20 Unmistakable Signs To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You

Do you want to know if he is interested in you or simply flirting? Know the 20 signs that a guy is flirting with you so you don't miss it!

By Gerald Matiri
20 Unmistakable Signs To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You

Is the guy flirting with you or just being friendly?

Acting friendly is not the only sign that a guy is flirting with you. Men send a lot of signals and it is important that you master how to interpret them. He will use body language with some cues you already know whether they mean liking or just playing around. You need to know that flirting is a distinctive form of communicating and is totally different from liking or falling in love. Just because he looks happy anytime he’s around you doesn’t mean he wants a serious relationship with you. Perhaps he’s always the one who starts a conversation; texts and calls you at night; or offers to solve most of your problems. Even the friendliest signals can be confused with true attraction. You know he is playing manly games if he starts ignoring you and shows up one minute but runs away the next. Again, you could be wondering whether he’s busy or you are just over-thinking. It is okay to guess answers and there are so many things you must look out for. As you seek answers, do not settle on generalized conclusions that most women make concerning men. If, after all the reckoning, you still have burning questions, the following signs will give you answers.

1. Guys who like joking and teasing

Is he humorous when around you and sometimes takes his jokes too far? A flirt will take advantage of any chance he gets to make fun of a situation or even you. He can even make sick jokes in a bid to tease you. If you find him joking about dumb things, he is not out of his mind but attempting to flirt with you. It doesn’t matter whether he is shy, bold, or naturally humorous; he will try to create fun out of every circumstance just to get your attention. Many times, he will be gentle while he teases you. Older guys are not like young boys who are very mean to girls they like. They just tease with moderation and kindness. Actually, their jokes are not meant to despise you but only to play around.

2. Physical flirting

A guy hardly gets close to a lady he isn’t interested in. A flirt will touch you subtly on your leg, face, and lower back and will mostly pretend like it’s an accident. This is a sure sign that he’s seducing you. His game cannot be complete without frequent sexy touches. He will even look for excuses just to be physically close to you whether it is the new necklace you are wearing, or when you are going up the stairs. Every time he touches you, he will make his hands linger a little longer than expected because he wants his flirty magic to work. A man who is bold enough knows that there is power in touching and so will wrap his arm around you, hug you goodbye, and might kiss your forehead when you part ways. A shy guy will be very subtle about it.

3. Spending more time talking to you

You will notice that even when you are in a group of people, he will be speaking with you more than he does with others. He will subconsciously focus on you because he wants something in return. You can tell his feelings by the amount of attention he gives you particularly when other men are around. There is a reason he does this and he is not trying to be a nice guy.

4. Flirting with body language

Body language is a powerful nonverbal tactic which men use to get attention from women they like. Have you noticed him directing his chest towards you? This is not a coincidence but a way of flirting. It is his way of letting you know how he feels without uttering a word. The issue is that you will start over-analyzing every body language signal. If he walks past you and brushes your shoulder, you might think that he is sending a signal while he could just be walking by. You must understand that 80% of human communication is through body language. Check out for signs such as sitting in close proximity to you, eye contact, winking, smiling, nodding while you talk, and subtle touches. His smiles are genuine because he is excited to be near you and he will nod as you speak because he is paying attention. Touching your arms and hair are signs that he wants to create a connection with you. Be very keen on how he acts because actions are the best telltales for both shy and fearless guys.

5. Constant glimpses

You will catch him looking and smiling at you every now and then and will seem interested to see who’s talking to you. In a social setting, a flirt will want to know where you are and what you are up to. However, he may not be around you always to give full attention and that is why you might be confused as to whether he is being friendly or flirting. If you catch him checking every pretty girl who walks past him, it means that he is not really interested in you but trying to be friendly. But when no other woman distracts him when he is with you, it means he wants you in a romantic sense.

