Terrell Owens's Ex Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Rachel Snider

Terrell Owens made his ex wife Rachel Snider one of the most talked about people when he made her his short-term wife. Let's get to know her.

By MJ Faublas
Terrell Owens's Ex Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Rachel Snider

Who is Rachel Snider?

Rachel Snider is like any other All-American girl, she loves Jesus, works hard, and adores Idris Alba. Rachel Snider once worked as a postal worker in Texas before becoming popular on the social scene when her marriage to Terrell Owens became public. Their marriage however was short lived and Snider gained even more public recognition when she became the ex wife of Terrell Owens following their divorce. Rachel Snider and Terrell Owens were married for a short period of time, but were close friends for many years. Rachel Snider was born in Beaumont, Texas and lived in California with her husband temporarily during their marriage. Rachel Snider later moved out of the home and never reconciled with Terrell Owens.

Rachel Snider Rumor Control

I. Rachel Snider attempted suicide in the days following Terrell Owens' filing for divorce stating she was suffering from a heartbreak. II. Rachel Snider went on to say that she later found out that her marriage with Terrell Owens was for monetary gains on his part. III. Terrell Owens made an appearance on Wife Swap where his friend Melissa appeared with him instead of Rachel Snider who was his legal wife at the time. IV. In October 2016, Rachel Snider made a second attempt at suicide when Beaumont police were called to her home and found her with multiple stab wounds on her neck. V. According to Rachel Snider, Terrell Owens had very bad credit at the time of their marriage and she believed the marriage took place so that Terrell Owens could use her credit to obtain a $2 million dollar mansion. VI. In June 2015, Terrell Owens listed the home he purchased with Rachel Snider which held a net worth of $2.5 million, for sale.

The Ex Wife of Terrell Owens

Both Snider and Owens shared the facts of their friendship prior to deciding on their marriage. They were married in Norwalk, California on January 23, 2014 but three days later on January 26, 2014 the pair separated. Though the marriage was short-lived, Owens hoped the friendship he once held with Snider would prevail but that wouldn't be the case. The divorce was filed by Owens himself, and it was unclear whether his desire to sustain a friendship with Rachel Snider was sincere or just for the cameras.The pair went their separate ways and have not been together since their divorce. Snider wasn't happy when her husband divorced her on Valentine's Day and she attempted suicide several days following the filing of her divorce. Owens would appear on 'Wife Swap' without his ex-wife and when the episode aired, Snider took to Instagram to voice her disapproval and opinion of Owens. Fans of Owens who'd not known of Snider were in shock when they witnessed her sharing her thoughts on the episode. With their relationship over, Owens was left to pay his mortgage for the $2 million dollar mansion all on his own. He had a net worth of $0 at the time which caused the mansion to fall into foreclosure. Owens later lost the property to his bank due to none payment. Even though they've been divorced for some years now, the story of Terrell Owens and Rachel Snider continues to plague social media sites like Instagram and Facebook with new details on the personal lives of the two. From the financial issues faced by Terrell Owens and the health issues of Rachel Snider, social media shows no mercy to the two when sharing their stories on Instagram or Facebook.

Terrell Owens Trivia

Terrell Owens had experienced a successful career in the NFL as wide receiver. Over his career, he's set many new records, however he's had many negative encounters with the many teams he has played for. Terrell Owens would later retire in 2012 and face the controversies of his personal life including child support issues with his many ex girlfriends.

Five Facts about Terrell Owens

I. Terrell Owens played in the NFL for 14 years. II. Terrell Owens never won a Super Bowl ring. III. Terrell Owens earned $75M throughout his career. IV. Terrell Owens had a net worth of less then $1M when he retired. V. Since his retirement, Terrell Owens has become an actor.

Back to Normal Life

Following her tumultuous divorce from Owens, Rachel Snider took to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to voice her side of the story. Since the story-line of her marriage to Owens has subsided, Snider has returned to her quiet life. While married to Owens, Snider shared no information regarding her finances or her net worth with the public. Rachel Snider has a high interest in fitness and continues to encourage her Facebook followers to take care of themselves. Rachel Snider has one son which she does not share with Terrell Owens and she currently resides in Texas.