date. Keep your conversation light, ask more questions especially about the topic they enjoy talking about. Most importantly try avoiding touch subjects. If your luck works this date for sure will be a way to your second date.

The second date rules you must follow to find “the one” for you

After your first date, you must have got the idea whether you like the person or not. Now, that you have made your decision then it's time for you to go on your second date. This date is more about seeing how compatible you are with each other and whether it's a good match for you or not. Here are a few second date rules that you must know that will help you plan a successful second date. At the same time, these rules will help you know whether the person you are with, is worth your time or not and also let you figure out if this a long-term relationship or not.

1. A know second date rules Pick something exciting and new

Everyone is well aware of the fact that people like uniqueness. It is because if hiking or mini golf worked great last time, it doesn’t mean it will work this time too. You can repeat this in later dates. However, when it comes to the second date, you must do something new and exciting.

2. Second Date rules - avoid movie or dinner date

You must avoid taking your date to a movie and dinner for your second date. The reason both of you still need time to know each other. You can't-do that while watching a movie. It is an initial stage, at this stage dinner will also feel like a job interview. You must choose your second date location carefully and try avoiding movies or dinner crutch.

3. Meet up for coffee or drinks

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If you are going on a second date, it means you two are not completely uncomfortable around each other. Since you are still in the process of knowing each other, why not include some time only for this purpose. Plan a happy hour and sit by the window side or outside the coffee shop or grab some drinks and have a chat before heading to the main part of your date. Remember, to plan this so that you can spend some time chatting as it can slow things down.

4. A must know second date rules make it surprise

If you want to add some excitement to your second date then one of the ways is to plan a surprise. You can keep your date location a surprise for your date. However, you need to be careful as there is a possibility that the other person may not like what you pick. Instead of worrying about this, it's better you choose something that he or she likes too. For this, you have to be attentive on your first date and surprise them with something that they have lightly mentioned on your second date. This will not only surprise them, but it will also impress them by showing how attentive you are towards them.

5. Talk about your views and life goals in your second date

Now you already know that you like the personality of the man or woman you are meeting, it's time to know little more about each other. Usually, people don’t talk much about it on their first date to keep it fun and light. However, according to the rules you follow on your second date, make sure to include talking about some meaningful things in your life. Every man or woman must find out the view of the person they see on different matters and figure out if your view is simple or is there any contrast between your goals and view with the other one. It is one of the best ways to determine that the person will be a perfect match for you for long-term contrasting views can be a cause of conflict in future.

6. Bring your date to a more cozy setting on the second date

A lot of people believe that first date should not be so serious, it should be fun and public. The first date is to set the groundwork for a good impression and for a great time. However, the second date should be cozy or intimate setting. You can go on a picnic or a long stroll in a park. One of the rules that you need to follow on your second date is to spend some time together just two of you. A cozy or intimate setting will help you to find out how deep your chemistry is with the other person without the outside influence.

7. On the second date get a feel of past relationships

One of the most important second date rules for a man or woman is to know about their past relationship. Past relationships are always a touchy topic to talk about, don’t ask them directly about it. It can be awkward for both of you. You can’t just get up ask about how their past relationship was. The one way to do so is by telling a story including your ex. If they have a simple or any experience they will share it with you. It means they didn’t have any bad experience in the past or didn't end up on a bad note, that’s good for you.

8. Open up a little more on your second date

Everyone is well aware of how intimidating a first date can be. It makes every man or woman so nervous that they hold back a little. The second date gives them time to open up. Share something personal about yourself or something embarrassing and see their reactions. If they find it charming, then they are the one worth spending your time with.

9. On the second date be honest about your feelings

If it is your second date, then it means that they like you as well as you like them too. However, you can take a step further to confirm whether you both want to date each other or not. As everyone is well aware that communication is the key to a successful relationship, tell them about your feelings. It will help you in determining the other person is good at communicating their feeling.

10. Let them know You are looking for a long-term relationship

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You can never know what people desire from a first date. However, the second date rules that can help you in finding out if the other person is looking for fun or is serious about the relationship is to ask them straight. You should mention your point about the relationship. Tell them straight that you are looking for someone to spend a life with and looking for a real relationship. Tell them that your time for casual dating thing and see their reaction.

11. Avoid talking about being exclusive

You can’t just roam around calling them your girlfriend or boyfriend just after two dates. Pushing the idea of being restricted or exclusive relationship doesn’t go well every time. The second date rules for such situation is just to avoid limiting someone or the official talk. It may burden the other person. It may also be a cause for the failure of your date.

12. Be polite throughout your date

One of the most important second date rules that every man and woman must know is to be polite on their date. Just like the first date, you must show your manners. The second date also needs to be cordial and proper just like the first one. You have to be well-mannered to show your good side. However, rather than doing it for fun do it to see how the other person appreciates you for this. Do they just expect it from you or they say thank you. There is a big difference between the both things as it indicates how the other person will show appreciation in a long-term or serious relationship.

13. Show them the real you

You must know that the second date is not only for you to determine if he or she is right for you. It is also a chance for them to make their decision. Therefore, it is important that they know about your real self. A little bit of acting is acceptable on the first date because you are nervous. However, the second date is about showing how you act or who you are to your date.

14. Be vulnerable while being charming

You can show a different side of yours by sharing a moment of your vulnerability. See how is they respond to this side of yours, it will help you to know how they will be in the relationship with you. See whether they are trying to avoid this topic or offer their support. If they are trying to avoid the topic, it means they are not the one for you. If someone wants to be in a serious relationship with you will listen to it instantly and offer their support and advice in any way they can help you.

15. Most important second date rules - make it memorable

One of the most important second date rules is to make your date memorable. It is always a good tip for everyone. The second date is very crucial as this is the time when they decide whether they want to continue with dating or not. So, do your best. Find and try something that can impress your date. It may be some small gestures or taking them to best places to dine. You must try to make your second date something that they don’t forget in a few days.

Second date is the time when people decide whether they are compatible with each other or not. This date needs to be successful if you are looking for a serious and long-term relationship. So, follow these rules and find the one for you.