6. The guy gets nervous around you

Unless the guy who likes you is super suave, he is bound to getting fidgety when flirting. This is most common with shy guys. You will catch him jiggling his legs when talking or playing with a paper when you get near him. If he gets nervous, it means he has feelings for you and cares about you. So, take it as a sign of flirting with you.

7. Proposing future hangouts

Has he made any suggestions to take you to an upcoming festival or a new club? Maybe, he jokes about the two of you going for a honeymoon and alludes to you giving him kids. These are clear signs of a flirt. He obviously wants to put ideas of you and him in your head. He does these things to make you see him as a dating potential. That is why he cannot hesitate to create sexual chemistry between the two of you. In his conversations, he will drop hints that he wants a girlfriend or someone to complement him. A serious guy knows that flirting is not a game of chance and that’s why he applies his best techniques to win a lady.

8. Questioning

A guy who is pursuing you for any motive will prod a lot of information concerning you. One of the questions he will ask directly or indirectly is whether you are in a relationship or not. He asks these queries for a reason and it’s not because he wants to be your therapist. He will also want to know what you think of him.

9. Showing his best side

As he flirts, he will try to impress you with his various skills and appreciation words. Of course, he wants you to recognize and appreciate him. He will try to prove how smart he is and how he outdoes other guys. Do not be surprised if he starts bragging without realizing that he’s doing do so. He will make sure that he tells you all that he’s good at and exaggerating a little. He will spend a lot of time talking about his driving skills, boxing prowess, and so on. His goal is to make you think of him as a special guy.

10. Competing with other guys

He wants to be the best man he can be and outdo the rest. He understands that your world is full of guys who want to be with you and so will try all he can to be worth your caliber. As such, he cannot let any other man get ahead of him.

11. Sending flirty texts

It is important that you decipher a guy’s intentions by finding out why he suddenly starts sending suggestive texts. Note how fast he replies and what he says to know his intentions. If he texts frequently, it is a good sign that he is interested in you but you don’t know yet if he wants to date you. When he sends messages at late night, take them with a grain of salt and do not blindly fall in love with him. You never know; perhaps he sends the same messages to 10 other girls. Just be open-minded and do not expect too much from him if you don’t want to be disappointed in future. Sometimes, a guy who is flirting might send dumb texts and for no reason at all because he is simply finding a way to connect with you. At times when he is anxious, he can send repetitive texts just to see if you love him. In essence, the random tests are just excuses to start a conversation with you.

12. Making sexual innuendos

These make some of the most obvious signs of a flirt. It means that he thinks of you in a sexual way. Some red flags will show you that he is only after sleeping with you e.g. touching your lower back and sending you intimate videos. Other signs point to the fact that he fancies you like smiling at you all the time. For your information, most men are straight-forward and you can read them better than you think. Watch out for those signs that he only wants to make love to you and make a firm stand. If he has no intentions of dating, he will break your heart sooner or later. Do not assume that just because he compliments you he is interested in a meaningful relationship.

13. Some guys show ignorance after flirting for a few days

A man who flirts with you one day and ignores you in the next five days is not serious with you. He is playing games and unless you like such things, you must be careful with him. If he surely wants to date you, his tests and actions should be consistent. He doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend if he shows interest today but ignore you the following day. Only a serious man tries to impress you enough to love him.

It can be difficult to find a boyfriend with traits of a true gentleman. However, chivalry is certainly not dead: ➡️ One of the traits of a true gentleman is patience. Men, sometimes without realizing it, will push you to be physical. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make you uncomfortable if you’re not ready to move forward. A true gentleman will understand your desire to wait, and he won’t judge you if you agree to move fast. ➡️ When he meets your parents, you’re not worried about what he’ll say. He’s never inappropriate, so you won’t spend all of dinner kicking him beneath the table. ➡️ Real gentlemen act a bit differently than princes in Disney films do. He's not going to go around singing and dancing in order to declare his love for you. Your relationship is going to be raw and real. Life isn’t a G rated movie and cursing isn’t the end of the world. ➡️ Everyone’s allowed to get angry, but a gentleman handles his annoyance in a serene way. When the highway is clogged with traffic, he doesn’t give the middle finger to his fellow drivers. He knows how to handle his temper. He doesn’t let his frustration alter his personality. 👨🏼‍🎤 And what in your opinion other traits of a true gentleman?

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14. A flirt is poor at making plans

So, you suggested going to the movie with this guy but he brought up another subject. This means that he only wants a casual relationship and is not interested in knowing you more. It is not possible to have a meaningful relationship without going out and so he is only flirting for fun.

15. Giving compliments

If he never forgets to compliment you even for small things, rest assured that he has a crush on you. But sometimes it is possible that he is just trying to be friendly by giving compliments, so you must not be confused whatsoever. He is quick to note when you make changes to your hair or dressing and will compliment you almost immediately. His words are not obvious but chosen wisely to make sure that you remember his compliments. He may do this directly or get personal just so to create a memory for you. He wants you to think of him every time you put on the shoes he loves. This is one way he knows he can get into your heart.

16. A guy who flirts with you wants some alone-time

Love matters are best experienced when the involved individuals are alone. It is easier for him to create an impression on you when it’s just you and him. He knows that you will not take him seriously if he shows his flirting skills in public. That’s why he wants to make it special by seeing you in private. His way of flirting when there are people around is very humorous but he saves special comments and compliments when you are together in a private place. He makes you feel special and his conversations are longer than usual. You would be surprised what a man can tell you when it’s just you two even if he is shy.

17. Sexual conversations

Conversations are some of the most crucial signs you must pay attention to because they can tell if a relationship is serious or not. If he only wants to know how you spend your day, then he might just be looking for a casual relationship. But when he spends more time talking about meaningful things, you know he is not wasting your time. To create a flirty environment, he will bring in dirty topics now and then once he knows that you have warmed up to flirting. He will not be afraid to make sexual jokes and sometimes blush when talking about a very sensitive matter. But a shy guy will have a hard time making sexual conversations but will do it through flirty texts. He may sound awkward but he will try to sound funny and generic. After you listen to him, it is your responsibility to set the expectations about your relationship with him. You have to let him know your stand. If you think he is the man for you, watch out if he steps up his game. But if you have a bad feeling, move on and don’t allow him to waste your time.

18. Making fun of guys who like you

He definitely doesn’t want other guys loving you, but he will not admit this. What he will do is that he will keep telling you how bad or silly they are and sometimes for no reason. He will not hesitate to tell you that these men don’t meet your standards. If he does this, you don’t need to over-think: get the hint.

19. He wants to explore common interests between you two

You know he is flirting when he starts asking about what you like most and claims to be interested in the same. You tell him the movie you like and he says he would love to watch or he wants to learn the indoor game you like. It is a bonus for him if there are common things between the two of you. Sometimes, he will want to know your likes so that he can surprise you say during your birthday. So, find out how he reacts when he knows that you two share a favorite music genre. If he seems really excited, you will know that he truly loves you.

20. Asking you out

Once in a while, he will be asking you out to a museum opening or dinner. He doesn’t have to ask you formally and may use flirty texts. Sometimes he may not even sound serious and can end a conversation abruptly, leaving you wondering if he means it or he’s just kidding. If he is a player, he wouldn’t seem to feel anything if you decline his offer. A serious man will ask you out formally and exhibit a lot of courage even if he is shy. He will also want to keep seeing you just to have you close. Do not be surprised if he offers to pick you up or drop you at your home. However, do not be confused for a guy who just wants to be a friend because he will only call you to meet him when he is bored and wants to chill with a friend.

You cannot deny that after getting attention from a nice guy, you begin wondering if he is just being friendly or into you. Knowing the intentions of a guy who talks to you can be very hard. At one point you find him friendly and the nest moment you suspect he wants more. He holds you, makes suggestive comments; leaving you not knowing if he is flirting or falling in love with you. Do not underestimate a guy’s interests and be careful not to misread a situation.



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